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  • Day183

    Caye Caulker

    August 4, 2017 in Belize ⋅ 🌧 81 °F

    After a failed attempt to get pizza, shuttle to Guatemala City, 4am start and flight via El Salvador we arrived in Belize City - ready for Caye Caulker. Still wrecked from the hike, we deserved it.

    Arriving in Caye Caulker was like arriving in paradise. Crystal clear water, Caribbean vibes, no cars, colourful houses and some of the most easy-going people I have ever met. I loved the 'go slow' mentality here and it's hard for this place not to rub off on you.

    First thing was first: beach. We went down to the Lazy Lizard on the split and sunbathed for the remainder of the day. Al and I went for a swim, not realising the current was actually really strong and I genuinely had to be saved by a local who grabbed my wrist and pulled me to safety ("my saviour"). We had lunch and then went to Sip 'n' Dip - one of my ultimate favourite bars ever. It has hammocks, swings and tubes in the sea and the happy hour was pretty lethal.

    After we got ready for our first night out and had a cute BYOB dinner at Chef Juan's. We then set out to the sports bar, basically where everyone goes for a night out. Lots of dancing, shots, you name it and we were also happy to see some of our Irish friends we'd met in Lanquin. It was such a good night, everyone on great form, ending up in Reggae Bar and then back to our hostel for more drinks.

    The day after was a bit eat, sleep, rave, repeat starting with the split, jokes at Sip 'n' Dip (one of my fave parts of the holiday - "you look like a well pissed woman"), dinner at Enjoy and then onto the sports bar for karaoke which was amazing - basically every single Shaggy song you can think of and no night is complete without embarrassing English people trying to sing the words to Despacito.

    Deciding not to go to reggae bar, we decided to go back to our hostel and drink the gin we had bought earlier. Laura (the key bearer) was nowhere to be seen, and after brainstorming ideas of how to break into our room we decided to pop the window out of the frame and one of us to climb in and unlock the door from the inside. This was hilarious until we realised the owner of the hostel was watching us. In the morning we got fined $75bz as we broke the window. Bright sparks.

    The next day we woke up with pretty sore heads, in time for snorkelling along the second largest barrier reef in the world. This was amazing as we got to swim with manatees, turtles, nurse sharks, green eels and loads more crazy wildlife. Unfortunately, my GoPro footage is pretty crap of the snorkelling as I was so tired I couldn't really be bothered, but it was an amazing experience - although I was really tired/ hungover and at times, quite seasick.

    When we had finished snorkelling we had unlimited run and the storm to end all storms. It was at this point, when we were all singing on the boat, that I realised this was probably going to be one of my last happy memories in Latin America, and the end is neigh. I've decided to cut my trip short (about 5 weeks early).

    We were dropped off at KoKo Kings where we had a few more drinks, before going back to get ready for our last night out. The girls were leaving to go back to England the next day and I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going on from Caye Caulker. After more cocktails and food at Enjoy, Phi and I were exhausted, went to the sports bar for all of five minutes and decided to head home for an 'early' night.

    The next day we paid our fine, and got the boat back to Belize City. The others heading on to the airport and me to Chetumal in Mexico. Saying goodbye was pretty emotional because I had such an amazing time with them and was sad it was over. I also had no POA of what I was going to do next but I knew I'd be seeing them again pretty soon.
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