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  • Day514

    Santorini photos

    September 11 in Greece

    While in Santorini we didn’t have a lot of time but we saw Thira the main town and walked down to the old harbour passing all the donkeys, I suggested to John we could walk back up but ‘no way’ was the response so we used the cable car, funicular to get back up, without our overnight bag I might have given it a go but would definitely have been dripping at the top.

  • Day514

    Santorini Thira

    September 11 in Greece

    Well it was a lot more blowy on Sunday when we woke in Aliki but the trip along the south coast of Paros went well as sheltered, as did the east coast section but then we had to cross to Naxos, not so nice! We got there OK but there were a few bangs as the bow landed, on arrival we radioed as per pilot book instructions no answer Umm so after waiting for a few condor sized ferries to unload and load we headed around and into Marina to get what we thought was a brusque brush off from the harbour master ‘ you haven’t called why not no place no to anchorage place and call after 6pm?’ Oh dear not looking so good, we had looked for email and phone number but nothing on internet or in our books. We sat in the bumpy anchorage spot considering options, ferry and hotel non refundable this close to departure but if the harbour master didn’t find a spot 6pm was late to try to reach somewhere more sheltered. We decided to risk waiting, fortunately when John called at 6 pm there was a spot not a great one but better than the anchorage and he would find a better space in the morning, thank goodness looked like Santorini trip was on.
    After we tied up with 7 ropes we decided to go and have a well earned drink, while doing this another yacht came in and moored up alongside us, we popped back to make sure everything OK, move dingy so they could get round etc. In the morning they bought us pain au chocolate as a thank you, much appreciated by me!
    The harbour master came around 9:15 and we negotiated another mooring and managed to move without to much bother, alongside boat also moved as a super yacht was due to arrive and go where we were. So another mammoth rope tieing session and John was happy, we secured boat and headed to ferry ⛴.
    Santorini is three quarters of a caldera, the rim of an old volcano with steep sides on the west, sloping gently to the sea on the east it is touristy a bit like Mykonos but not as ‘in your face’ and the views are stunning. I will put photos here and on next post with little or no writing as can only have 6 per post.
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  • Day11

    Greece day 11

    September 20 in Greece

    #Greece day 11 Today we shipped from #Naxos to #Santorini. A 2.10 hour #boat trip. After a #bustrip of 45 minutes we arrived at theWederom een mooie d #Artemis #hotel. We #ate at #captais corner where I scored my 12e espressocup. A lovely day again.

  • Day13

    Greece day 12

    September 22 in Greece

    Greece day 12. First I got up at 6.30 to see the #sunrise. Today by local #bus to #Fira, the capital of #Santorini. We went to one of the vew churches with statues. They have also very #beautiful #wallpaintings. At a height of 350 meters you look down on the #Vulcan and the view is beautiful. After arriving at the #hotel we had a #swim and lay in the #sun. We ate some bread and salad on the balcony. It was a lovely day again.Read more

  • Day582

    Day 583: Relaxing on Santorini

    September 20 in Greece

    Basically just spent today chilling out. Did some videos, a bit of writing and a bit of planning. Had a swim in the pool, had a swim at the beach. Went to one of the beachfront restaurants for lunch which was nice, and then of course a gyros later in the evening for dinner!

  • Day13

    Greece day 13

    September 22 in Greece

    #Greece Day 13. A bus Day. We hired car and visite the hystorical old cityi of #Tera 1000 bc. The ruins show many details of the old town. Then we went to the city #Pyrgos, we had a lunch and my 14e espessocup was there, and we e walked around. The next town was Oia for a walk and an icecream. The following place was #firostephani were we liked to see the monistery of #Nikoleas. This was close but the views are great. Next stop #Panagis #Episkopi, This was also closed but when we arrived a babticing started with many gifts and sweets. The last stop was a wine museum with a tour and a tasting of 4 wines. We ate at #Alexander in #Kamari. A lovely day again.Read more

  • Day14

    Greece day 14

    September 23 in Greece

    #Greece day 14. Woke up at 6 for the #sunrise. After #breakfast we sat by the pool and had a swim, some sun bading, a swing, some sleep etc, etc. Round 3 we went for a walk along the #boulevard an scored my 15e #espressocup. 15 days Greece 15 cups. We had #dinner at #captais corner again. A lovely day again.

  • Day581

    Day 582: Ferry to Santorini

    September 19 in Greece

    Checked out of our hotel, but our ferry wasn't until 2pm so we spent most of the morning just chilling out and stuffing around. Boarded with no issues and found decent seats.

    First half of ferry trip was quite rough with bouncy seas, as it had been extremely windy for the last couple of days - thankfully the boats were still running but I think it takes a lot to make them stop!

    Stopped at Paros and then Naxos where the boat paused for close to an hour. Eventually we all had to hop off and board a different boat - no real idea why! At least after Paros the weather improved and it was literally smooth sailing.

    But the delays meant we arrived two hours late - 7pm instead of 5pm, and by the time we'd found our transport it was completely dark. First he typed the wrong address and tried to leave us in a totally random place, but we got there in the end. Quite a nice hotel, though the wifi is very poor. At least here we're five minutes walk from the beach, and we have a hotel swimming pool too so that should be handy.

    A few shops and cafes along the beachfront too which was nice, since our place in Mykonos had been quite isolated from any food options (we'd cooked spaghetti most nights!). So I walked over and got us some gyros for dinner before crashing in bed.
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  • Day583

    Decided to check out Santorini today, since we're staying in one far-flung corner of it, and the most dramatic scenery is on the other side. There was a bus stop right near the hotel, so we hopped on at around 10:45 and waited as the bus wound its way around street after street, eventually an hour later arriving in Thera, the main town of Santorini. A direct drive would take 10 minutes max. At least it was cheap!

    Spent a couple of hours wandering around Thera looking at various sights and enjoying the view. It's quite touristy though, the old town is packed in and just loaded with souvenir shops and places selling full English breakfast and the like. Found a highly recommended gyros place and had some lunch, then decided to head for Oia, the famous town right on the tip of Santorini and where all the famous sunset photos get taken from.

    Hopped on a bus, and were then immediately kicked off the bus - apparently dogs are only allowed while they're in a bag! Why it wasn't a problem for the previous bus, I have no idea, and neither did the guy who kicked us off. After a few vigorous words with people (including each other) we went to one of the crappy souvenir shops and bought a 5 euro beach bag just large enough for Schnitzel. Smuggled him onto the bus and had no issues, though we kept him hidden from the conductor and driver.

    Oia was a lot nicer than Thera - felt slightly larger and more interesting. Still very touristy, but it felt like there were shops other than those selling magnets and cheap paintings. Lots of sunset bars of course, and after a couple of hours wandering in the heat we retreated to a sunset bar and had a couple of drinks. Couldn't stay there for the sunset as they had a restaurant-wide reservation for 5:30, so we headed off looking for somewhere else.

    But we never made it! As we rounded a bend, a cat came charging up to us and leaped directly onto Schnitzel, claws out. He screamed and started fighting back, I lifted him up by the leash and kicked the cat away, copping a bunch of scratches on my leg for my troubles. Eventually the cat retreated and we assessed the damage with the help of a couple of locals.

    Schnitzel had a small rip at the tip of his ear about a centimetre long, plus a couple of other small scratches but nothing deep and his eyes were untouched thankfully. My leg was bleeding quite a bit from the scratches, and apparently dog ears have a vein running around the edges so there was a lot of blood around! Not murder-scene bad, but a lot. I cleaned up with some wet wipes and Betadine from a local, who gave us details of a local vet.

    Forgoing the sunset, we headed back to the edge of town where there weren't any taxis, so ended up getting the bus back to Thera. I told the conductor in no uncertain terms that it was a medical emergency and we were getting on the bus whether he liked it or not, so he didn't protest. Waited for a taxi in Thera, where multiple drivers turned us down because Schnitzel wasn't in a crate! Pleas fell on deaf ears, and we ended up getting another bus to Emporio where the vet was located, not far from our hotel.

    I'd phoned ahead to warn her, though between the language barrier and background noise she thought I'd said "car" instead of "cat", so she was relieved to see Schnitzel was in much better condition than she expected!! She patched him up, cleaned things and sent us on our way. No buses in this area, so we walked the 30 minutes back to the hotel where we just collapsed exhausted - and maybe a little cry as well.

    I cleaned up, using the Dettol that only yesterday we'd decided against throwing out, grabbed a gyros for dinner and then collapsed exhausted. The best and worst of Santorini I guess.
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  • Day584

    After yesterday's excitement we were taking no chances! Spent the day around the pool relaxing, and also a little while on the beach as well. Had a nice long lunch out at a restaurant, where Shandos had whole fish and I had grilled tuna chunks in a spicy soy sauce with peppers and onions. And the biggest news of all - we booked our flights back to Australia, along with the car we'll use for our west-coast USA road trip!

    Early to bed as it's a ridiculously early start tomorrow.
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