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  • Day8

    Scuba doo

    August 13, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Our big learning to Scuba Dive day so that we can get our PADI Open Water Certificate.

    The biggest surprise for Eva was getting out of bed earlier, the next surprise was that it was back to school for most of the day and on top of that it involved a bit of maths!

    We spent all morning in class watching videos - PADI not Paddy, the spelling is correct, videos on scuba diving safety, protocol and how to survive if you think you can become the Man from Atlantis.

    A 170 page text book and then a Q&A at the end of the three chapters. All proper stuff.

    Eva's face was a picture. All she wanted to do was go and cuddle some sea turtles and dive with dolphins....she will thank me in the end...hard love.

    She was very protective of her work.

    'Dad stop looking at my answers, do your own!'

    Well that's gratitude for you.

    After lunch we had a further session and a debrief with another Q&A exam...she passed with flying colours...yeah go Eva go!

    Tomorrow we can actually get in the swimming pool to do a dry run, so to speak, and then out to the open water.

    Dinner in the evening involved a band...quite good on the video for a taste of the evening.

    Oh...and here is one of my favourite movie scenes...
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