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    • Day 40

      Erst Grün, dann Blau

      November 9 in India ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Ich sitze jetzt seit 20 Stunden in diesem Zug.
      Irgendwie fühle ich mich wie ein Schmorbraten:-).
      In der Nacht werde ich wach, weil ich mich umdrehen möchte, aber irgendwie eingeklemmt bin.
      Ein Inder hatte sich auf mein Haar gesetzt und wollte auch auf meiner Liege sitzen bleiben. Erst wurde ich laut, weil ich mich so erschrocken habe, dann fragte ich, warum er nicht an meinen Füßen sitzt.
      Er zeigte nach unten, dort lag ein anderer Inder auf dem Fußboden.
      Ich drehte mich um und ließ ihn dort sitzen.
      Der Schaffner sagte gerade zu mir, ich wäre die einzige weiße Frau im ganzen Zug...33 Abteile..Alle anderen Europäer fliegen von Kalkutta nach Chennai...2,5 Stunden. Ich bin halt nicht die Anderen. :-)
      Als ich aufwachte war es noch dunkel, aber dann ging die Sonne auf. Seit Stunden sehe ich auf grüne Felder und Palmen.
      Ich sauge das Grün in mir auf!!!
      Ich werde ruhiger und kann wieder tiefer atmen.
      Dann sehe ich das Meer!
      Mehr brauche ich für die nächsten Tage nicht!!
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    • Day 14

      Hottest day yet ends with a lovely hotel

      April 17 in India ⋅ ⛅ 88 °F

      It was a serious scorcher today. From around noon or 1pm to about 4 or so it was just brutal on the road. Even “Spicy” our rickshaw was complaining a bit and needed a break in the shade to cool down for a bit mid-afternoon.

      Riding in the open-sided rickshaw means that we always have a breeze that at least dries us off even if the air is hot. But when we stop, yikes! We ended our day at our last beach stop. And it was SO hot and SO humid my shirt was soon soaked. Our hotel room has stellar AC. What a relief.

      We finally passed by a stand that sold the decorative pompom and tinsel tassels that I’ve been dying for that we see on trucks. So we blinged up Spicy a bit. The pompoms are put on trucks to ward off the evil eye and protect from harm. That works for me!

      We ended our day with a fantastic dinner that included local crab with marsala sauce. We had the crab dish and prawns and our bill totally about $10. Unbelievable! We met a friendly young electrical engineer who is staying here for work. He sat with us at dinner and we asked him all sorts of questions.

      I’ll add photos of the hotel and beach to this post in the morning when it’s light out.
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    • Day 14

      The Konark Sun Temple

      April 17 in India ⋅ ⛅ 91 °F

      It’s hard to believe that this is day 9 of 14 of the Rickshaw Run!!

      Our end spot yesterday was a bit off track because we ended up deciding to visit the Konark Sun Temple this morning. I believe it’s the first UNESCO World Heritage site that we’ve ever visited! It was a very hot, crowded place, but once again we lucked out with a wonderful legit guide who saw us in the crowd and offered to guide us through.

      This Hindu temple was built in the 12th century, and the largest structure was actually later demolished by Muslims. All of the stone (guide said sedimentary stone) surfaces are intricately carved. There are 24 wheels, each with 8 spokes, and our guide explained that represents how the day is divided into 8 3-hour sections. at least in some of the wheels. He also showed us how you can tell time by where the shadow of the central stone hits in the circle.

      We felt badly that we were constantly saying “No” to people asking for photos/selfies with is, but we were afraid if we said yes to one person, we’d be there ALL day, and the guide confirmed that.

      Last night we stayed at a resort with lovely gardens that I found ahead on Expedia. The first two times we reserved hotel rooms via Expedia it worked like a charm. This time not so much. I reserved a “Deluxe Cottage with garden view” that was $84 - the most we’ve spent on lodging. But they put us in a 4th floor room that had seen better days, and said that the “garden view” was looking down out of the window. Luckily Eric had the patience to keep pushing, and they moved us to a lovely garden cottage. It really is amazing how well we can get along even with a massive language barrier.

      Now we are heading to stay tonight at the coast near Balasore, our last time on the coast before we head inland.
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    • Day 13

      Chhatrapur Fire Station visit!

      April 16 in India ⋅ ☁️ 97 °F

      We were driving down the highway and noticed a fire station on the side of the highway! So hopped off and went back to take a look.

      Oh my gosh! We were treated like visiting dignitaries! The assistant chief took us to his office and we had quite the chat! The fire service looks like it’s culture is more like the military, and the firefighters live at the station.

      Eric now has a new Indian firefighter brother. We have his phone number if we have any troubles in this state (Odisha). He presented his contact info to us in the front of a beautiful hard-cover planner/diary. Incredible!
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    • Day 14

      Chausath Yogini

      October 10, 2019 in India ⋅ 34 °C

      建于9世纪的开敞式小神庙(发音“chorsat jorgini”)非常宁静,位于布巴内什瓦尔以南15公里处的稻田中间,供奉女瑜珈修行者(yoginis),是印度仅存的4座同类神庙的一座。神庙比一座小村小屋大不了多少,有64(瑜格尼)幅女瑜珈修行者雕刻,她们各自站在坐骑(vaharna;通常是动物形式)顶端。

    • Day 2

      Day 2

      September 9, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Woke up in Delhi and flew to Babanashour. Drove to the GNI headquarters then off to visit our first orphanage 90 min away in Puri.... formula one in a motorized rickshaw!! The kids were waiting for us and we walked them to the Indian Ocean to play games on the beach..... then came back and ... we danced for hours. I'm still in awe of what I just witnessed. 68 girls whose life's belongings fit in a small box... so full of joy...not to mention some great dance moves! Feeling blessed 😌Read more

    • Day 11

      Day 10

      September 18, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      After spending the night at a university campus, we drove 2 hours to Gangam to visit our last Dream Centre. We are traveling with the director of GNI, Dr. Faiz Rahman and when we got off the van he was mobbed by the kids screaming "Daddy" as he got off the bus. He has 30 D.C. ... over 3000 children and he still managed to know them by name.
      When we arrived a family was standing off to the side. We quickly figured out that they were there to drop off a child. The Grandmother and mother had brought a little girl, no older than 6. The grandmother explained that her father had died and her mom remarried and had another son. The moms new husband didn't want the girl and was treating her badly. I noticed scars on her body. The mom was sad but said she needed to protect her so giving her away was the best option. No words.
      We played and danced, and a little girl no more than 4 fell asleep in my arms as soon as I picked her up. I learned her mother had died and her father couldn't take care of her and her sister. I wondered when the last time was that she had fallen asleep in someone's arms.
      A lot to process from today. So many brave, strong children I've met in the last 10 days.
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    • Day 9

      Day 8

      September 16, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Today our 10 hour drive from
      Babaneswar to Jeypur took 14 hours!! It was a tough ride ... but took us through some interesting towns and villages I don't think I would have seen otherwise. We ascended through a small mountain range and saw breathtaking views and tiered rice fields. People waved at the white people blowing through their village in the GNI van.... BIG thanks to our driver TULU who dodged cows, goats, motorcycles and people up and down a mountain to get us here safely.Read more

    • Day 7

      Day 7

      September 14, 2017 ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

      Today was an awesome day of rest. We are in Babanashour at the GNI headquarters. Woke up late and went to the central market. I was in shopping heaven!!!! Then came back for a late lunch and sat on the roof of the GNI building taking in the sounds, smells and sights of the India countryside. Dr. Faiz Rahman joined us today and took us for curry at a small restaurant a 10 min walk away. Up at 5 am tomorrow for a 10 hour bus ride to the Barrie Dream Centre. So nice to have had a day of rest.Read more

    • Day 7

      Day 6

      September 14, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Ate breakfast in our hotel ... and drank a decent cup of coffee :). Travelled 2 hours to the district of Bhadrak to visit another D.C. called Tihidi. We were met at the road by the kids and walked on a dirt road through rice fields to the orphanage. The orphanage surrounded a court yard complete with a water well and goats. The kids performed dances for us, the we played games, soccer and did the girls nails. Hugged and laughed tons. The girls bombarded me with their names which I tried to remember ....I managed a few but difficult as they say their first and last name together and I'm never sure where one ends and the next begins. But as usual the children were gracious with me and ..... I met some older girls who are taking nursing at a local college. GNI pays for their education until grad school. All the kids I asked had dreams for their futures- IT, military, teacher,comp engineering... dreams that most Indian kids living in poverty wouldn't dare to dream. Our guide Rama who is now the assistant director of GNI grew up in one of the orphanages after his mothers death and fathers subsequent incarceration. He now has an MSW and told me the kids in his village drop out of school early to work. He is now studying law:)
      We left late afternoon and took the back way on foot and needed to walk through a few village yards and they graciously let us pass.
      The ride home was long through the rain but we finally managed to arrive at GNI headquarters... and crashed. Looking forward to the INDIAN MARKET tomorrow!!!
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