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  • Day1

    Venturing into a familiar unknown

    December 1, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    The past few days have been very India like to be precise but I've assumed the role of a white RICH tourist 😂. The journey to Indonesia had been a very unforgettable one cause can't forget something you don't remember 😂. The Singapore international is HUGEEEE!! Maybe as big as the IITM😮! McDonald's in India seems way better (the one there's got bitter orange juice, the PUT HAM IN BURGERS WITHOUT MENTIONING!!!) But on the brighter side of things the sleeping seats there are AMAZING!! So are all the facilities there :D, it's all so good😋. Palembang visa procedure was so funny :D haha. I actually bribed the customs officers there and after a small chat with my new Indonesian friend they agreed with just ₹2000 haha :D.
    Readjusting to the new schedule hasn't been easy specially due to change in sleep patterns but having all the house to oneself is very nice as well 😉. Work schedule is rather relaxed, and work is very subjective but fun :D. Designing a banner is super fun 😄. Also talking in front of an audience of 500 ultra rich Indonesians is interesting 😎.

    Some special mentions about Indonesia :

    1)Go-Jek seems like a nice startup idea for India as well 🤔... You'll ask me what they are ? Well imagine a taxi only as a scooter 😀 (they seem super cheap and also apparently they're reliable :D).
    2) People run really slowly 😕. Like not one person runs faster than 6 mins per km :/ but maybe that's exactly what the Germans think about Indians as well 😂.
    3) Religion is not induced here maybe people just truly believe what they have learned (I'm talking about OUR GENERATION not our parents')🙂. Feels a bit strange that majority of the teens believe.😱
    4) Students here got cars lol😂! I mean bigass cars (So much for poor Indonesians 🙄).
    5) Almost everyone here smokes 😶. It's a bit TOO COMMON here :P. Good or bad it's very observable.
    6) Everyone here is so damn short 😂! I'm wearing XL tshirts beat that!!!😆
    7) Switches are opposite 😂! ON IS OFF and OFF IS ON 😆.
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  • Day22

    The days when under travel hibernation

    December 22, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Firstly I'm gonna begin by describing the teaching experience 😂. Getting up early in the morning every day better be worth something right?😪 Well it definitely was worth it I guess!😄 The atmosphere in a class is just so lively haha, thoughts so random and reactions so geniune (very difficult to find among adults)😅. The morning class was super fresh to start with haha 😁, but some of the content being taught was questionable 😣. Come on, you can't teach integration to kids can you?😒. But the kids could pick up most of the stuff taught 😮. Being able to introduce themselves, talk about their hobbies, family and friends. So much for me thinking I was fast at learning 😂. The teaching part was like I would say something in English and everyone looked at me as clueless asf. But Raka was always there to translate but it was a tough assignment 😅. Some faces to remember some faces to forget ☺️ it was a good part of life here.

    Rainy days😍 : well rain is something that gets mixed reactions out of me depending on my location when it rains😂. If I'm at home just watching it rain then it's lovely 😚 but if I'm shopping on a scooter and it starts raining 😫 so bad! Although it usually rains in Palembang during the night but sometimes when it rains during the afternoon it's just magnificent to see it pour down 😁. The rain here is never very slow it just pours down and then suddenly stops 😶! Weird but a bit like Matheran 😁.

    Sate madura 😋 : never thought chicken could be super tasty 🤗! This dish is like roasted (boneless) chicken pieces on a stick dipped in delicious sweet spicy sauce😄. Must have here haha. Feri was very sweet in treating me.
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  • Day25

    All about the conversation with my bud

    December 25, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    On Saturday was a visit planned to a cancer hospital for cheering up the kids suffering, but plans remain plans don't they😰. We ended up going to an orphanage with a similar task. Colouring after a decade was really challenging and I could manage a mediocre painting after an hour of efforts😂!
    A restaurant and a few deep discussions later we ended up going to Ramayana for getting a few batiks😁. Didn't like many of them and ended up buying just 1 after which we could buy a sleeveless and an amazingly long (wearable outside) boxers😍.
    My indian companion left early on Sunday for Lahat so the target of the day was just shopping 😂. My bud invited me for a bird park with his family. His brother's also an electrical engineer 😋! His family was really nice (he had 2 brothers one elder and another was the best in the family the little active happy kid😚, 2 sisters out of which one was too shy and the other a bit irritated 😂). The bird park tickets were super expensive 😅 (₹250 per person) but his brother paid so we went in. It was really fun to watch the big ugly lizards fight each other for eating leaves which we fed them😂. The rest of the birds were all bosan😪. I decided to take my bud to the usual awesome restaurant nearby but it was closed on Sunday so our 45 min walk was really a nightmare 😓. But his brother came to our rescue and we could go to a restaurant nearby which had the best spicy and sweet sauce ever!! Then some time spent at the lake after which a nap was the perfect thing a heavy stomach needed.😊 Then later we headed out for shopping after saying goodbye to his family. The first shop we headed to was the USUAL ONE SUPER CHEAP SHOP (idk the name😅). Some of the tshirts available were so good considering their prices😎!
    The conversation was about my bud not accepting to use condoms haha and him actually thinking he can pull out every time 😂! That's kinda funny because he believed he could pull out every time 😂! That all started because of the packets of condoms kept beside the cashier 😂. He had a nice laugh as well 😆.
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  • Day34

    The usual fuckup

    January 3, 2018 in Indonesia

    As always everything just can't go well can it 😂? (Not a 100% GERMAN YET).
    So everything was going fine and we arrived at the railway station way before time only to find out that our train was leaving from a station 2.5 hours by car from the station we were at😂. So we hurriedly went to a bus station to check for tickets to Palembang.😊 Our host was specifically kind and helped us get a bus to Palembang for a discount😉. We said goodbye to him and now the bus journey goes on.
    The bus ride was so unique😂 :
    1) The concept of overtaking is non existent in Indonesia🤭. There's never any hurry what SO EVER. Same goes for honking😂.
    2) Profit maximization was at the fullest😉. Stools were arranged between seats in order to maximize capacity😂.
    3) With an AC which can't blow (air obviously)😂 and no windows it was like a journey of a thousand smells 👻.
    Omg it's so much to learn here simply from the fact that everyone around us was super calm😃 and also happy with the way things were going😀. We used to pick up every person on the way who was ready to pay a bit to go in our direction🤭 and stock up our luggage as well. The bus could be described as a voracious eater slowly overeating to death😂. We had 3 drivers one of whom kept on saying 'GOOD' and we're accompanied with a couple of prostitues 😂
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  • Day41


    January 22, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Jediny zpusob transportu, ktery tu dle me dosavadni zkusenosti funguje nacas, jsou letadla. Prezila jsem noc na modlitebnim koberecku mezi svaby a dalsi haveti, nalodila se na palubu Garuda Indonesia a na stolecek dostala snidani. Hned me napadlo, ze malinka vodicka, kus ananasoveho cehosi ve tvaru krychle a houska plnena mletym masem (mimochodem dost dobra) jsou satisfakci za tech 550 000 rupii, co jsem musela zaplatit za novou letenku. Hehe. Chtela jsem spat, ale misto toho jsem se musela cely let smat ;-).
    Za 55 minut se raz krajiny totalne zmenil - z olejovo-palmovych monokultur v huste osidleni druheho nejvetsiho mesta Sumatry obklopeneho opet olejem - tentokrat tim ropnym.
    Z letiste jsem vzala Gojek primo do Grand Malaka Etique Hotelu. Vypada jak mesita a je to luxus - a pritom skoro to nejlevnejsi (a porad celkem drahe :-/), co jsem tu nasla.
    Smyla jsem ze sebe svaby, pot a prach a na 2,5 hodiny se svalila do mekkoucke postele v klimatizovanem pokoji.
    Poznamka: V pulce spanku me vyrusila holcina z recepce, pry jestli muze presunout moje spodni pradlo ze zabradli pred pokojem, kde se susilo, nekam jinam. Byly to moje plavky a evidentne muslimske navstevniky dost poburovaly ;-).
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  • Day41


    January 22, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Palembang je nejstarsi mesto na Sumatre. Aspon to tvrdi v muzeu Sultana Mahmuda Badarudina, co sidli v budove za kycoidnim Ampera Monumentem a snazi se o vyklad historie mesta. Dokonce i v - otresne (misty mi dalo docela zabrat pochopit, co tim chtel basnik rict - anglictine. Tristni sbirka vsemoznych podivnych artefaktu, oskudlane vycpaniny (presne) 4 zvirat prolozene ukazkami tradicnich odevu, do toho jakasi dioramata, zasle portrety "slavnych". Uffff. 20 000 rupii pro cizince. Meli by jim to spis davat jako odskodne za ujmu utrpenou na psychickem zdravi a ztraceny cas :-).
    Zbytek odpoledne jsem se poflakovala po obou brezich reky Musi v okoli mostu Ampera, ktery je evidentne highlightem Palembangu. A reka Musi tepnou mesta (ktere je obrovskym ricnim pristavem) a mistem, kde se odehrava cely zivot mistnich (chudych) lidi. Pracuji na ni, vozi na ni turisty v pestrobarevnych lodickach, perou v ni, myji v ni nadobi, deti i sami sebe.
    Na jednom brehu jsem si dala tradicni pempek (nebo taky empek empek), coz byla v podstate smazena mouka a v ni vajicko prelite necim jako worcestrovou omackou. Zakladem je ryba, kterou jsem tam necitila, ale verim tomu. A nebylo to uplne spatne. U jidla jsem pozorovala sachove partie mistnich, a musim rict, ze jim to teda evidentne pali. Vsechna cest.
    Na druhem brehu reky se rozklada tradicni vesnice s chatrnymi domecky chudych, postavenymi na kulech nad vodou (ne nadarmo se jim rika floating houses). Uzoucke chodnicky, spousta odpadku, baracky na spadnuti, ale pratelsti lidi a hromada stastnych deti, co me celou dobu pronasledovaly a porad se chtely fotit. Nakonec docela zajimave a prijemne zakonceni sumaterskeho dobrodruzstvi ;-).
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Sumatera Selatan, South Sumatra, Sumatra Seulatan, سومطرة الجنوبية, Южна Суматра, Sumatra Meridional, Nàng Sumatra, Jižní Sumatra, De Sumatra, Sydsumatra, Suda Sumatro, سوماترای جنوبی, Etelä-Sumatra, Sumatra du Sud, Nàm Sû-mùn-tap-lia̍p-sén, दक्षिण सुमात्रा, Provinsi Sumatera Selatan, Sumatra Meridionale, 南スマトラ州, Sumatra Kidul, სამხრეთი სუმატრა, 수마트라슬라탄 주, سوماترا هارگه, Pietų Sumatra, Өмнө Суматра, Zuid-Sumatra, Mauling Sumatra, Sumatra Południowa, صوبہ دکھنی سماٹرا, Южная Суматра, Јужна Суматра, தெற்கு சுமாத்திரா மாகாணம், จังหวัดสุมาตราใต้, Güney Sumatra, Південна Суматра, جنوبی سماٹرا, Nam Sumatera, Salatan nga Sumatra, 南蘇門答臘省, 南蘇門答臘, 南苏门答腊省

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