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  • Day14

    Da freut sich das Camperherz

    August 2, 2017 in Iceland

    9 Grad, Nieselregen und lange auf den Bus nach Skaftafell warten. Mehr oder minder sah so mein Tag aus. Zum Glück hat der Regen mittlerweile nachgelassen und ich wärme mich mit einer heißen Nudelsuppe wieder auf. Morgen werde ich dann ne Tageswanderung hier am Gletscher unternehmen. Hoffentlich mit besserem Wetter 😊Read more

  • Day16

    Abendstimmung und Langustenpizza

    August 4, 2017 in Iceland

    Hallo Sonne! Schön, dass du wieder da bist 😊 Komm doch bitte morgen mit an die Ostfjorde. Ich verspreche auch dich in vollen Zügen zu genießen.

    Erstemal erfolgreich getrampt. Auch wenn das stundenlange Ausharren in der regnerischen, windigen und kalten Einöde - 10 Autos in 2 Stunden - nur mit lautem Gesang meinerseits zu überstehen war.Read more

  • Day3

    Das war einer der schönsten Momente in meinem Leben. Der Moment, als ich zum ersten Mal Eisberge gesehen habe. Ich war einmal im Sommer und einmal im Winter bei der Lagune. Im Winter sieht es auf jeden Fall noch spektakulärer aus!

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  • Day344


    September 21, 2016 in Iceland

    Da wir im Uhrzeigersinn um die Insel fahren, folgt nach dem Norden der Osten. Hier gibt's allerdings nicht alt so viel. So war unser Plan zu einer kleinen Insel zu fahren, wo man sehr gut Papageitaucher beobachten kann. Problem nur, auf dem weg dorthin über die Schotterpisten platzte uns ein Reifen. Zum Glück sind wir zwei wahre Männer und so haben wir kurzer Hand den Reifen gewechselt. Nun mussten wir allerdings zurück zur nächsten Stadt um noch rechtzeitig anzukommen und den platten Reifen umziehen zu lassen. So haben wir nicht viel gesehen an dem Tag. Am nächsten haben wir immerhin den zweithöchsten Wasserfall gesehen. Das war's dann auch schon vom Osten.
    Gekocht wurde auf der Weiterreise übrigens auf der Ersatzbank (siehe Bild) .... war halt recht windig und regnerisch!!
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  • Day346


    September 23, 2016 in Iceland

    Island besitzt das größte Gletscher-Gebiet abseits der Pole und dort sind wir nun. Die riesigen Eismassen sind einfach nur beeindruckend und wie die einzelnen kleinen Eisberge so im Wasser treiben ... da kommt einem gleich die Titanic in den Sinn.
    Aber Spaß beiseite. Wir haben haben auch deutlich gesehen wie die Gletscher schmelzen, wenn man sich so die Bilder von vor einigen Jahren anschaut, dass ist schon beängstigend.
    Um alles besser zu sehen haben wir auch eine größere Wanderung gemacht, da sieht man von Oben viel besser wie mächtig das ist ... Und das Wetter hat zum Glück auch halbwegs mitgespielt. Ach, und Wasserfälle gab's natürlich auch wieder reichlich zu sehen :)
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  • Day2

    End of the Day at Hofn

    February 7 in Iceland

    One of the last stops for photography for today was an impromptu visit onto a beach of pebbles. We saw a couple of cars there and the views were of a frozen tidal area with snow covered mountains as a backdrop. It was a pebble beach hardened by the frozen conditions and as the cars were there we judged it safe to join them. Wrong! The car embedded itself into the snow and pebbles where the ice was not so hard and we feared we were stuck, even in a 4x4. Okay, so it is embarrassing to drive a cleaning cloth, but that Duster made a clean job of getting us free. Or was it just Rob's driving skills were polished?

    After retreating to a safe part of the beach we took a few photos and this panorama was one of them. Phones can do clever things these days.

    We stopped once more in the fading light to capture some sunset colours and the very last light of the day. It was then only 10 minutes to our next overnight stop in Hofn where once again it's lovely and warm and our hosts so friendly. We ate at a restaurant just over the road and had an excellent meal, eating langoustine caught locally ... by that red boat by the way.

    Tomorrow promises to be good weather too and even a remote chance of some aurora activity if we're extremely lucky. Will we be? Who knows.
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  • Day5

    Crazy Canucks

    May 12, 2017 in Iceland

    For some of you, you will remember the Canadian ski team that had a wee bit of a kamikaze mindset. We are pleased to announce that we joined them today. Not only that, but we had visions of a Prince tune playing in the know the one...."Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called LIFE."

    Along with our B&B hosts in "save this four door", we kept a close watch on the weather and road reports. We agreed to hang in till noon and that both the weather and roads would be OK by then. We set off in slushy snow which is no biggie for us Canucks. However, as every Science student knows, the higher the elevation, the colder it gets. Guess who failed Science in HS???? ME !!!!

    Eventually we hit Dorothy/Wiz of Oz-like winds coupled with snow. Scotty was nowhere to be found to beem us up. We were too far from the B&B to turn around and not far enough yet to be in the clear. Keep on truckin'.

    SPOILER ALERT.........obviously we are alive cuz nobody else could possibly make this stuff up!!

    We rolled the dice and came up CRAPS. Total whiteout.....whoosh....into a snow least we think it was a snow bank. Thankfully the guy two vehicles behind was a tow operator.

    "What are you doing on this road?" followed by " I usually charge $X to pull you out but I was already on the road so I will only charge you half of X". At that point, negotiating isn't really an option is it?

    He had us out in no time although it was so windy, he was barely able to just stand up. Turns out we were within 400 metres of reaching clear road. Once sprung, we bee lined to the bottom and waited for him so as to pay. We passed 3 other vehicles each up in the snow banks and the tow operator flagged down a car of Asians and told them to turn back. Within minutes of us paying, a road crew fellow came along and officially CLOSED the road.

    So we arrived back in Egg Salad Store......25 km from where we left....and called it a day. Found a guesthouse for the night and will live to drive another day.

    Feel free to live your life vicariously through our trials and errors folks. Who better equipped than ME to screw up? I can take the heat.....and I know you are laughing out loud at me now too!!! Don't apologize for the laughing.

    We contacted our B&B hosts to let them know what had happened. They felt terrible but we still shared some laughs. I am now debating what rating on Airbnb to give them!!! Just kidding.

    Things happen for a reason. No doubt we will answer that one later. Been quite a day.....just too short.

    BTW.....Vinbuden is their version of the LCBO.....3 guesses now as to why Cath is headed inside!!!!
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  • Day3

    Late Night Photography

    February 8 in Iceland

    Here is the reason our blog updates slipped behind. A late night at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

    Having arrived in the dark and found our room, we settled in and had a lovely meal then, given how clear the skies were as we travelled to the hotel, we decided to check the aurora forecast App on Rob's phone. It looked promising so at around 10.30pm we decided to take the plunge and drive the 20 minutes to Jokulsarlon to stand in temperatures around -6c ... and wait and see. We didn't have to wait long because when we arrived and turned off the headlights there were the Northern Lights ... right there, shining in an almost cloudless sky over a lagoon of frozen ice and bergs. Stunning.

    We stayed there until around 1.30am as the lights came and went and we got to bed an hour later. What a day! We don't think we could have ever have wished for a day like this. From leaving Hofn, the photo stops, the incredible sights in perfect weather and the afternoon light at the lagoon. All that and we are gifted with the aurora at the glacier lagoon. What a rewarding day. A privilege to see what we saw and the opportunity to photograph it. Not just one kind of view but a kaleidoscope of sensual experience.

    Okay, we know that's a bit OTT but hey, what an impressive day!
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  • Day3

    "Wait 5 Minutes"

    May 10, 2017 in Iceland

    In Iceland, they say, much like Scotland, that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes. Well, we are here to tell you that is an outright lie.

    Following breakfast, we received a phone call (thank goodness for roam like home) advising that our zodiac lagoon tour was being cancelled due to an impending storm. We were booked for 1:00 p.m and it was only 9:30 and already raining. With no options, we hit the road and headed east. To say we felt like Dorothy in Kansas is an understatement. Holy crap was it blowin'. We passed a guy on his bicycle but he was barely able to just stand at the roadside and hold it upright.

    We made it to Jokulsarlon to learn they had closed the portion of Hwy 1 that we had just driven. We were good to go east but anyone heading west was turned back. And that is how we met the father/son from Winnipeg and the couple from Berlin. We congregated at the Hoffsell Hot Pots outside of Hofn.....those 4 had been turned back due to the weather and road conditions.

    It was a crazy day....we wore every piece of rain gear we brought.....Columbia and UnderArmour should be commended for keeping us dry and warm.

    Tomorrow is another day. At the hot pots, the "Peggers" said we might encounter SNOW as we make our way up the east coast. We checked road conditions on-line and it looks ominous.

    Stay tuned.
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