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  • Day98


    July 10, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    We are both so stiff and sore lol. 🐴

    We slept in until 12:30 before I got up to have a shower and Will went to have breakfast - halfway through my shower I hear "we've ran out of cereal are you right with not eating?" 😂😂

    We went to TGIFridays in attempt to finally get me my Oreo madness dessert Randi and Andrea rave about.
    We went to the same one as last time which had the freezer disaster because they should have restocked by now.
    The service was shocking, the ONE worker they had was doing a splendid job but he had the whole floor to himself and couldn't manage - no one could. Poor guy was struggling big time. He was a nice English man.

    I had the Oreo thing and was grossly disappointed. I dont think the pre hype was a problem - it just wasn't very nice lol.
    We walked home and got organised. It was a veryyyy expensive hour.
    We have booked a car for tomorrow for 3 nights ($450) booked accommodation near the hiking routes we want to do ($550 for 3 nights 😭😭😭😭)
    Then we booked our train from Oslo to Stockholm which was $200 and then we also booked a hostel in Stockholm $300 for 3 nights.
    Can we go back to the balkans yet?

    Also, we spoke to Jess this morning about her and Jaxon coming to Europe.
    The plan at the moment stands at - They will fly over late august early September and we will meet in London. We will look after Jaxon for the first 2 weeks while Jess goes to Iceland to finally escape. She will then come back to London where for the next 2 weeks we will do London and Paris together.
    Jaxon is going to be the biggest pain in the ass but I'm still excited.
    She plans to drug him on the plane hahah

    And, Grandma had a fall 2? days ago.
    Grandma and Grandad have been causing issues in the hospital wanting to see the other so now they are in the same room 😂😂 cute date night.
    She is fine though, nothing broken 👍🏼

    I hung out with Randi for a bit before she left for some family members house. I have a set of keys and will see her again on Friday when we stay one more night so we have saved our goodbyes for then.

    Ohh and this morning Will freaked out because $182 got taken out for petrol yesterday - I spoke to Andrea - she called the petrol station and I so very pleased to announce that foreign cards deduct 1100 NOK every time until the proper payment goes through.
    We checked and it did say pending so hopefully things work out.

    I cooked soup but it was lumpy? We sivved/strained it and still ate it lol.
    Her stove is so stupid.
    I watched it rain out of her windows for a bit. 😍
    I watched some classic Aussie idol clips and am now in bed.

    Oh oh oh and earlier today I also read a bit and pre packed for tomorrow.

    I have a sore tummy :(

    I didn't take any photos today (except the Oreo) so I'm adding more from yesterday :)
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