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  • Day23

    The giant cave - Postojna

    April 23, 2019 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    We arrive at the caves - and realise that ‘popular’ is an understatement at these ones...a loooong queue (in the rain) to buy tickets, and we get one of the last spots of the day. There’s a little cave zoo to visit, showing us the animals that live inside caves, with an audio tour that would have probably been really interesting and informative if we didn’t have a 1 and 4yr old to chase around after. No bears to be seen but some very interesting species of water salamander with no eyes, that can survive up to 10 years until the next meal! Nic’s tummy is grumbling just at the thought! This takes half an hour of not having to wait in the rain, then we head into another queue (‘loose use of term’) and finally reach the train.

    The worst photo opportunity ever is found by the official cave photographers - apparently they are not allowed to take photos in the caves (although the public are) so the photographers are snapping pictures as unsuspecting visitors are coming though the turnstiles. The worst pics ever of the caves visitors in a big crowd not in the cave - which could be anywhere, - but we laugh at the end of the pictures of us and others that they are actually trying to sell.

    The train takes us far and deep into the cave system, and as we step off the train we realise that this isn’t just a little hole in the wall that you walk in and walk out...the sheer size alone make these caves spectacular, they are huge in depth and height, and as we walk along the path of the tour, each corner brings a new cave from stalocytes, stalagmytes, stacks 10s of thousands years old, curtains and sparkling ceilings, truly amazing!

    The tour finishes with the final train ride out of the caves, Coen is so enthralled by this that he falls asleep (he has walked for an hour by now though!), and we decide to park up at the motorhome spot in the car park to get an early night ready to leave Slovenia in the morning...
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    Alan Bond

    Sounds interesting but tiring, I am bit confused as your stories seem to be appearing out of sequence x

    Sarah Scudamore

    There are a couple where either the photos are on Nics phone or where the internet has been rubbish so hasn’t uploaded all of them so some of the later ones have uploaded first. Date and location should balance out when we get some good WiFi (not in Italy!!)