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  • Day99


    July 11, 2017 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    We went to bed late and I was stressed Will wouldn't get enough sleep.
    He got up earlier than me because unlike yours truly he didn't pack last night. Tut tut
    We left the house around 9:15 with the maps pre loaded for our walk. We took the same route we have taken everyday to the palace and just walked a little further.
    We got to where it should be and it wasn't there ... I re read the address and it mentioned the entrance was from a different street only we couldn't see it on the map 🤔😩We walked around the building and finally found europcar hidden underneath - the word they gave us must not be a street or rather mean 'under' or something similar There was a very stressed man having troubles getting a car. I pittied him until we ran into our own issues. Our card declined even though it had $4000 on it. So we had the plan that Will would get on the wifi and transfer it to his other card.
    Only the wifi password wouldn't work.
    We both typed it in slowly several times and it said it was wrong - the worker even tried hot spotting us... eventually the worker types it in for us and it worked..... it's not like it was a hard password - it was europcar ??? Whatever it worked, woo.
    Only then the card still wouldn't even let Will transfer money off it - it just said error. Trevor Dowse T- Dogg will be getting a 4am call about system failure for sure. 😬
    We left that money on that card and transferred a separate $3000. So much moneyyyyyyy - We have to pay a really big deposit which we obviously get back if we don't crash the car 🤞🏼
    We paid for GPS and unlimited tolls which was a bit mixed but it was needed.
    We finally went to get our car only we couldn't find it hahaha it was going really well...
    Found the cat park - we have a little red Toyota Yaris.
    It took us so damn long to figure out the address of where we were going because once again they have only provided a street name and not a number or suburb which the gps needed 😩
    We ended up putting in a suburb in the general area so we would go in the right direction.
    I was so stressed for Will and pleased I wasn't driver- we drove really slowly to make sure we didn't hit anything and got use to the other side of the road.
    The gps malfunctioned and though we were in the ocean but it finally got it shit together as we saw the beautiful golden M on the horizon.
    We used the maccas wifi to find out and input the right suburb - still didn't have a number but we would get 99% of the way before that was a problem.
    On the road 😎😎 it was over a 6 hour drive.

    Ok so considering this was the most direct route it's an absolute disgrace even though it is outrageously beautiful. We never once did over 80km p/h. Our average was 60 the whole way for a 350km journey.
    It was in and out of mountains but not only that the streets weren't always wide enough to let 2 cars pass each other so we were constantly waiting for people.
    I enjoyed driving past the watch for moose signs 🙊
    For the first half of the trip a non exaggeration guess would be that we went though 17+ roundabouts. Again, this was the most direct route.. through little towns.
    They need a highway.
    So apart from that the journey was lovely.
    The trees and running streams were gorgeous. It's how i imagine America/Canada to look where the bears eat the salmon.
    I felt guilty looking cause Will couldn't or rather shouldn't.

    We went in and out of the most beautiful mountains, driving past everyone's summer homes next to lakes.
    I LOVE THE GRASS ROOFS because it's not juts some houses, it's every house.

    We stopped for our first 'stop, revive, survive' and had a quick pee break.
    Our second break was much further on and in the middle of snow scattered hills. We wanted to touch some so badly. At this break we just got out to stretch and take photos.

    There are sheep everywhere in the mountain and cars dont bother them at all - they don't move. I like how so many have bells on and so many not baby but toddler lambs :) we had to give a beep of encouragement but even then many just looked at you.

    It was friggen freezing outside.
    I want to see a bear and a moose.

    It rained for so must of the journey - the mountains were so misty.

    For about 40km we had a van on our ass which was annoying and stressful.

    It took 3 turns to find our hotel but we got there :)
    The dude at check in was rude.
    We couldn't get into our room and unfortunately we had to contact me happy agin. He came and open it for us - we felt silly but ALL European doors have been a nightmare for us.

    So since that maccas we didn't see another place to eat or shop for the whole 350km.
    So we were forced to eat at the hotel resturant. My salad was disgusting but our Oreo flavored drumsticks were amazingggg.

    We went back to our room and couldn't get in again. Will refused to ask again so we took turns trying until Will finally got it.

    I'm honestly exhausted - even though I didn't drive I was stressed the entire time and followed the roads as closely as Will.
    It's only 8 but it's time for bed - big and exciting day tomorrow!!! :D

    Oh and they serve moose fillet at the resturant 😂
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