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  • Day130

    Rest days... aren't alwas the best days

    February 15, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌬 26 °C

    After the first week of my fun and very informative yoga teacher training, it was time for the first day off - yeah!

    Originally, we had planned to go snorkeling with the manta rays but the trip was cancelled due to the bad weather forecast with lots of wind, rain, and thunderstorms 💨 ⛈ . So, surfing wasn’t an option either. :-/

    In the end, we had a nice, relaxed day in various cafés, reading our books (still on Cambodia and its difficult history for me, some historical fiction for Bertram). Following the recommendation by Bertram’s surf buddy Fabio, we even had pizza 🍕:-)

    We also started to plan the rest of our trip, looking into the possibility to visit Laos before going to Iran as our last stop. We will let you know once we figure the flights and timing out :-)

    The evening was short again with take-away food and beer on our balcony as the yoga teacher training will start at 05:00 am for our 2.5 hour asana (yoga pose) and pranayama (breathing mediation)...

    PS: photos all look a bit alike - we will work on that ;-)
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