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  • Day4

    Mefjordvær and Evening Light

    March 2, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -4 °C

    Generally, the hour before sunset, when the sun's light is more towards yellow/orange, is known as the Golden hour. In northern climes this golden 'hour' lasts much longer because the sun is much lower and therefore grazes the horizon at a much more shallow angle. Sunset at the moment is around 5pm but the Golden hour starts around 2pm and after that time you start to get softer lighting and a very different colour pallet.

    My journey today took me as far as Mefjordvær - the main photo in this footprint - and the light was now changing as it was mid-afternoon. I took some photos here but it was really cold for some reason even though the car showed it wasn't any colder. My fingers didn't agree so after a while I waddled off in true Penguin style and ended the day photographing fjord reflections.

    Photography-wise this has been a quiet day, one of sightseeing and wonderful views. After dinner back at my hotel I checked the Aurora forecast and it wasn't so good so tonight they didn't make an appearance at all. I did however have a lovely evening chatting with a Norwegian couple. She worked in the old people's home next to the hotel and he was retired from working for Ever-Ready - you know, the battery people who I think had a factory in Wolverhampton at some point. Locally the area is important for graphite mining, hence why Ever-Ready are an important company here. They’re known by the brand name Energizer these days.

    The weather is still good with clear skies so it may be an early start again tomorrow. After an early start this morning my body was telling me it was time for sleep.
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