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  • Day11

    Enigma de las rocas

    December 3, 2019 in Cuba ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We had originally planned to stay in the are for two night, but we ended up extending our stay one extra night because we wanted to check out the Ciénaga de Zapata. We were thinking about going to the west of Playa Larga, but our host convinced us to go to the Enigma de las rocas instead. Price was 25CUC a person, in a shared car. Dean was a bit skeptical because he had been meaning to go to a farther place, with more birds, and also because this one was more popular and crowded, but we both ended up enjoying it a lot.

    Our guide, Mario, was savvy and showed us the plants, the rocks formed out of coral fossils, the alligators, the fish, the birds, and the crabs. We stopped at a little pond to swim and went to a cave with transparent water and tons of bats. It was a lot of fun.

    After this visit, a German couple we were sharing a car with suggested going to the Cueva de los Peces to do snorkeling. A group of Spanish women joined as well. We ate at a bar there and rented the gear (5 CUC/person). The sea was lovely and we saw lots of fish. I enjoyed the cave itself less. There were less fish there, you could feel cold currents, and the holes and cracks were kind of scary. We went back to the sea, but I stayed chatting with the Spaniards.

    We weren't very sure how we would get back, but I wasn't too worried. By then we had learned that you can't stand in Cuba for five minutes without someone walking to you and offering you a ride. Instead of that, however, we saw a bus that was going to Playa Larga and jumped in (1 CUC/person). It left us in the center and we walked back with an ice cream.
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