Ágioi Eftápaídes

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    • Day46


      September 13, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Blau und weiß - in diesen Farben präsentiert sich Santorini. Die typischen weißen, gewölbten Häuser, blaue Kirchenkuppeln sowie enge, verwinkelte Gassen gibt es hier in jeder Ortschaft zu sehen. Davon konnten wir uns vom höchsten Punkt der Insel Pyrgos selbst überzeugen.Read more

    • Day3

      12km Wanderung auf der Caldera

      September 30, 2021 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 21 °C

      Eine tolle Wanderroute gibt's von Fira nach Oia auf der Caldera. Ausgeschrieben als ca 3 h (10 km), aber man sollte viel mehr Zeit einplanen, da es sehr viele Höhenmeter und aufregende Ausblicke gibt. Für Leute mit Höhenangst teilweise sehr anspruchsvoll, aber machbar. :)
      Natur, super teure Hotels, enge Gassen,..alles dabei.
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    • Jun12

      Rule #7 (Santorini)

      June 12, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 73 °F

      Run as quick as you can to the top floor (deck) of the ship to take a quick selfie (after taking several from the balcony in your room) but don’t be late to the dingy thing that is escorting you to the island AND when you check in for the dingy thing AKA the tender (not tinder) make sure you bring your water that left in your room 🤦🏽‍♀️ #tryandnotoverheatlikeyourdoggieRead more

      Soooo beautiful wow! [Laurel and Kaity]


      It was amazing 🤩


      No wrinkles!!!!!!

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    • Day64


      September 17, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Wieder mal ging es mit der Fähre weiter Richtung Süden und zwar nach Santorini. Schon die Anreise war spektakulär: die Hauptstädte Fira und Oia waren schon von weitem als weisse Städte oberhalb der Klippen ersichtlich. Der Weg dahin hatte es dann aber insich und ich merkte schnell, dass ich wohl die einzige Velotouristin auf Santorini bin. 😅 Nach unzähligen Einbahnstrassen und Treppen habe ich dann mein Appartment mit Privatpool gefunden.😎

      Auch hier war es zwar wieder recht windig, dafür überzeugte der Sonnenuntergang umso mehr.🤩🤩🤩
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      Bella, gniess die warme Täg no! Be eus esch de erschti Schnee cho ❄️




      Unglaublich schöne Fotos. [Christian]

    • Day3

      Getting to Fira from the ship

      July 17, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 79 °F

      Santorini is a tender port, so we had to get our ticket for the water shuttle for about a 15 minute ride from the ship to the port. From there, you have the option to take a cable car, walk up a long windy staircase, or ride a donkey to the main town of Fira. We did some exploring on our own on the cobblestone walkways before meeting our tour guide. We left on one of the first water shuttles and arrived so early that many of the cafés were not even open yet.Read more

    • Day13

      Critters, Museums, Fishies and Shopping

      June 1, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Well onto the next adventure. We went to bed last night after a busy day. You drift off to sleep and dream of the day on the water. Then you wake up to a bite on your arm (kinda felt a large black fly bite). I turn on the light to see this creature scurrying on the comforter. I spring out of bed grab a shoe and whack the thing. Because the bedding is soft it just scurries in another direction. I think I just made it angry now! I fold the comforter (shoe and all) into a packet and drag it outside. I have been quiet this whole time trying not to wake the girls. When I’m outside I unfold everything and watch it scurry to the planter and then to the wall.

      Laura must have heard something and has come to see what is wrong. I can only think to tell her to stay inside so she doesn’t get hurt. I grab my phone, then the camera to get a picture incase it is poisonous. Laura is now freaking out and goes to check her and Nicole’s bedroom. Now Nicole is awake and has to come and check my bite. Laura has gone all mafia ninja mode and is now checking everywhere she can for more critters. My bed gets torn apart, behind the nightstands, under the couch, under the bed, in the bathroom.

      After we calm down a bit (not much but a bit) I take a Benadryl to get the inflammation down. I of course get on line to see if I can find out what bit me. Yeah, check out the picture below. They are called Scolopendra cingulata and are ugly centipedes/scorpion type things with a lot of legs and a scorpion tale.

      We head cautiously back to bed for the rest of the night. The next morning it is more like a bee sting and I have survived to write another blog. I have to admit, driving is nothing to this little adventure.

      We have awoken to a beautiful day. Our visitor from last night has left the premise (as far as we can tell) or was eaten by one of the cats around here. My arm is not as red and feels like a bee sting where the ache has just gone up the arm a bit. Basically, I’m fine.

      Today we have a tour at the Atlantis the Lost City museum. It was very interesting. First you see a movie about how the city was built and lived and then destroyed by a volcano eruption. The movie is a 9D experience meaning that you sit in a chair that tilts and rumbles. You have a set of 3D glasses, headphones to listen to the story and then they throw fake ‘volcanic ash’ (soap bubbles) and water sprits to flush out the experience. After the movie there are several interactive boards that describe the society back then. After this they have a hologram where you can chit chat with Plato about how he saw civilization. They also have a diorama that shows what Atlantis looked like according to Plato. All and all it was well worth the time and money. The link to it is:

      After this we went to the lively part of Fira to meander the shops. The three of us went to a fish spa. It is a spa where little fishies clean your feet while you have a glass of wine. We also had a hot wax treatment for our ears. This was a lot of fun. Laura squealed a lot due to the fish ‘kissing’ between her toes. Here is a link if you want to find out more about this treatment: .

      There just happens to be a jewelry store across the street and we are three women. Yes, in we go! I find a nice necklace and 2 rings. The girls also find necklaces, rings and ankle bracelets. By now we are just hungry. We find an absolutely wonderful restaurant called The Pelican Kipos. It had a wonderful atmosphere as soon as we walked in. There were benches with tables and chairs, cozy little nook where you felt like you had a private table. The wait staff were wonderful! Nicole and I spit some appetizers; baked feta and mushrooms in wine sauce. Laura has potatoes au gratin type appetizer. I had the sea bass and our waitress even de-boned it for me at the table! Nicole had a chicken with cream sauce and Laura had a pork medallion dish. We were stuffed by the time we finished!

      We head back to the house and I am ready for some rest and relaxation. The girls however are heading out clubbing. We are leaving tomorrow and I have my reservations about their choices. However, they are 35 years old so it’s up to them. They get a taxi to meet the at the parking area and off they go. Me? I stay home and pack up my stuff, have a shower and write this blog. I know, boring!
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      So it sounds like you’ve been having an excellent adventure!! How many fingers do you think you have?! 🤣


      It must have been sent for the depths of hell!! 🤢🤮


      still having nightmares, Kitten?

    • Day8

      Donnerstag Mooring Santorin

      October 13, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Und wieder kachelt es mit 20 kn. Mit halben Wind heizen wir über die 2 m hohen Wellen meinem Bigpoint Santorin entgegen. Stellenweise werden die 9 kn geknackt und meine Crew ist in ihrem Element. Ein Grinsen ist in jedes einzelne Gesicht gemeißelt.
      Über Segelforen habe ich erfahren, daß dort nur Bojen vorhanden sind, an denen der Bug befestigt wird. Über eine Landleine wir danach das Heck gesichert. Auch ist es ratsam, sich vorher eine dieser Bojen zu reservieren. Die Telefonnummer ist schnell gefunden und die Reservierung über WhatsApp läuft offiziersmässig ab. Am Zielort wartet schon der Hafenmeister in seinem Boot und legt unsere Sun Odyssee 490 an die Leine.
      Santorin ist ein erloschener Vulkan, dessen Kraterränder teilweise noch stehen. Wir liegen an dem Kraterrand Thirasia und haben einen fantastischen Blick auf die weißen Würfelhäuser des gegenüberliegenden Kraterrandes. Das sind uns die 50 € Liegegebühren wert. Tobias und ich unternehmen eine kleine Wanderung in das 295 m über uns liegende Dorf Manolas. Es sieht definitiv von weitem schöner aus als es ist. Wir genießen einen 4 € teuren Instandcappuccino und erfreuen uns an der wahrlich tollen Aussicht. Da unsere Yacht 50 m entfernt der Kaimauer parkt, nutzen wir zur Überfahrt unser Dingi. Es kommt, wie es kommen muß. Ein Deja vu aus Sardinien. 10 m vor dem ersehnten Ziel ist der Sprit alle. Und ..., wir haben natürlich, wie beim letzten Mal, keine Paddel dabei. Dafür aber grosse Hände ...
      Eigentlich wollten wir noch einen weiteren Tag hier verweilen. Die Wettervorhersage macht jedoch einen Strich durch jegliche Planung. Für Sonntag und Montag ist Starkwind angesagt und wir beschließen morgen auszulaufen, um unserem Ziel Kos näher zu kommen.
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      Tolle Fotos. Vor allem das Letzte😂. Ein wirklich toller Anlegeplatz. Hoffe, der Wind ist euer Freund und ihr kommt sicher nach Kos. LG [Hausmutter]


      Auf diesen Freund hoffen wir auch. Bisher konnten wir uns auf ihn verlassen.


      Dachte erst ihm ist schlecht auf dem letzten Bild, habe danach Deinen Bericht gelesen🤭. Sorry. Sehr schöne Bucht und der Weg nach oben auf den Berg sieht toll aus. Euch noch viel Spaß und viel Wind. 💨🙋‍♀️


      Danke. Aber viel Wind benötigen wir nicht.

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    • Day3


      October 4, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Ruins and more ruins. First, we went to the Greek and Roman ruins of Ancient Thira, from about 900 BC to several centuries AD a city way up high with ruins of a theater, a garrison, lots of temples. Then we went to the really old ruins, a Minoan city from about 3000 BC. It had been buried in a volcanic eruption about 1500 BC. No human remains were found, so they must have had warning. Half the island was submerged, leaving the Caldera/crater, which has led some to speculate that this is where Atlantis was. Too bad that at both sites, all the frescoes, and most of the pottery and statuary have been placed in the Thira museum (and some, probably the best, went to Athens). So tomorrow we will have to go to the museum.

      After lunch on the Red Beach, we decided to brave the crowds and head for either Fira/Thira or Imervogli. Fira was just way too crazy, so on we went. Found a primo parking place in Imervogli, so we took advantage and spent several hours walking around, it is beautiful. Joe stayed in a cafe hanging on a cliff while I walked out to a nearby rock with gorgeous views. Unfortunately, I did not think I should do the last 50 m or so, it was pretty much scrambling on rock. But it was a good bit of energetic walking and nearly top views, while Joe sipped his 5 euro iced coffee.

      Crowds are pretty crazy, this is nothing like Sicily in October, where we had enormous parking lots all to ourselves! To give you some idea of the number of tourists — I was just looking for driving directions to the archaeological musem tomorrow. And google maps shows several stretches of “red” on the route now. And this is 9 pm on October 4!!!! I would not venture here in high season.
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    • Day2

      Made it to Santorini!

      October 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      The flight to London was smooth, the flight to Santorini bumpy, but we arrived right on time at 4:15 p.m. The one little passport control cubicle was empty when we arrived, but thankfully we were the only flight arriving. By 5:15 we were through passport control and were driving out of the airport in our rental car. Joe had not brought the car GPS, though he thought he had, but in an uncharacteristic stroke of tech skills I was able to download google maps for Santorini and mainland Greece. And, even more amazing, it worked offline as it was supposed to!

      The touristy side of the island rings the volcanic crater, called the Caldera. We are about a two minute hike up to get to the Caldera side, but our hotel is on the other side of that high ridge, which means a sea view but no Caldera view. But the real benefit is that it is much quieter. Truth be told, though, it was one of only two hotels on the island that has an elliptical — and this one has a sea view!

      The island is very small, so by 6, Joe was taking a nap and I was on the elliptical. I also had time for a short walk along the Caldera, it was just gorgeous. We ventured out for dinner in the car around 8, but were gobsmacked by the crowds in Fira. I thought this wasn’t high season!!! We just kept driving till we found a place to park the car. It was in front of a supermarket, with not a restaurant in sight, so we just bought some food and wine (choice in red wine was one labeled “dry red wine” and the other “sweet red wine.” It is not up to my wine cellar friends’ standards.)

      But we are now on the terrace of our room, overlooking the pool, eating very yummy sheep cheese and salami on pita while sipping “dry red wine.”

      Tomorrow Ancient Thira and some island exploration. I will not be spending a lot of time shopping in Thira, of that you can be sure.
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    • Day4

      Day in Fira

      October 5, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      We woke up to bright sunshine, and decided to head for Fira — main city, cruise ship central, tourist shopping heaven. Our hotel had offered us a spot on a fancy boat tour around the caldera and to the volcano, but at 160 € a head, we thought it was a bit much. So we headed into Fira, found the big parking lot (which still had a few places at 10 am, thankfully), and walked down to the old port. From 1200’ above sea level to the port took about 20 minutes. We could have taken a donkey, but decided to walk. Once at the old port, we easily bought tickets for an 11 am boat tour, 20 € per person, thank you very much.

      We went to the hot springs, then to the island nearby where the only live crater is. It was a good climb up through the lava field, and it was so easy to see the outline of what used to be the island, till the volcanic eruption in 1500 BC that is. Amazing views.

      Once back in the port, Joe took the 3 minute cable car while I walked back up, dodging lots of donkey poop, hoping to beat him because the line was long. But he got there first. After lunch, we went to the prehistoric museum — I had never focused on Minoan artifacts and art, but these were really beautiful. Then some more walking along the twisty top paths with gorgeous views out, over the cliff towns, the sheer cliffs, and the turquoise water. It is truly beautiful, most beautiful view while eating an ice cream ever, but the tiny alleys of every kind of tourist trinket is not for me. We bought some great takeout and will soon be chowing down on our little terrace once again. Very happy to be here. 😋
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