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  • Day30

    Rome to Tuscany

    September 25, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    All cool this morning as we had the trial run with the ridiculous bus situation yesterday. We arrived, we waited, we got on the bus, we relaxed for several hours watching scenery. Got off the bus at Siena, the boys retrieved the vehicles, we drove to Certaldo - reasonably sedate driving experience really, we got to Certaldo, only marginally alarmed that I had not heard from our AirBnB host since I booked 6 months ago, and we couldn't enter the village as it is a traffic controlled zone and we had no arrangements for anyone to meet us. But merely seconds before we put money in the parking lot to wait it out and/or work out where we were going to sleep in lieu of being homeless, they made contact and we were good to go.

    This is the accommodation we have all sort of been looking forward to - an apartment in a castle dating from circa 1100s. Not disappointed!

    We settled in quickly, and were up on our own tower sipping on wine and eating cheese faster than could be imagined as possible given the access to the tower is up a steep narrow staircase, followed by what can only be described as the steepest ladder ever (to our bedroom), then up another set up of narrow steps to the tower. A bit tricky to navigate without spilling your wine - we have since worked out to leave it in a corked up bottle and just take up empty glasses in case you are wondering!

    Anyway, a lovely sunset, views across to San Gimignano and perfect weather!
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    Sheridan Dean

    Can you post distant shots of the castle?

    David Duncan

    Yes distance shots of the castle Sir Craig and Lady Gabrielle of Castle Certaldo.

    Alison Craswell

    That is pretty spectacular. Italy has sure put on the weather for you. Katie's looks like she wants to live there sitting in that alcove window. Craig might be up for some room renovations on your return!

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