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    • Day6

      An der Ostküste mit Blick auf Albanien

      September 27, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Heute fahren wir von Limni aus die Ostküste in Richtung Norden. Hier fährt man mit dem Auto kurvenreich oberhalb der Ortschaften wie zum Beispiel Dassias, Ipsos und Pirgi, die sich an die steilen und bewaldeten Hänge schmiegen. Es überwiegen hier auch Kiesstrände oder schmale Sandstrände.

      Erster Halt ist heute Agni Beach. Von der Küstenstraße geht es extrem steil auf schmaler Straßen herunter zu den kleinen Ortschaften am Wasser. Auch hier stellt sich die berechtigte Frage, ob unser Autochen den Weg berghoch schafft. Im ersten Gang mit 15 Stundenkilometern und ohne Gegenverkehr gelingt es uns ganz easy.....( In Erinnerung habe ich eine solch steile berghoch-Fahrt auf Gozo, wo ich damals tatsächlich aussteigen musste mit unseren Kindern, um Gewicht zu reduzieren. Nur dem Fahrer gelang es so, das Auto den steilen Berg hoch zu fahren...)
      Agni Beach ist eine kleine Kieselstrand Bucht mit ein paar kleinen Tavernen, sauberem Strand und glasklarem Wasser und dennoch wollen wir noch weiter Richtung Norden.
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      Das sind ja super Bilder vonder schönen Insel. Vielen Dank..Habe es erst heute entdeckt. Liebe Grüße

    • Day13


      August 18, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      The surface of the blue ocean is not smooth, it is agitated with splashing and movement of tiny bodies. Birds are diving and porpoises jumping, there are tuna and sharks all gouging. A huge grey shadow appears and the shape changes as the gigantic mouth opens and ingests the bait ball . The bus is already full but still more climb in as a few spill out. The busses on this island are the lifeblood and they connect every little village, resort , town and city. The island is divided in north and south of Corfu town. East to west is seldom over 8 to 12 klm. . The green busses are the long distance white serving smaller areas. It takes about one and a half hours to move 35 klm and can take 4 hours with stops to get to a destination although busses pass regularly. This day was another move to a new area from South to North of the island. The south is flatter dryer and more people the North is greener with mountains and steep drops to the ocean. The resorts and towns in the north are mainly on the coasts edge down steep ridges while the abodes in the south spill inland. The north has big expensive looking villas in exclusive small groupings. Our journey was from Agio Georgios to Kalami in the north. My pack was now filled with food and water. There are almost no streams or rivers and the tap water generally brackish so everyone drinks bottled water and the plastic remains are littered along the roads. Our trip was a bus to the terminus catch another to the north and then walk down a steep road to our new stopover . The roads are so narrow when bus meets bus there is less than 10 cm to spare you have to jump into a gap in the bushes if walking. Cars have to pull over buildings shake and it’s amazing the skill of the drivers. The conductors are gruff no nonsense no eating no drinking SIT. We get to Kalami after 4 hours and I lug my overpacked bag to a small clean apartment our home the next two nightsRead more


      Gee I don’t know it it’s better to be on good or in bus!! Sounds a bit nerve wracking! I love your description of the island. Keep writing! Enjoy your two days.


      Nice to get an idea..Glad we are not the only ones with litter!

    • Day194

      Korfus Norden

      October 16, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Gestern habe ich Albanien verlassen und bin mit der Fähre von Saranda nach Korfu gefahren. Sie lässt sich jedoch kaum mit den skandinavischen Pendants vergleichen, denn es handelt es sich hier um ein winziges Boot, auf dem gerade eben vier Fahrzeuge Platz finden und die gesamte Abfertigung verläuft deutlich ineffektiver.
      Angekommen auf der griechischen Insel, erkunde ich bei bestem Wetter ihren Norden und entdecke neben traumhaft schönen Buchten mit türkisem Wasser auch spannende Sandsteinformationen an der Steilküste.
      Von meinen Stellplätzen in toller Lage sind es nur wenige Schritte bis ins milde Wasser und ich freue mich nach der längeren Pause wieder im Mittelmeer baden zu können.
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      Korfu ist toll! Genieß das unfassbar gute Essen!

    • Day6


      September 27, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Kalámi ist gewissermaßen der Nachbarort, klein, beschaulich mit kleinem Strand. Bekannt ist dieser Ort aber doch, denn hier hat in den dreißiger Jahren der britischer Autor Lawrence Durrell mit seiner Familie gelebt.
      Wir machen am Ortsausgang Halt für ein kleines Mittagessen. In "The White House" kann man mit Blick auf die kleine Bucht sehr gut essen. Klare Empfehlung!

      Danach machen wir uns auf den Rückweg. Aber nun kommen wir bei der steilen Auffahrt auf die Hauptstraße doch in eine unangenehme Situation. Auf der schmalen, schlecht präparierten Straße schafft unser kleiner Seat Mii die steile Steigung nicht, der Motor ruckelt, Gummi riecht stark und wir kommen nicht mehr vorwärts. Nachdem ich die Straße ein Stück hoch gelaufen bin, entscheide ich, dass wir keine Chance haben mit dem Auto diese Steigung auf diesem Untergrund zu schaffen. Es braucht ein paar mehr PS...
      Also wenden, Gegenverkehr ausweichen, steil bergab wieder zurück nach Kalámi fahren und eine bessere Auffahrt zur Hauptstraße finden.

      Tipp: mindestens eine Autoklasse höher mit mehr PS mieten!🤪
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    • Day12

      Look for the E

      August 17, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      To be a Tourist is the plan today. Corfu town and the hop on off red bus starts with an early 3 klm walk to the bus stop. An hour to town and then stroll in quiet streets To us the best aroma was the many bakeries preparing their bread and pastries for the day. So tempting and the next bakery looked better than the last so much choice we kept moving on we arrived at the red busses with none. Ok so later when we go home. We went to some museums listened to commentary and caught a ferry to visit Mouse island. We Stood at the end of the airport runway as planes flew over and saw the city. Shirley in long pants was sweltering so a dress was needed . We wandered through the now crowded streets looking for clothes and a suitable purchase relieved the heat. We headed for the fish and Fresh food market. At a busy hi stall I asked for the menu to select and check prices… “NO MENU SIT.”We sat. A pitcher of beer 🍺 and juice 🥤 were accompanied by deep fried sardines and calamari with a side Greek salad and chips. Really impressed that Shirley ate whole Sardines. A horrendously high bill 💵 wrecked the budget. Nearly 3 and Time to head back to the green bus station. Still missed on the pastry 🥐.The bus station was crowded busy noisy and I bought tickets to Ageo Georgios in the south and sat to wait-at bay 4. announcement that our bay had changed was in Greek and we headed to bay 7 where the bus was already full so we would have to stand. Shirley was offered a seat and I got talking to a huge muscular man from the Congo he was a boxer who trained with Willy Lock several years ago. The trip was speeding by and then I looked out the windows. Where the xxxx in Corfu were we mountains Forrest’s and strange sights. The driver looked at my ticket . Stopped Wrong bus …. goes to Giorgio’s …. get off. We abandoned the bus now stranded in a tiny village hours away from home near to Gorgios not Georgios . Oooops We found a bus stop waited 2 hours caught the bus 🚌 changed to another while on route, arrived Corfu, waited for a bus and headed south to Georgios. We were dropped 3 klm from home at 22h00 . So my message is always look for the ERead more


      Ha ha this sounds like The Amazing Race!! You guys are too funny. Sounds hot and expensive over there. Love your posts. And pics.


      We were a bit worn by 11 that night amazingly we never had a fight the whole debacle


      Whew...a long day! well done to finally get to bed!

    • Day6


      August 18, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      View from Pantokrator, the highest mountain on Corfu. Being at a bit more than 900m, you get to see all the way to Albania. After a visit to the small monastery up here and a failed attempt at drone flying, we enjoy the first ice cream of our holidays. Yum!😋🍦Read more

    • Day12

      4x4 Off Road!

      September 16, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      This morning we set off on a 4x4 off road discovery tour with our trusty driver, Spiros (who else?😂)
      He drove us north along the coast road then headed inland on steep, winding tracks to reach the summit of Pantokrator which, at around 900m, is the highest mountain on the island. Stupendous views at the top towards the coast of Albania, along with the obligatory (very nice) cafe and a monestry!

      Following a brief stop at a bee keeper, to sample/purchase (🙄) local honey, we continued through stunning scenery to Palea Peritheia, which is Corfu's oldest village. This is known as the 'ghost village' as it was abandoned in the 1970s, due to lack of water. Some 20 yrs later a taverna was openened and there are now several sitting amongst the ruins of the village, in what has become a place for visitors. It was a slightly eerie atmosphere and rather sad to see the derelict buildings, especially as there was no health and safety hazard tape or fenced off areas!

      After lunch Spiros took the west coast scenic route back and returned us safely to our hotel. It has been a fab day out with a friendly and knowledgeable guide 😊
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      We wanted to see Spiros 😘 looks like you're having a great time xx

      Karen Beswick

      Ah, sorry no pics of Spiros 😂

    • Day8


      September 12, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Carried on along the coast to the small harbour town of Kassiopi, which is overlooked by the ruins of its Venetian castle. Very pleasant mooch around and lunch by the harbour.
      After lunch we took a meandering route through the Corfu countryside back to Kontokali. We'll done Dale for a good day's driving (and to Sarah and Karen for successfully navigating 😉)Read more

    • Day8


      September 12, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Travelled north along the winding coast road this morning and stopped off at the small bay at Kalami. This was where the Durrell family lived and their former home is still on the shoreline (now a hotel and restaurant!)Read more

    • Day11

      Fish Farm Imerolia Corfu

      October 15, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Corfu Sea Fish Farm spesializes in production of large fish. Eg Sea Bass with average size of 3 kg and Sea Bream with average size 1,5kg.

      The farm export beyond Greece to Italy, France, UK, US and Canada.Read more

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