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  • Day108

    Blue Lake Taupo

    June 6, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Glad to leave Rotorua we made our way to Taupo. First pitstop was the Wai o Tapo Geothermal wonderland. Sitting with a hundred other people we eagerly awaited their geyser Lady Knox to blow. Shock horror, they cheat her natural cycle of blowing every 72 hours by putting in washing liquid 😨. When she did blow it went to an impressive 15m. Once the main show was over, we sprinted back to the main park to beat the selfie zombies to the walkways.
    A smelly place, the park has lakes of amazing colours and a nice panorama down a hill.

    Carrying on we pulled off to have a look at Huka falls. A dazzling blue colour, the falls have amazing power, as much to fill 15 swimming pools in one minute!

    Taupo was sleepy on the bank holiday Monday. We enjoyed lunch in front of the lakeside before settling into the hostel and having a pool tournament. I actually won a game!!! My first since we've started playing in Fiji.

    Next day a lazy morning before heading on the boat Ernest Kemp to the Maori carving by the lakeside. With a complementary beer and hot choclate it was peaceful on the lake with the mountains and clouds reflected in the water. We had fun feeding biscuits to the ducks which would fly up and grab it from your hands! The carvings were amazing even if they are only from the 70's! A grandmother demanded her grandson to produce the carving, he outdid himself!

    Jumping back into Kora we headed down to Turangi, a town the other side of the lake. Our base camp for the Tongarira Alpine Crossing the next day!
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