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    • Day2

      End of the Day at Hofn

      February 7, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

      One of the last stops for photography for today was an impromptu visit onto a beach of pebbles. We saw a couple of cars there and the views were of a frozen tidal area with snow covered mountains as a backdrop. It was a pebble beach hardened by the frozen conditions and as the cars were there we judged it safe to join them. Wrong! The car embedded itself into the snow and pebbles where the ice was not so hard and we feared we were stuck, even in a 4x4. Okay, so it is embarrassing to drive a cleaning cloth, but that Duster made a clean job of getting us free. Or was it just Rob's driving skills were polished?

      After retreating to a safe part of the beach we took a few photos and this panorama was one of them. Phones can do clever things these days.

      We stopped once more in the fading light to capture some sunset colours and the very last light of the day. It was then only 10 minutes to our next overnight stop in Hofn where once again it's lovely and warm and our hosts so friendly. We ate at a restaurant just over the road and had an excellent meal, eating langoustine caught locally ... by that red boat by the way.

      Tomorrow promises to be good weather too and even a remote chance of some aurora activity if we're extremely lucky. Will we be? Who knows.
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      You have a rainbow or do you call it a 'Snowbow' in your pic, nice one!


      Does this mean I will have more than 15 photos to look at this time :) !!!!!

    • Day10

      10. Tag Egilsstađir - Höfn

      May 6, 2019 in Iceland ⋅ ☁️ 3 °C

      Heute ging es in den Südosten Islands nach Höfn, den Hafen im Hornfjord. Für die Autofahrt haben wir uns eine schöne Route entlang der Küste und durch die Ostfjorde ausgesucht.
      Unterwegs haben wir einige Tiere gesehen, so auch ein Schaf, dass seine Lämmer direkt auf der Straße säugte. Toll anzusehen, war auch ein Felsen, der geformt ist wie das Batman Symbol. Vor diesem Anblick haben wir noch auf einem großen Stuhl -mitten im Nirgendwo- Probe gesessen.
      In der tiefen Bucht Djúpivogur haben wir uns mit Karottenkuchen und Kaffee gestärkt, bevor wir zum Stokksnes, ein schwarzer Sandstrand, weiterfuhren.
      Dort besuchten wir eine rekonstruierte Vikingerfarm. Dahinter grasten Islandponys, die wir uns aus nächster Nähe angeschaut haben.
      Von Stolksness hatten wir einen guten Blick auf den Berg Vestrahorn. Bekannt ist die Gegend auch für einen NATO-Stützpunkt und viele Schiffswracks, die hier vor der Steilküste gestrandet sind. Der schwarze Strand hat uns nicht so gut gefallen. Vlt. ist er im Hochsommer schöner!?
      In Höfn haben wir uns den kleinen Ortskern und eine tolle Fußballhalle, die ein komplettes großes Spielfeld umfasste, angeguckt.
      Zur Entspannung sind wir dann zu Hot Pots am Fuße des Hoffellsjókull gefahren und jetzt lassen wir nach dem Essen den Abend im Hotel Höfn ausklingen.
      Morgen wartet mit einer Gletscherlagune das nächste Naturhighlight auf uns.
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      Tolle Badewannen gibt es da.

    • Day7

      Glaciers, Waterfalls, and Black Sand

      September 22, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      Day 7:

      Another full day of travel in the books and the number of amazing sights just keeps stacking up. Although its a small country, it is quickly becoming apparent that it would take a lifetime or more to really see everything this place has to offer. In summing up each day, we find out more and more that we "missed". The biggest, best, hidden and most impressive are still out there and that really fills you with a hunger for more travelling. Its right on the border of maddening and inspiring... kind of like Hemingway.

      Okay, our first stop was a bit of an unplanned one, but is well known from all of those Instagram travellers and of course... Game of Thrones. Fjaðrárgljúfur. That's Icelandic for "please have an easier to pronounce language". But seriously, its Fjaðrá Gorge, still difficult. Painfully beautiful, painfully screwed by tourism. Its one of those "you've got to come see this, but please don't" type situations... The gorge was cut out during the Ice Age and genuinely looks like James Cameron made it up in a studio. Walking down the canyon like our boy Jon Snow is strictly prohibited now due to the degradation of the landscape, yet somehow dozens were still down there... We chose the the mile-long uphill path was available for our enjoyment, complete with a viewing deck! Absolutely stunning. We had the opportunity to see it when it was cloudy with a little bit if rain on the way up and sunny and clear on the way back, which made the gorge look completely different!

      Just 20 minutes down the road, we popped to the side for a minute to check out Foss á Siðu, a little waterfall situated on private property. It wasn't hugely impressive in terms of Iceland, but it is fun to see a waterfall from the road and stretch our legs a bit after some backroads driving at the last stop.

      As we made our way to the next stop, we turned off the road to get a better look at Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. Also included in our pull off was a show of the power of glacial runoff... there were mangled pieces of a bridge that once crossed the river Ölfusá before a particularly high volume of water widened the river and made quick work of the man made bridge.

      The next stop was one that we were all really excited to see... Svartifoss. Partially because we could easily translate it, but mostly because of the impressive basalt stacks that serve as a backdrop to the falls. It is located in Skaftafell, which used to be it's own national park, before joining the expansive Vatnajökull National Park. A decent hike later, we made our way to the falls and aside from being a bit smaller than we expected, the Black Falls did not disappoint. Unfortunately, there was a little Eastern European kid jumping on the viewing platform so the pictures we captured are a bit shakier than we would like, but those are secondary to hearing and feeling the falls. The basalt stacks were actually the inspiration for the wings of the Hallsgrímskirkja, clearly evident by the hexagonal shape. These columns are breaking off from the bottom, so the shape of the falls is ever changing and quite dangerous, but that may add to the allure of the unique waterfall. We realized that we should have cut out time to hike to and possibly on the glacier, but rain and tour buses coming in gave us good excuses to move on and add it to the "next time" list.

      Another unplanned stop caught our eyes off the road, Fjallsárlón. We deduced from our next planned stop that "sárlón" meant something the the effect of a river lagoon, and the glacier coming up to the water's edge made it an a tempting stop. Let's say it did not dissappoint... large bits of blue glacier were floating in a frigid pond with the backdrop of the massive glacier. They offered boat tours, but we opted for the views from the rocky beach. Touching the glass-like pieces that floated to shore was another experience like no other, but we knew that more of this was in store for us at the next stop.

      Jökulsárlón is one of those places exploited by Hollywood over and over, but it's again understandable due to its otherworldly look. Overall, it can be described in the same way as Fjallsárlón, but the chunks of glacier were much larger and there were dozens of seals swimming amongst them. Pictures will never do this place justice, but of course we still tried!

      Across the street was the so-called Diamond Beach. A black sand beach where the pieces of glacier from Jökulsárlón make it out to sea, then are tumbled back onto the beach. The black sand really makes the chunks of ice stand out, whether crystal clear or frosty with a hue of blue. We spent a good amount of time here, almost in a daze of wonder. We realized that 3 of us had never touched the Atlantic Ocean, so we thought the calm ripples would be the perfect place to do so, far from the sneaker waves of Reynisfjara. One of us, cough... Tom ...cough! Didn't quite time out the set well enough and got soaked by the ice cold water. Hilarious? Yes. Fun? Less so.

      One last hour of driving and we arrived at our little cottage in Höfn. We again lucked out in seeing the Northern Lights! This time they were significantly brighter and spread across nearly the entire sky. Simply amazing!

      Next up, from the Southeast to East Iceland!
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    • Day9

      Richtung Egilsstaðir

      July 15, 2020 in Iceland ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

      Die letzten 330km standen an. Unsere Auto meldet sich jetzt 2x tgl und braucht neue Luft auf dem rechten Hinterrad. Es ist ein mulmiges Gefühl. Kommen wir pünktlich aufs Schiff? Wir müssen am nächsten Tag noch über den Pass. Sind dann zwar nur noch 30 km, aber pünktlich oder gar nicht.Read more

    • Day8


      July 14, 2020 in Iceland ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      Vorletzte Unterkunft: Brunnhóll. Nomen est omen. Es war recht voll, Senioren überall. Keine Ahnung woher plötzlich so viele Menschen kamen oder wohin sie gingen, aber da waren sie jedenfalls und Namen uns buchstäblich die Butter vom Brot. 😂Read more

    • Day6


      July 28, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

      Hier waren wir nur kurz auf der Durchreise. Leider war es zu regnerisch als das man sich das kleine Städtchen hätte ansehen mögen. Ein klein wenig Kunst am Strand war alles, was wir an Eindrücken mitnehmen konnten.Read more

    • Day32

      Aankomst in Höfn

      August 15, 2017 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      We zijn aangekomen in de plaats van onze een na laatste accommodatie: Höfn, betekenend Haven...
      Een echt dorp dit keer met een jeugdherberg.
      Höfn ligt op een schiereiland wat aan de zuidkant van zuidoost IJsland uit steekt. Daardoor krijg je mooi zicht op het Vatnajökull gebied richting het westen.
      Ik hoop morgen deze foto opnieuw te kunnen maken met de zonsopgang.

      Zo'n mega Lada had ik nog nooit gezien trouwens. Leuk ook die trekhaak omdat de caravan aan de achterkant op de weg hangt ;-)
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    • Day4

      Kleiner Werkstattbesuch zwischendurch

      May 30, 2016 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      Das Leck von Basti und Lenie konnte erfolgreich behoben werden. Danke an den Mechaniker, die Kabelbinder und die Schraubmutter.
      Danach sind wir zum Hafen von Höfen und wollten zum Atlantik gehen. Leider nisteten links und rechts von der Straße eine Möwenart, die sehr aggressiv ihre Nester verteidigten und im Sturzflug mit viel Geschrei auf uns zu flogen. Wir mussten zurück zu den Campern und das Stück Weg mit diesen zurückzulegen.

      In dieser Hafenstadt haben wir dann noch ein wenig verzweifelt nach frischem Fisch gesucht. Die Antwort des Gastropersonals: "Frischen Fisch, naja ein Supermarkt hat noch geöffnet, aber der Fisch ist da nicht frisch."
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    • Day85


      July 5, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ 🌬 13 °C

      Bei wunderschönem Sonnenwetter (~13°C) spazieren wir durch den Fischerort Höfn und entdecken eine bunte Hüpfinsel am Spielplatz.
      Auf unseren Isomatten liegend genießen wir später die Sonne an einem windstillen Ort auf dem Campingplatz und verbringen den Abend mit einer Wanderung an einer weiteren Gletscherlagune. Über weite Geröllfelder gelangen wir bis an das hoch aufragende, schmutzige Eis.Read more

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