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  • Day180


    September 30, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Still have a cough and not hungry but I made myself eat the fruit salad and yogurt on offer for breakfast.
    Will is surprisingly chirpy considering he had 16 beers.
    Bloody camel. Didn't even get drunk - I'd be in the hospital.

    Anyway, cuddled Bruno and packed. I don't know why I cant fit stuff in my bag but I've put my sleeping bag back on the outside of my luggage because I was finding it just too difficult to stuff everything in.

    We walked to the batha fountain and got in a taxi with another guy from our hostel.
    So cheap!!! It was only 8 dirham. (80c)

    Bought tickets for the next train with no issues and away we went.
    We are in first class again because I am really hot and it has basic air conditioning 👍🏼

    It's so dirty outside. Just rubbish after rubbish pile.
    I know it's a poor country but it's still totally unacceptable.
    It's realllllly bad.

    We napped but I was so stressed we would miss our stop it was hardly a rest. I had a mini panic every 5 minutes lol.

    Made it - had lunch then walked to the hostel.

    I love Will.
    I couldn't find the passports.
    I basically said to him I felt like vomiting, I can't find them.
    He kept me calm and wasn't angry and together we searched our bags.
    I messaged the old hostel to check if they were there but we did find them. 👍🏼
    I think my panic got in the way because they were in a different compartment than usual.

    We checked in and sat upstairs and talked to some people - so many Germans in Morocco!
    These 3 people left and were replaced with others.
    Everyone is really nice.
    We went out to dinner with 3 people from the hostel. They all leave for Fes tomorrow. It was a lovely resturant - they washed out hands when we entered and when we left. They also have ridiculous tea pouring skills. They hold the tea pot like over a meter away.

    Rabat is already our favorite spot.
    "Everyone" said it was rubbish but once again our opinions don't match.
    It's cleaner, we haven't been hassled and it's not falling apart and yet has s feel of authenticity.
    There are more cats though :(

    I hate walking past the chicken shops - that have live chickens just waiting..

    We chatted to more people at the hostel.
    My cough is annoying, Will has a sad tummy, the hostel needs more toilets and power sockets.

    Read some of my book - gotta finish it quick because book 5 of 'Lusam' came out today and I'm so keen!!!!
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