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  • Day3

    Buenos Aires

    December 17, 2014 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    First breakfast in our cozy Buenos Aires (airbnb) home!. Slowly, very slowly getting started for the secrets of South America.
    Our first destination is Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina and we're thrilled to discover their famous beef and the unique melancholy of the once the richest city in South America back in the 20's, one of the foundation of Tango.

    Although expensive we liked it a lot, especially Isa, but as always people made it really unique; we had the chance to meet old friends from the past we didn't see for many years who showed us their city from different perspectives: an old friend from Ulf`s Erasmus times in Madrid, an economist from BsAs university, who now works by the university trying to unravel the mysteries of the Argentinian economy, a colleague from Bayer, who after his retirement bought an island in the famous neighborhood 'Tigre' (Porteño's holidays destination) and transformed it into an ecological resort paradise, and friends from Isa's university, who work and live there for already a while, and took as to experience a real Milonga (dancing tango proved to be far to difficult due to being too inflexible (Ulf) or too tropical (isa)).
    So, after getting rid of the heavy jetlag we're happy to start our adventure!
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