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  • Day14


    July 6 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Die Postojna Höhle ist unglaublich!!!! Das 24 km lange Höhlensystem aus Kalkstein mit den Grottenolmen 🦎😉

    Mit einem Zug geht's 2 Kilometer in den Berg hinein bei 9 Grad 🥶🤪

    Das Höhlensystem von Postojna ist der obere Teil des stark durch den Karst geprägten Einzugsgebietes der Ljubljanica und ist mindestens seit dem frühen Pleistozän durch die Pivka, den Hauptabfluss des Pivka-Beckens und ihre unterirdischen Zuflüsse geschaffen worden.

    So, nun genug der Geologie!
    Wer jemals in Slowenien ist, die Höhle ist ein Muss ☺️😁
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  • Day14

    + Burg Predjama +

    July 6 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Eine Reise ins tiefe Mittelalter 😊 in die märchenhafte Welt der Ritter. In der 123 Meter hohen senkrechten Felsenwand thront ein über 800 Jahre altes uneinnehmbares mittelalterliches Wunder. Hinter der größten Höhlenburg der Welt befindet sich ein Geflecht von geheimen Gängen, von denen aus sich der Ritter Erasmus von Predjama auf seine Raubüberfälle begab.

    Eine der fantastischsten Burgen auf unserem Planeten 🤟

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  • Day13

    Burg Pretjama

    September 3 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute haben wir das letzte offizielle Ausflugsziel besichtigt. Eine Burg die direkt in den Fels gebaut wurde.

  • Day306

    Mirjam Pavlin, Razdrto

    April 28, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Ljubljana heavily restricts traffic in the city centre which makes for a very nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the atmosphere was not good to Cath and Paul, who got completely drenched when walking to our stopover, due to the fact that we couldn't drive Martha Motorhome to their hotel.

    We soon got the blowers blasting out hot air as we drove to Mirjam Pavlin in Razdrto, our home for the next 4 nights. Stopping off at a Spar we picked up groceries before having a freshly ground coffee in the van. After having spent so long with just the two of us, it was interesting to see vanlife through the eyes of people to whom it was a new experience.

    Mirjam Pavlin is a small B&B with campsite, bar, swimming pool, sauna, gym and a few other facilities. The rooms and pitches were nice enough but the sauna was less impressive and more expensive than it had looked on the website and the swimming pool was closed. They had also advertised horseriding that Vicky & Cath had been interested in, but the employee who showed us round didn't seem to know much about it. However, the gym was free and it was a good location for reaching a whole load of interesting places. That afternoon we planned our itinerary for the coming days. We needed to plan around the torrential rain that was forecast. This was easy because there was so many possible activities to do. We had a cosy evening in with a few drinks and Will's spinach and pasta meal for tea.

    The next day we discovered a couple of sows and their adorable piglets in the field next us. There was also the opportunity to use the van as a mobile hide and watch the dozens of little birds feeding close by. Paul even spotted a pair of Great Tits. They were nesting inside a street light, popping in and out to feed their chicks through a tiny access hatch near the ground.
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  • Day65

    Into the Caves! Postojna Caves

    August 21, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Amazing!! This is how these caves are described on the brochure- ' Tiny droplets have created an endless parade of crystal fancies in the underground halls. Truly a heaven underground.' We drove to the caves, about 45 minutes south of Ljubljana. The caves are truly breathtaking. The cave system is 240 kilometres long- enormous. A small train takes you into the mountain through the first chambers then you walk for 45 minutes through further chambers. The stalagmites and stalactites are created when droplets of water seep through the limestone- takes 40 years to grow 1 millimetre! And the 'curtain' ones take 70 years for a millimetre to grow!! The photos just don't go anywhere near showing this magnificent creation of nature!Read more

  • Day320

    Postojna Caves

    May 12, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    There's a 1 minute video of the caves on our VnW Travels You Tube channel here:

    It was the last full day of Ali and Tom's visit and we had chosen to visit Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle about 55km South West of Ljubljana.

    Our experience at Škocjan caves had been incredible and we were keen to compare it with the more commercialised attraction at Postojna. The caves could only be explored with a guided tour and as they'd been promoted so heavily by the tourist board, we'd bought tickets (€23each!) on their website the night before for the 1pm slot. A group of around 50 people assembled at the starting point, before splitting up to congregate under half a dozen signs for various languages.

    After a short introduction, we went as part of the English speaking and largest group, to board the small train that would take us into the cave system. We hurtled through tunnels and at times felt the need to duck because of the head clearance, never mind poor Ali who is 6 inches taller! There was too much to take in at the speed we were going, the section of caves open to the public at Postojna is obviously longer than that at Škocjan; we even passed through a wide hall with a huge manufactured crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and smaller decorative lights attached to the walls!

    Once off the train, we were told a little about the caves by our guide through a microphone and speaker system, before climbing 'the mountain' and looking back on an incredible array of stalagmites, stalactites, columns, stone chandeliers and flowstones. From then on we were able to walk at our own pace, catching up with the guide (or not) when they were informing the group about certain sections. The paths were wider and there were a greater range of formations here than at Škocjan, the route we took was also dry, as the river had redirected its course many years previously. Although we were warned not to use a flash, we were able to take photos here and it is great to have them to look back on.

    A real treat at the end of our underground adventure was to see some rare salamander-like creatures that were first discovered in the Postojna caves. The Proteus lives for up to 100 years, can go without food for 10 years due to its super slow metabolism and is blind, using instead its excellent sense of smell and weak electric fields to find its prey. Its skin isn't unlike human skin and it can grow to 30cm long. There were several living in a vivarium in the cave and it was amazing to be able to see them, although it was upsetting that others ignored the signs saying you shouldn't take any photos because the light damages the creatures. We took a photo of the black and white live film that was showing on a screen instead.

    We came to the happy conclusion that the commercialisation hadn't spoiled Postojna caves and we'd definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area!

    Predjama Castle was only 9km away so we drove over to take a look. After another difficult time parking, we walked a short distance and were afforded a good view of the fortress. What had motivated us to visit was its position, built in the mouth of a cave it was like something out of Lord of the Rings!

    We were all feeling pretty tired by this point so picked up some ready made pizzas, garlic bread and a large cream cake for our last meal with Ali and Tom in the van that evening.
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  • Day13


    August 16 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute morgen sind wir pünktlich vom Campingplatz losgefahren. Zeit für ein kurzes Resümee: der Campingplatz war toll gelegen (5 Min zum See mit sehr sauberem Wasser und Strand) und lebendig, abends aber ruhig. Wir hatten nette Nachbarn (insbesondere die englische Familie, mit dessen Sohn Ted Carla und Thea sich angefreundet haben). Das Kinderprogramm hat den Mädchen viel Spaß gemacht und es gab auch ein nettes Restaurant. Also klare Empfehlung von uns!

    Bled war uns größtenteils zu voll, die Umgebung war aber sehr schön und deutlich weniger überlaufen. Hier hätten wir sicher noch 1-2 Ausflüge mehr machen könnten, so wars aber auch gut. Leider hat es wieder nicht mit Ziplining geklappt. Vielleicht nächstes Jahr? Das Wetter war etwas wechselhaft, man konnte aber an einigen Tagen gut ins Wasser.

    Gerne würde ich mir auch noch den Süden und Osten Sloweniens erkunden, die Slowenen sind nämlich sehr nett und das Land abwechslungsreich.
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Postojna, بوستوجنا, Постойна, Postoina, پستینا, פוסטוינה, Postumia, ポストイナ, 포스토이나, Arae Postumiae, Gmina Postojna, Постојна, پوستوینا, 波斯托伊納

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