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  • Day142

    Landrellac - Northern Brittany

    August 20, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    Even as we come to the end of our adventure, we continue to find little gems.

    We are spoilt for choice with campsites in the northern coast of Brittany, but we choose one on the beach with a pool, as the children have been so used to swimming daily. Lots of narrow, windy roads to get here though!

    The site is lovely, we have a big grassy pitch, next to the pool and park, and the campsite is sat right next to a tidal inlet, which empties and fills so quickly, it’s hard to believe the tide moves that far. We decide to take crab lines and walk along the sandy beach which is covered in rocky patches making lots of rock pools. Amelia is keen to get her crab line in so the first tiny puddle we come to, she pops it in...not sure it’s big enough for a crab there! Coen still freezes and screams every time he comes to a piece of seaweed...not sure how we’re going to get rid of this fear! We find a jetty, drop the lines off and Amelia is ecstatic to catch a little crab, which she puts in her bucket, and takes over to see a fisherman who is bringing his little haul in - a big lobster, some shrimps and crabs.

    Coen wanders out into the water to see the boats...luckily the tide is on its way out and it’s pretty shallow, so I manage to get him up close to touch them.

    Nic decides he wants to find some cockles, the children are digging and Coen has incidentally dug one up, he searches for quite a while but only finds four, so we think maybe finding dinner might be a bit of a task and put them back...haven’t mastered that skill yet!

    We walk right along the bay towards the sea which we can barely see anymore as the tide has gone out, until we find a little oyster farm which is amazing to see up close with the tide out, the tractors, much to Coen’s joy, have driven right out to it and they are working on the racks. We decide we’d better head back before the tide washes back in!

    We get a quick swim in the pool, it’s definitely chiller up north, even with the sun shining. Half of the pool has a cover, we’ve noticed most of this coast have this, much more British weather. The children love the pool, Amelia has to try and pass for 8 (again) to ride the little toboggan slide, Coen doesn’t stand a chance with the eagle eyed lifeguard watching on.

    With just a few days before we get home, Amelia pulls out all the stops to get injured - first falling out of her bunk bed (1.5m up) in the middle of the night (managing to undo the safety net herself!) and then falling down some rocks in the morning, giving her cuts and grazes from top to toe...time to leave before we get anymore injuries!
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