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  • Day181


    October 1, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    Itchy from mozzies but other than that I slept ok. The call to prayer was so damn loud this morning though.

    Cough was so bad so I took a cough tablet.
    20 mins later I felt like I needed to throw up so I did... I though I was dying lol
    My vomit was bright green -
    After having a quick panic Will reminded me that the cough pill had a green coating.

    So All g.

    Sick of being sick. Haven't pooped since I last documented it - so it's like the 4th day? 😑😑😑😑

    Walked to the beach. It was really smoggy.
    We walked past this humongous cemetery and through a mini one which was so overgrown and covered in trash.
    The waves were good on one side of the boardwalk and crap on the other. Most people were on the crap side which was probably the smarter option. I think there were hidden rocks on the other side.
    We walked to the end of the boardwalk which had a barrier for waves to crash into and create splash.

    It was nice but the smog made it hard to see.
    Then walked to the medina/souks/ what ever the crap the main busy section is called for Will to eat some street food thing he saw last night. He bought it, didn't like it, threw it out so then we walked to maccas. Lol
    Got on the internet and replied to dad about the turtle....such a stupid turtle. 🐢
    They are cleaning the tank this weekend so the best of luck to them.

    In the markets there were boxes of tortoises for sale.

    Ok new medical disaster 😂😂😂😂
    I have developed a cysts on my wrist. Google tells me its likely not cancerous 👍🏼
    Just add it to the list - FYI I also have a big blister and a bleeding mozzie bite on my foot.

    I had a 3 hour rest on a wooden bench downstairs because our bedroom is way too hot.

    Will woke me up because he was getting angsty and wanted to go for a walk.

    We headed for the Hassan tower - a mosque they started building in the 1100's but never finished.
    I was in shorts which was a dumb move so we didn't linger cause it might have upset some people but we did go have a look.
    Churches are just so much better.
    The design was ugly.
    We sat in the park nearby but got moved along. We aren't sure why but there were a lot of police about this evening - we think something to new with the Islamic new year still going on.

    I really enjoy the radio towers they have around disguised as palm trees 😂

    We wanted to cross the river so we caught a row boat for 25c each. Winning.
    That was fun lol.
    It took us to an obviously rich area where we had dinner.

    Important notice:
    For the first time in my life - I had a sip of coffee and liked it 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Will got 2 because it was so good.

    I fed a cat all my pepperoni from my pizza. Hehehe

    The sunset was beautiful! Unfortunately my phone couldn't properly capture it.

    Everyone is blind - It's insane! Some of their eyes are seriously ducked up.

    I'm surprised that more children aren't missing Fingers... their favourite game?
    Dropping Fireworks in alleyways....
    Really hurts the ears and scares the shit out of you...
    Why you would go be a child a lighter.. ?

    Have I mentioned the King reminds me of Lewis from

    Read a lot of my book tonight.

    Me and Will have swapped beds because he was too hot.
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