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  • Nov4

    Follow your heart in Cozumel

    November 3, 2017 in Mexico

    We had our heart set on renting a car in Cozumel but the group changed their mind last minute. I wish we followed our heart. We fell for a trap from a taxi driver (red flag 1) right outside the port (red flag 2). We ended up at this terrible "resort" called Ocean. Just don't. When we get the chance, we will get back to Cozumel and let her give us the experience she deserves for us to walk away with.Read more

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  • Nov2

    I left my heart in George Town

    November 2, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    I fell in love with Grand Cayman the minute we stepped off of the boat. While tourists jumped on the touristy things, Steve and I walked across the street to the library and jumped on the local transportation. $2.5 USD per line! We took public transportation to Spotts Beach where we snorkeled for a bit. Warning! The tide was pretty strong! We walked out to the road and grabbed another bus back into town and ate at Bread and Chocolate. Wait, we didn't eat. We experienced some of the best vegan food ever! I'm not sure if that was because we had been stuck eating crappy cruise ship food but it was truly absolutely delicious. We walked back over to the Library and grabbed the bus down to Calico Jacks. I'd have to say it wasn't my favorite beach bar we've ever been to but it did the job. We had some local beer and enjoyed the water. I am so looking forward to visiting again.Read more

  • Nov2

    Vibrating One Love

    November 1, 2017 in Jamaica

    If you are looking for a true Jamaican experience while in Montego Bay, look no further. This isn't a tour, this is an experience. We learned so much and was able to partake in activities. The energy was palpable and the knowledge was never ending. If you are spiritual in any sense of the word, learning about One Love is infatuating. Feeling accepted and to be surrounded by others who share my same beliefs was so empowering. We use Taylor Made Tours Ja as our guide for the day and Rhamone was fantastic! I highly recommend him!Read more

  • Day13

    Casey Jones Distillery

    June 2, 2017 in the United States

    Hopkinsville, a small town with a plentiful arts and cultural scene in South Western KY holds a huge solar surprise this summer! Hoptown, as the locals call it, is the point of greatest eclipse for the first total solar eclipse in the past 99 years!!!! What does this mean? Hopkinsville lies right on the centerline of the eclipse path and enjoys 2m40s of totality at 1:24:41pm. What is a total solar eclipse? A total solar eclipses occur when the new moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow on Earth. The darkest part of the eclipse, the totality (HOPKINSVILLE) will make midday be almost as dark as night!! The path of the eclipse is only 70 miles wide, so most of the USA will actually not experience a total solar eclipse. But lucky for many of us in the surrounding area, we have the greatest viewing location in the entire WORLD in the palm of our hand! Hopkinsville, this little quiet town that we often frequent is about to become a bustling host for 11 different countries for this once in a lifetime event! We still have 76 days until our Total Solar Eclipse but the events for the big day have already begun! We ventured out to Casey Jones Distillery last Friday night for their night sky viewing with Austin Peay State University Astronomy and Physics Department. The dirt road driveway sits along the side of a farm and a beautiful open view of KY and welcome greetings are presented by the family dog, always a pleasurable way to arrive at any location for us. We grabbed our drinks, mine a special cocktail with Casey Jones Moonshine, a Peach Moon-A-Rita (felt appropriate) and began wandering the property. This was our first time at this distillery and we found ourselves saying “I can’t believe we’ve never been here.” The property is gorgeous! From the distillery barn to the walk among the landscaping down to the pond. The owners are just as beautiful. We felt entirely welcome and much like family during our time at Casey Jones. While waiting for dusk to approach, we found ourselves a seat above the pond under a red leaf maple and admired our surroundings......andddd drank moonshine and laughed, a lot. I’ve always been fascinated by this vast darkness above us and all it holds. Looking through the telescopes at our moon and other planets is always incredibly fascinating to me and that night did not disappoint. We were fortunate enough to talk with the Hopkinsville Eclipse Events Coordinator, Brooke, about this year’s solar eclipse events. The amount of different activities that will be happening the weekend before the eclipse and the day of are insane!!!! We have yet to decide which events we will be visiting but we will be sure to bring a little piece of each festival we visit to you all! The Distillery will be having more upcoming events to celebrate the eclipse, along with a viewing on 21 August for the actual eclipse. If you are not interested in partaking in the Eclipse viewing, I highly recommend partaking in a trip to the distillery another time and enjoy this beautiful property first hand. The Distillery offers visitors the “authentic” moonshine making experience with single-run Kentucky corn Whisky. During their operating hours, tours, tastings, and several beverage options are available.
    Check out this website for all of the happenings in Hopkinsville on the weekend before the Total Solar Eclipse and download the app, Palaroo for festival maps and activities. http://www.eclipseville.com/
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  • Day0

    Kentucky & Kittens

    May 20, 2017 in the United States

    Everything happens for a reason. This I truly believe. A little back story. We almost didn’t make it to the Lower Town Arts & Music festival. Some things had come up and we decided last minute to go forth. So glad we did for so many reasons. I knew when I saw the pottery that I was meant to make one but that’s kind of what began our adventure. Initially, there were so many kids waiting to make a piece that I left the table and came back right when they were closing. We also purchased 2 kitten stickers from dRock Press Prints. We had no idea that all of these things were shaping our next adventure. On the ride home, I remembered that I had left my piece of pottery drying in the back of the truck. After we made a brief stop to get the pottery to safety, Steve decided to take the back way home. Which, come to think of it after, made little sense since it was already late and getting dark and we’d normally want to get home quickly. Come to find out, there were 2 reasons we were directed this way and it was Kitty 1 and Kitty 2. Steve saw a kitten running down the side of the road so we stopped. When I get out of the truck, I realized there was 2. It took us about 20 minutes to catch both feral kittens and put them in the truck. I just wanted to cuddle them and they just wanted to attack me. What we initially thought could be an easy rescue drop off turned into a new adventure. Most rescues will not accept feral cats. They will more than likely be euthanized. So that was crossed off as an option. Our only options at this point were trying to find a foster or domesticating them ourselves. We took the challenge. We had to wear gloves when handling them because they scratch and bite but I eventually got Kitty 1 to lie in my lap. It seems once she’s there, she’s a bit calmer, an important message. It’s getting to where you’re going that is the tough part. I bought a cat brush as it’s supposed to imitate the feeling of their mother. Nearly immediately after stroking kitty 1, she began looking for a nipple and did not stop. That was my que. Once I got back from the pet store with bottles, we began our bonding process. We call Kitty 1 mine and Kitty 2 Steves. I guess it makes it a bit easier, “get your kitten.” The bottle feeding has created quite the trust between us and them. By the third day, the kittens were actually allowing us to put our hands near them and pet them without hissing or scratching. They will even come towards the bottles to eat. It became quite clear that these cats were not going anywhere. Well, so we think. Seee..I guess it is quite clear. I wanted a place where I can document the journey all of us are embarking on. The bravery of these 2 small creatures and the love that we hope will grow through out our family.Read more

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    Lower Town Arts & Music Festival

    May 20, 2017 in the United States

    Well, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve returned from my last trip and I’m beginning to feel Wanderlust again! Luckily, we live in a state that borders eight other states! Let’s explore! We decided to take the 1.5 hour ride North West when we’re usually taking the ride 1 hour south east! I’ve had the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival on my calendar for months now! We had some things come up where we didn’t think we were going to make it but I’m so thankful we did. Paducah is an adorable town placed perfectly on the river. There was a pottery wheel set up upon walking into the festival with John Cannon of Nite Owl Studios. https://www.instagram.com/nite_owl_studios/. I had a dream just a few days before that I would be working with pottery so this was pretty unique but I was the only adult in a sea full of children waiting to make some pottery. Silly adults. The festival provided great music, beer, artists and new experiences everywhere you look. Everyone there was so kind and it was very easy to strike a conversation with all of the artists. Being fans of local work, we had our eyes set on a few pieces that would have a new home with us.
    We took home Organic Growth, created by David Pound of Twentyheads.com. David creates sculptures with polymer clay and founds objects/nature. It was a tough decision. He had a lot of great pieces! A print created by Derrick Riley of dRock Press Prints, https://www.drockpress.com/drockpress.com/About.html. Our Piece contains the folklore of the following.
    -Vampire- Murray Kentucky has some deep dark secrets my friends! Anyone else remember the Vampire clan arrested in Louisiana for some pretty gruesome murders? Look them up! Devil Monkey- These guys are pretty cute until they start slinging their devil poop at you! Alien Abduction- Honestly...where hasn’t there been an alien abduction? I only have one question...why do aliens only choose town crazies? Leprechaun- Everyone knows that Leprechaun’s know how to party! Just like everyone else in the backwoods of Kentucky, they each have their own recipe for white lightning! Oops...looks like one guy can’t handle his moonshine....that’s a lot of lucky charms....
    We added another airplant to our family with a rad glass blown octopus home by https://www.facebook.com/Prometheus-Glassworks-305843352907067/
    We have airplants, Coconut and Papaya and now we have a Mango.
    And we were fortunate enough to rock out with Ford Theatre Reunion, an awesome indie funk undecided genre band.
    The festival had great beer options from Paducah Beer Works, Dry Ground Brewing and Rhinegeist Brewery. We talked to several locals and have since become very interested in a lot of the events the little town of Paducah puts out throughout the year.
    We will definitely return next year!
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  • Day2

    Grand Canyon

    April 26, 2017 in the United States

    The altitude quickly rose as we weaved through the mountains on our way to one of the world’s Greatest Grand Wonders. Upon reaching the visitors center, we followed the crowd. Initially, you’re led to a fenced in overlook that truly is less dramatic than I would have liked. But down the hill was an opportunity, white rocks bulged out from the sides of the canyons. If you’re an adrenaline junky with no fear of heights, this is the place for you. If you have a fear of heights and want to grow, here’s your opportunity. Or go paragliding, whichever. A small path cut out for just 2 feet intertwined its way through rocks and trees out to the rock platform. Tempting to hold onto the small trees that can’t guarantee your weight jetting out from the rocks, some balance and planning is necessary. Standing out on this jetted rock looking over the edge to the canyon below is intense. I’m not sure if it’s just me but as I’m sitting there dangling my legs over the edge, trying to clear my mind, I kept thinking about how easy it would have been for someone to push me, accidentally or on purpose. The Grand Canyon is truly something to see. She’s beautifully Grand.
    Hippie Tip:
    There's 13 look offs at the Southern Rim. Venture out!
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  • Day0

    Sedona, Arizona

    April 24, 2017 in the United States

    Arizona, a breath of fresh dry air. From the airplane looking down on the geographical land of Arizona is it looks prehistoric. The rough red rocks look flat from above and as if dinosaurs are present. We landed in Phoenix, the land of tall cactus's and busy streets. Having Tennessee be the farthest west I've ever been, it was certainly different. The dry air was new to me and the heat felt warm and relaxing. Cactus's grew everywhere! Obviously! Time was spent with family and friends the first couple of days in Phoenix and then we were headed on our way to Sedona! I gained my passion for Sedona during my Reiki training. When learning about the energy that Sedona hosts, it became very apparent that I desired to visit. When driving from Phoenix to Arizona, the land changes slowly but drastically. The tall cactus's disappear and smaller cactus’s appear. Water is more abundant in Sedona. Wide open fields become mountainous terrain. And the energy becomes palpable. The minute we entered into Sedona, I could feel it, but not in the way that I had initially expected. As an Empath, picking up on the energy around me is constant. I expected Sedona's energy to be beautiful, sweet and serene. Instead, I was filled with panic, anxiety and confusion. (I will come back to this) She was beautiful. The Red Rocks of Sedona are amazing! Sedona has a quaint little town with a downtown full of shops, locals, food and views in every direction. Beauty is everywhere. We started our adventure at Airport Mesa Vortex, The wind, she was a blowing and it added a bit more adrenaline surrendering your hands in the air or sitting on the edge. I tried my absolute hardest to sit in this Vortex in solitude and grow from this experience but my anxiety was stirring quietly. Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park is where our footsteps trailed next. Speechless. Even now, I have a lack of words for how it felt to be surrounded by this sacred land. To be in a place where we can coexist. I walked past a man sitting quietly beneath a tree and my gut called to him. I made sure I was not interrupting him. He assured me I was not and asked me to join him. He then handed me a cross made out of copper wire intertwined around crystals, shells, music notes and pure positive energy. Here it was. This was my time. He told me to talk..so I did. I told him how I had always pictured my time in Sedona and how I've only been ridden with anxiety since the moment, literally the moment, I crossed the Sedona line. I was sad that this was my experience and my expectations had been let down. He provided me with everything I was needing at that moment. He taught me more about Sedona than meets the eye. He explained to me that the energy here in Sedona is so strong that it literally brings everything you're feeling to the forefront. It was only perception creating a fine line between what I perceived as anxiety and what was actually all of my thoughts, goals, failures, truths, worries, beliefs, everything that our bodies are consumed of. He lit some sage and I watched it burn while I inhaled its beauty and my fingers stayed wrapped about this wand held close to my heart. Here, it was my time to rid this anxiety, rid what doesn't benefit me and allow what does to manifest. I thanked him for his gracious time and took a few steps towards my next path, turned to thank him again, and he had disappeared. Part of me wondered if even existed in this realm. Part of me didn't care. He helped me understand so much about myself and this beautiful place. The beauty of Sedona suddenly looked different. The beauty inside of my suddenly felt different. I look forward to stepping foot in this park again. This special place that held more energy and understanding than I could have expected. The following day, Alyssa and I woke early and ventured downtown for our jeep tour. Now, I know for some a jeep tour sounds touristy, it did to me as well but I felt it was a must see. And it truly is. Put the touristy factor aside. Our tour with Safari Jeep was incredible. Incredibly bumpy as well!! We traveled up to Merry Go Round Rock and learned of the ocean side property that Sedona once was. The geographical history is very interesting! After our Jeep Tour, I stopped by the International Center for Reiki Healing and bought myself my first singing bowl. A beautiful H, Throat Chakra singing bowl. Oh, how I love her. I am so looking forward to when I can step foot in Sedona again. She's lovely.
    Hippie Tips:
    Eat Cactus fries and enjoy Prickly Pear Mojitos!
    Star Gaze, Sedona is the only city in America to not allow Light Pollution
    Take a Jeep Tour in Sedona
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  • Day190

    History in the rain

    January 14, 2017 in the United States

    We often go someplace else to enjoy history and tend to neglect the fact that it can be found right in our backyard. It was a rainy Saturday but we were all itching to get out of the house. So we grabbed our rain coats, I put on my converse rain shoes (so excited anytime I can wear these) and packed the dogs in the car. In Clarksville, a growing city in TN bordering KY, on top a 200 ft bluff overlooking the Cumberland River stands Fort Defiance. A few rain drops fell through the tree covered winding .08 paved trail taking you over the ground. You'll pass over 2 very well constructed wooden bridges, many scenic overlooks (in winter) and if you look closely, you'll see many trees labeled for wilderness knowledge. Many know it was once a battle grounds during the civil war but the land has seen so much more, American Indians, trading center, settlement, runaway and freed slaves have all occupied this area. It was a beautiful way to spend a rainy day outside. I sit cozy in my home now with 2 tired dogs at my feet, listening to the down pour that has just begun and I am thankful for our sprinkles this morning.Read more

  • Day259

    Bayou Adventure

    October 25, 2016 in the United States

    We took a day to spend out on the Bayou and I'm so glad we did. We only saw a few Alligators as it was their hibernating season (Who knew?!) but that didn't affect the wonderful tour we received from Capt' Lou with Bayou Self Swamp Adventure. We booked a private tour, brought our beer and lunch and set out on the water. It was the perfect day! Probably one of my favorite days on the trip.
    Hippie Tip: You can only bring booze on a private tour, GROUPON!Read more

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