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  • Day84


    May 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    After some pancakes we drove across California to reach Yosemite national park. We hit the park's rush hour at lunch time so it took an hour to gain entry. Luckily a pit stop at a humongus Walmart ment we were well stocked, and a roadtrip playlist kept us happy. When we finally reached the enterance, the ranger gleefully snatched the dollars out of my hand and ushered us in.

    Our first stop was the furthest viewpoint of the day, Glacier point. It had only opened two days prior due to the snow still encrusting the top of the peaks. On the way up the park truly put on a show. As the snow is melting, waterfalls adorn the granite surfaces dropping hundreds of meters to the valley floor.

    Glacier point did not disappoint with a panoramic view of half dome with the valleys either side. Working our way back down, a stop at Tunnel view gave a vista of El Capitan (the background of your iMac) and a beautiful waterfall. Taking our chance to see the waterfall closer we got soaked in its mist. Well worth it to capture its eternal rainbow at the bottom!

    A cruise through yosemite valley as the sun set completed our tour for the day. As night approached we left the park to our accomadation for the next day, Yosemite bug resort. Tucked away up a hill we gratefully went off to sleep.

    Next day our plans varied greatly. James hiked a round journey of 20 miles to the top of clouds rest, a challenge he set himself, getting up before the dawn. I would bum around the rustic resort having blueberry pancakes, catching up with friends and having a spa day with massage. Travelling for months takes it toll especially at the breakneck pace we did South America. You sometimes miss those lazy days on the sofa watching netflix or reading a book.
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