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  • Day4

    Totes Meer und Israel- Museum

    February 25, 2020 in Israel ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Wahnsinns- Regen mit überfluteten Straßen, die von den Wadis runterschossen. Dann letztlich Sonne am Toten Meer und Treiben auf der salzigen Oberfläche.
    Abends im Israel- Museum beeindruckende Objekte des jüdischen Lebens aus vielen Jahrhunderten angeschaut.Read more

  • Day10

    Last night in Israel

    November 30, 2019 in Israel ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    After the visit to the Masada Fortress we can enjoy the amenities of our hotel for the afternoon. So, for once, we can have a real "Wellness day". Or, well, at least for half a day.

    Instead of going to the sea, we decide to try the heated pools of the hotel, which contain the same water of the Dead Sea... Just much warmer! 😁
    After spending quite a lot of time floating around (there is not much more you can do with this type for super-salted water), we get read for dinner, where a bad surprise awaits us...

    Today is Saturday and we soon realise that Sabbath is taken very seriously in Israel. Just to give you an idea, Jews cannot even press the button of the lift to select their floor, so there is one super slow lift stopping at each floor (and there's a lot of in this hotel) to allow them to get back to their rooms without dying on the stairs.
    Well, if taking the lift is a "no go", cooking is a veto. Also, they apparently have meals at very special times of the day.

    The result is that by the time we get to the restaurant and start getting food from the buffet (1 hour before the end of the service), we are the last ones in the whole dining hall and waiters start taking the food away. The food itself is also pretty bad and you can tell it has been reheated for 24 hours. When the waiters start sweeping the floor going over my feet, we understand it's time to go... 🙄

    As it's our last night in Israel, we join the rest of the group for a glass of wine. And then... may the packing start! 😭
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  • Day9

    Dead Sea, En Bokek

    November 29, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    After a quick lunch stop at a random shopping mall in the middle of nowhere selling dates at the price of caviar and "bargain" beauty products with three-digit tags, we finally reach the Dead Sea, a dying Nature's wonder.

    This huge saltwater lake is indeed literally disappearing in front of our eyes... and not even slowly! In fact, the water level goes down by 1 meter every year.
    The reasons are mainly two:
    1. Evaporation
    2. Lack of water sources (all freshwater in Israel and Jordan is used for irrigation or as drink water)
    As a result, the quantity of water evaporating is greater than the inflow.

    As a consequence of all this, the Dead Sea is literally dying, with terrible consequences for the ecosystem.
    There are many plans aiming at solving the issue. For instance, the was a project
    consisting of crating a tunnel to convey water from the Mediterranean or the Red Sea into the Dead Sea. Jordan was promoting the project, but Israel opposed and asked for an independent opinion. The answer was that the channel cannot be built, because the chemical composition of the Dead Sea and Red Sea water is different and mixing the different water types will generate large amounts of gypsum, toxic to the local ecosystem.
    So, basically, everything is on hold.

    If all this were not enough, every year in Winter the mountains get a lot of rain: as the soil is extremely dry in this area, the water strams flowing down the mountains cause floods and destroy everything on their passage. That´s why we see many bridges and water containment walls even though it looks like we are in a desert.
    Fun fact: if it rains in Jerusalem, it would take 8 years for the water to reach the Dead Sea!

    Nowadays the Dead Sea is split into two parts and our resort is on the smaller (Southern) one. The ground on the shores is very salty, which makes the environment suitable only for very specific types of trees and bushes.

    When we finally reach our hotel we cannot believe our eyes: if in Jordan there was absolutely nothing around us, here we are in an exclusive sea village and the hotel itself offers swimming pool, spa, massage, fitness studio and anything else you might think of.
    I start regretting signing up for the optional activity tomorrow...

    Ludo immediately tests the world-renowned floating effect of the waters of the Dead Sea (the 34% salinity pushes bodies up) and is caught on a drone shot while doing artistic swimming with our travel mates.
    And his bright tan doesn't go unnoticed...🙄 😂😂😂
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