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  • Day92


    July 4, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Randi is sick so we all had a sleep - in 🙌🏼
    About 1 she got up. We thought about going to the Viking museum but Andrea was planning on coming over after work so we didn't have enough time - no complains here - I planned on getting having a nap - first I had my coco pops though 😬😬😬 it's my new favourite thing - I get excited every night because I get to eat it again soon. lol
    I went to have my nap and I swear not even 15 minutes later the door bell rang and in came Andrea which was awesome but I would have liked another 30 minutes lol.
    We chatted for ages while Randi slowly died in the corner. She needs to go to the doctor but is in denial at the moment.
    We eventually decided to go get something to eat.
    Andrea drove us in her car to the harbour which is opposite the fortress and we went to Jamie Oliver's italian resturant there. Fancy fancy.
    Will bought a $50 steak 😒😒😒😒
    I got a $20 pizza. It was very yummy but not the best I have had - again they didn't cut the pizza for me so there I was hacking at it like a goose and messing up all the ingredient ratios for each slice. The knife always pulls the cheese off 😫
    I'll admit the harbour was very nice.
    We walked around an obviously rich area and found a pharmacy for Randi to buy drugs in - while she did that i amused myself with putting on different "tester" creams.
    We drove home - Andrea spent $30 on parking - we intended on paying her back but forgot - must remember when she comes back over tomorrow because that's not fair to put that on her.
    When we got home Randi went to bed and the 3 of us played cards - first we played president and hobo which is really similar to big 2 and then we played a game of 'long and short" which I found really really fun!!
    We pigged out on Norwegian chocolate and chips.
    The chocolate was so good! Better then Belgium for sure!

    Oh forgot! SO EMBARRASSING!
    When we were walking around the bay thing, Randi said something really funny so I laughed really really loudly - at the exact same time a person ran into us with a pram.
    I looked over and noticed the lady had an extreme walking disability.
    Talk about bad timing. She must think I'm a terrible person for laughing at her - even though it wasn't actually at her... 😩

    We played cards for hours - so fun! Randi woke up and put on some music for a bit before Andrea realized the time and left.
    Everyone is in bed now.

    Hopefully dad responds to my skype date invitation- I'd really like to speak with them. I miss them.
    So our plan for tomorrow is to talk to them then go to the Viking ship museum.
    We often don't stick to plans but we are both really keen.
    Will has downloaded a new MMA game so that has amused him a lot today haha.

    Also Wills comment from yesterday evening as we went to bed

    " I feel like the sun is closer here"

    While that may be true - a few thousand kilometers closer is hardly note worthy or going to be noticeable when you consider how far away the sun is. Hehe
    Randi needs to go the doctor so she gets better. We think she has a cold and an ear infection.

    We had to pick between going to her Sweden house or summer house.
    We have picked her summer house where we can go fishing.
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