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    • Day1

      Mit Umweg nach Berlin

      August 24, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Um 03:15 Uhr klingelte der Wecker.... mit gemischten Gefühlen packten wir die letzte Tasche ein, bevor wir uns auf den Weg machten. Statt auf nach Berlin hieß es erstmal auf nach Ungarn in die Werkstatt. Glücklicherweise ging alles schnell über die Bühne und wir waren endlich am Weg nach Berlin.
      Auf den Rastplätzen wurden wir zur allgemeinen Attraktion. Die Leute kamen, bestaunten das Auto und machten Fotos😅 leicht irritiert waren wir schon.
      Endlich in Berlin angekommen, gings mit Vivi und Stevi erstmal zum Dönerstand, damit auch Lukas, als einziger Österreicher in der Runde mal einen vernünftigen Berliner Döner bekommt.
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      Hoffentlich durfte Lukas den Döner alleine aufessen 😜


      ja, hahaha

    • Day3


      September 9, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Idag fick vi gratis frukost som kompensation för att de strulade med våra kort igårkväll, win för oss!
      Sedan har vi cyklat runt nästan hela Berlin, runt runt! Vi har sett Checkpoint Charlie, muren x2, Potsdamer Platz, Förintelsemonumentet, Brandenburger Tor, Riksdagshuset i Berlin (där vi lunchade på mat vi tog med från frukosten), Siegessäule, Victims of the Berlin Wall Window of Remembrance och en massa platser och härliga gator där emellan 😁
      Ikväll träffade vi Henrik och Jesper igen och åt 'dönner' (typ kebabrulle fast ändå inte 😅), sjukt vanligt här, finns överallt och är billigt (5€) för mkt mat!
      / Amsterdam
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      Håll i styret med båda händerna! 😠


      haha, på videon ser det mycket värre ut än det var, komprimerad bild, de gick jättebra attcykla 🤪



    • Day64


      October 24, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 63 °F

      This is our second visit to Berlin. We fell in love with it 8 years ago when we visited during the 25th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Wall. It will be hard to compete with seeing the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra backing up Peter Gabriel singing David Bowie's "Heroes" with the Brandenburg Gate in the background, but we'll try.

      We found an aparthotel near Checkpoint Charlie that had just opened and wasn't quite ready for visitors yet, but it worked well enough. It was near an Ubahn station, and that's crucial. We bought a week transportation pass and made good use of it. Even though we also bought a 3 day museum pass, this trip was about exploring neighborhoods and relaxing a bit. Berlin is such a chill place. It's got a great vibe. You see people drinking beer at all times of the day, and everywhere, including parks and subways. But nobody is ever loud or obnoxious or fighting. It's like having a coke here. I love it. I just feel like I'm getting away with something when we go to a kiosk and buy half liter cans of of good, inexpensive beer and walk around to enjoy neighborhoods. Certain ones like Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg are vibrant with restaurants, clubs, art scenes, and bars.

      We revisited a few museums on "museum insel" or museum island. There are 5 full of glorious booty from around the world. The Germans are really giving the Brits a run for their money here. Our favorite was probably the Ishtar Gate, a blue-tiled gate taken from Babylon and now housed at the Pergamon museum. Another classic was the bust of Nefertiti housed at the Neues museum. On our last day, we visited the free and powerful Topography of Terror museum, half of which is outside. It explains the rise of Naziism and is located on the grounds of the former SS headquarters. We've seen this information multiple times in multiple countries and it's chilling every time.

      Deanne has a friend from Madison who's also in Berlin at the same time. He is visiting his daughter who lives here. Andre recommended a show that is similar to Cirque de Soleil and we weren't disappointed. It's like a Vegas show. I was astounded at the dancing, music, and yes, acrobats who performed death-defying stunts. The technology was pretty amazing too. The floor rose up, tilted, rotated, and receded, only to be replaced by a shallow pool with fountains and then the pool sank and dancers that were tapdancing in a rainy pool started swimming as the shallow pond became a deep pool. Then it all disappeared for the trapeze artists. Somehow the producers of "Arise" managed to weave a simple plot into this spectacle. We didn't see any punk shows like last time, but had a drink in a metal bar in Kreuzberg, across from S036, the music club we visited last time.

      We met up with Andre for coffee in Alexanderplatz, a large, central plaza at the base of the huge radio and TV tower that is an icon of Berlin. He used to live here and left 17 years ago. This was his first time back and said it's changed so much since then. We've also noticed lots of development in the 8 years since we've been here. But it's still got that edge to it if you peek under the covers. We ate a variety of food and we tended towards ethnic. We even found a nice, cheap Indonesian place in an apartment block. And I realized that we're soon leaving Germany for good, so we went to Max und Moritz, a 120 year old classic German restaurant for my Sauerbraten fix.

      We had 5 nights here and that gave us the time we needed to revisit favorite haunts and explore new places. I could spend weeks here I love it so much. We actually took most of a rainy Monday off to just chill out at the room and relax. That's not something we do too often. We've got less than 2 weeks left and are starting to think of home. But the next stop is some small villages near St. Poelten, Austria to visit Deanne's AFS exchange family from high school. We'll spend one night there before heading to Italy. We'll take our first overnight train on Austria's OBB NightJet. They've made overnight train travel in Europe popular again. Low cost airlines almost destroyed this class of travel, but the green alternative of night train travel is appealing more and more to Europeans and Americans alike.

      More photos and videos are here.
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    • Day266

      Day 267: Travelling to Berlin

      November 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      Time to leave Slovakia, and central Europe! But first it's a long day of travel to get through. After our fairly average experience with the buses in Bratislava, we decided not to leave things to chance this time, so we packed up and caught an Uber from our apartment to the station. We really should have done more of that - the 20 minute ride cost 3 euros and the young guy driving spoke great English and was interesting to chat to with. He was very interested in our dog travels!

      Arrived at the station at about 9:30, with around 30 minutes before the train was due (it was coming from Budapest). But when we looked at the sign boards, the train was running 20 minutes late! Yikes. Oh well. Over the next 30 minutes that gradually got extended until it was eventually 30 minutes late - but at least it finally showed up!

      Managed to snag ourselves a compartment - one of those classic European train things where the corridor is on one side of the carriage and the seats are on the other, in compartments of six seats facing inwards. Since we basically had six seats to ourselves, we settled in and spread out, since it was going to be a long day on the train! We were travelling from Bratislava via Brno, Prague, Dresden and eventually Berlin around 7pm.

      Unfortunately we didn't have any power points available in the compartment since it was an older Hungarian carriage, so it was basically just podcasts the whole way. Not a huge amount of scenery to look at, some plains, some hills, some fields, some farmlands. No mountains though.

      Listened to a bunch of football podcasts, a Simpsons podcast, caught up on my main history podcast (Austrian foreign minister Metternich finally got his comeuppance!), and listened to several more episodes of the History of Rome.

      An older Czech couple joined us in the compartment at Brno and stayed until Prague, where the train halted for around 20 minutes as they changed the locomotive. Shandos took the opportunity to hop off with Schnitzel and let him pee, but since we were worried they'd try and cut the stop short to make up for lost time, she wasn't gone for long and he didn't end up peeing. Oh well.

      A German lady replaced the Czech couple in Prague and she stayed with us until Dresden, when a fussy German businessman took her seat. He spent 20 minutes deciding that a seat without power was a seat not worth living in, so moved pretty soon afterwards. On the last leg between Dresden and Berlin we took turns to visit the dining car, rather than leaving our bags and dog unattended (and I'm fairly sure he wouldn't be allowed in). Was an interesting experience sitting on the rolling restaurant! I had a beef stew which was OK and expensive for what it was.

      Finally at 7:20pm we rolled into Berlin, about 15 minutes behind schedule. Almost literally jumped off the train since it was continuing on to Hamburg! Found a peeing tree outside the station for Schnitzel, then rode a couple of trams up north to Prenzlauer Berg and our apartment for the next few days. It's a ground floor place, quite large, though surprisingly empty of furniture. The bedroom is huge, but only has a small bed and a dresser - no couch or anything. But it'll be fine for the next few days.
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      Trish Forrester


    • Day2

      Eten, drinken en terrasjes.

      June 9, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Na een heerlijk ontbijtje bij ons bakkertje een fijne stadswandeling gedaan met behulp van het openbaarvervoer. Rondje park gedaan, een drankje gedaan bij prinsesinnengarten, een markthal bezocht en genoten van een broodje pulled pork en het enige lekkere wijntje van 't hele weekend haha.
      Tussendoor een kleine powernap en de voetjes wat rust gegeven om savonds naar het dakterras klunkerkranich te gaan waar we serieus in de rij moesten om naar binnen te mogen. Wederom een hapje gegeten en wat gedronken. Met het idee om lekker uit eten te gaan maar daar moesten we helaas reserveren, dus door de regen... Naar alexanderplatz gegaan en bij een kansloze tent nog wat gegeten maar was niet echt de moeite waard. Als afsluiter nog een donut op van dunkin donut 🍩
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    • Day1

      Koffer packen

      March 29, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      Heute habe ich meine letzte Prüfung geschrieben, daher kann ich hier auch endlich mal anfangen etwas zu schreiben und mich komplett auf das Kofferpacken konzentrieren, wobei es ziemlich schnell ging.

      Stine fliegt bereits übermorgen gen Westen und ich bin dann ab Dienstag weg.

      Hier werde ich euch ab Dienstag 5 Wochen lang über unseren Trip durch den Südwesten der USA berichten.

      Bis dann!
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    • Day1


      June 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Eventjes ertussenuit met z'n tweetjes!
      's ochtends op de trein gestapt en met uiteindelijk 3 keer overstappen aan het eind van de middag aangekomen in Berlijn! Ons hostel opgezocht, spulletjes opgeruimd en vertrokken richting biergarten... Jaja ik moet er echt aan geloven, Duitsland is echt het land van het bier, van sochtends vroeg tot savonds laat zie je hier mensen over straat lopen met bier.
      Bij de biergarten dus maar een vrouwenbiertje genomen met frambozen siroop, opzich best te doen maarja 't blijft toch bier haha, gelukkig daarna een pizza besteld om 't een beetje weg te spoelen😉 uiteindelijk nog een rondje gelopen en naar een dakterras gegaan hij ons om de hoek, Deck5. Best leuk hier nog wat gedronken en uiteindelijk moe en voldaan gaan slapen!
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    • Day5

      Spieltag und Schneegestöber

      April 2, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Ich bin immernoch im sonnigen Berlin und fahre gleich zum Lichtenberg Derby, aber die ersten Bilder aus Colorado hat Stine schon geschickt.

      Anscheind gab es gestern ein Schneegestöber und ziemlich schnell verwandelte sich die Landschaft im ein weißes Winterwonderland.

      Na hoffentlich kann ich am Mittwoch von Denver nach Colorado Springs fahren ;-)

      Bis Dienstag, da melde ich mich vom Flughafen!
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    • Day38


      August 5, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Berlin is crazy! From the dirty, graffitied streets of Kreuzberg to the Wonderful central city with an ever lasting impression! We stayed in a little "apartment" in Kreuzberg District, but our everyday destination was always the central city. We enjoyed looking at the wall and overpriced Souvenirs, the Cathedral, a Carillon Concert in the Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, Currywurst, and the Famous Ampelmann shop. Ended it all with an awesome boat tour down the canals.Read more

    • Day270

      Day 271: Day Off

      November 12, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

      Day off today. I had a nice sleep in, while Shandos headed out to a couple of art galleries she was interested in. So I stayed home and minded Schnitzel. Did some social media work, caught up on the YouTube videos I needed to watch, edited a couple of videos and played some computer games. Had a kebab for lunch since that was basically all that was open nearby (it was a Sunday).

      Shandos got home not long before dark (around 3:30pm), and we just sort of bummed around for the rest of the day. For dinner we went to an Asian takeaway in the same store as the kebab place - again they were about our only options on a Sunday evening! Germans don't seem particularly religious, so I don't know why everything is closed on Sundays. I think it's just The Way Things Are, and everyone just goes with it. Someone was saying that one city ran an experiment where the shops were open on Sundays, but you weren't allowed to buy anything. It went about as well as you'd expect!

      I also find it startling how few places accept credit cards here! Most Germans don't have credit cards, so you're just expected to pay cash. Sucks for us, means we have to keep going to ATMs and burning through cash quicker! Alas. Off to Hamburg tomorrow!
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