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  • Day22

    Day 22: Showers in Shanghai

    June 19, 2017 in China ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Kicked off the day with another Mandarin lesson on the rooftop. Then a change of plan due to weather as decided the Gardens weren't the best option in the rain. Opted for Shanghai museum instead. Emma went for a solo wander around the city - very proud she made it back with her sense of direction (and a little help from google maps). Emma discovered an underground mall with a huge amusement arcade, like nothing she'd seen before. It seemed the whole adolescence of Shanghai was there with armfuls of cuddly winnings from the claw machines, singing in the sing star booths, and playing an array of noisy unfamiliar games. Emma was very pleased to walk away with a Shaun the sheep toy - souvenir for Ben sorted!

    Gill spent most of the day in a daze and decided, after several hours of coughing needed another trip to the pharmacy as current drugs were not helping!
    However, Cassie decided a trip to the hospital was in order to see a Dr. So hospital it was...
    The hospital was in the British concession area so very old building and strangely quiet.
    Gill was checked in by a receptionist who took her temperature then told to find the Dr who was sitting in a little office. Blood pressure taken, throat checked, chest listened to in full view of other patients. No client confidentially here! Sent off for blood test and x-ray.
    Relieved to find the blood test was just a finger prick but again this was done in the corridor.
    No health and safety precautions for the x-ray here all were able to watch!
    Impressed with the instant results identifying only an infection. Antibiotics and 2 other tablets prescribed and collected. All very efficient costing only 187.50 yuan which is less then the prescriptions charges at home!
    A curious way to spend an evening, sussing out the healthcare system in China!

    Gill & Em x
    P.S. Belated birthday wishes for my little buddy Sacha!
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    Hope you feeling better Gillian xx