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  • Day44


    May 29, 2017 in France

    OK so we did go to Audierne but there was no room so ended up anchored at St Evette just outside. Cruise south across Duarnanez Bay and around the Pointe de Raz was very wet and cold rough in places. John decided not to wait for the tide so for about 5 min we were only going forward at 5knots but at least it was forward and not back or sideways. The anchorage was fine but we had picked up a mosquito at some point, so I now have 5 bites to John's one. We decided to move on as weather wasn't great, quite foggy so our planned ride back to the Pointe to see it from the top would have been pointless and probably miserable. So we headed across the Audierne Bay but although next to no wind there were rollers and we were taking them beam on urgh, the cats were all over the shop sliding on the deck and seats, they insist on being outside whatever the weather. Well I didn't make all the way but they did so their sea legs are now better than mine. Once we cleared the headland we came into Guilvenic. We were a bit unsure where to moor up but think we're OK. Cousteau jumped as soo and as she de died we were close enough. This is a working fishing port but also has a lovely residential area and beaches. Today from about 4:30 till 6:00 boats were coming in to offload their catch there were about 30boats in and then off to there moorings juggling offloading space, John loved it. Here are some photos but I hope to get better ones. Also Cartier looking cuteRead more

  • Day36

    Camaret sur mer

    May 21, 2017 in France

    Wow lovely day for 'sailing', we don't obviously actually use the sails but as it is a yacht I suppose that is the correct term. So today we went further west then south then east. From l'aber wrac'h along towards the Le four lighthouse and being as this is JVK, we had to do it on the inside passage, and then south through the channel around point St Matieu, I will add photo. Then we crossed the Gullet of Brest going southeast to Camaret. The cats as you can see are happier but not relaxed about the engine. The final I should have taken on way into L'aber it is of Smiley on the bunker who greets you on your way into port, when we arrived however I was not smiling. 😁Read more

  • Day20


    September 24, 2017 in France

    A full day tour of Juno Beach and surrounding area focused on Canadian involvement in D-Day...the beginning of the end of WW II.

    Was a beautiful day, so hard to imagine the ships, bombardments, artillery, equipment, troops, killing, confusion on the beaches 73 years ago. Quite the strategy and coordinated effort among the Allies. Saw Juno beach (where the Canadians landed), German bunkers, Abbatiale St. Etienne in Caen where William the conqueror is buried, Canadian cemetery (very beautiful and well-kept), museum...all very good. The Canadians and the Brits brought bicycles with them to cover ground quickly and quietly once on shore!

    Back in Bayeux we wandered thru a little market, people-watched while we had a biere at a cafe, then picked up stuff for supper. For the first time we had dinner at our chambres-hotes that had a common kitchen area. Nice to have a break from going out.

    And a very cool coincidence today. Got talking to a woman on the tour. Her husband was in the forces... so was my Dad.

    Woman: Were you ever in Centralia?
    Me: Yes, for 2 years.
    Woman: I went to Exeter for high school.
    Me: I was in elementary school at the time.
    Woman: We lived in Mt. Carmel.
    Me: Really? Us too!

    (Mt. Carmel is a farming hamlet with just 13 houses on the main street).

    Woman: What's your name?
    Me: Majocha
    Woman: My sister used to babysit you! You had twins in the family.

    Unbelievable!! It was sooooo cool talking to her about the village and the people there...she knew them all. Including the 'spooky' house we used to run past 😯. Her father farmed and also drove machinery on the base and Dad remembers him too! Such a small world!
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  • Day32

    Aber wrac'h

    May 17, 2017 in France

    We made it but it wasn't pleasant long rolling waves and a lot of rain, from what little we could see coast looked to have lots of little islands and bays, but we weren't in the mood to appreciate them. Cats were especially miserable huddled on the to step and we'll I would have taken a photo but I was too busy being sick over the side, got to hope I get proper sales soon.
    Met at marina entrance and escorted to pontoon. Not long after our arrival other boats from Roscoff arrived but as we are moored miles from facilities we might not get to ask about their trip. I We do know that most are headed down the Chanel du Four towards Best whereas we are going up river for a couple of nights first. Tomorrow should be better weather so hope to take photos but this the harbour from on boardRead more

  • Day67

    Islands off Quiberon Peninsula

    June 21, 2017 in France

    Hello everyone, so it's been an interesting few days we are adjusting to the empty boat and quiet nights. I found some cute pictures of the cats that are now 'wallpaper' in on various devices. So after Rochefort en terre which was beautiful we headed offshore first to Houat for 2nights, one at Salus Bay on South coast the other at Porz Ler on North coast both were very nice Houat is like Herm sandy at one end and cliffs at other. Photos to follow as on other gadget. We walked North about the island and saw several stunning bits of coastline and a Fort where they had left the German guns.
    From there we went to Belle Isle and Ster Wenn said to be Frances most beautiful anchorage, please look it up if you can as photos do not do it justice. We were anchored and with stern ropes tied to rocks its 50m wide and 500m long says guide book. No facilities but very sheltered and peaceful. I wanted to swim but there were some rather large jellyfish and I don't know yet how friendly they are. Sauzon the nearest town is pretty harbour and good if pricey ice creams
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  • Day7

    Quiet day for sore bottoms

    August 6, 2016 in France

    Made it just 15km down the road via a supermarche to stock up for the weekend. Chamois cream and slow walking was the order of the day. Had a nice little canoe down the Nantes-Brest canal. Hope to be in Nantes and starting the Loire Valley in a few days time. For now a bottle of rose or two!

  • Day34

    L'aber wrac'h still

    May 19, 2017 in France

    OK so sadly we didn't get to Paluden, but I up river, and apparently we are to big for the mooring bouys there. But yesterday we took the dingy around the bay for a nose around after walking up to the shops for supplies, well mostly for milk so we can keep on drinking tea. Bay is large and as tides are neaps the water isn't disappearing which is good but sadly a lot of the little islands appear to be private though we did visit a few anyway as the shutters were closed on the houses there. I picked some winkles as well which I had later as an appetiser. This brought back lovely memories of my Gran who died almost a year ago as when we were younger she took us, Max Bryony and I, winkle picking she would then cook them and we would all sit around the kitchen table picking winkles, dunking them in vinegar before eating them, happy times. Today, Friday, we decided to go walking West around the bay, we nearly made it to Aber Benoit before we headed back below are some pics, zoom for a better view of bay and Phare de l'ile Vierge. There is also a picture of the ugliest French house we have seen to date.Read more

  • Day37

    Saint Malo, France

    September 8, 2017 in France

    We drove to the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and began with a restaurant stop for a gouter (pastry around chocolate) and apple cider.
    Mont Saint Michel is one of the most famous monuments in France. It was built on a rocky island and founded in the 10th century.
    The day ended with a visit to the small fishing village of Cancale, known for its oyster beds.

  • Day23

    Foreign france

    May 8, 2017 in France

    We have made it, sorry for the delay in posting hope no one was worried about us, but this is France and we arrived on a Sunday afternoon and then Monday was a holiday so no internet till today. Also more importantly for us no showers till now so a bit pongy but as we're in France I dont suppose anyone but us noticed.
    For any boating types following this, the trip took 7hours from St Sampsons harbour to Paimpol harbour, conditions perfect as we didn't want to have to use the sails. Saw dolphins and gannets on the way.
    Sadly both cats were seasick and felt very sorry for themselves, but they appear to have got over it now and are talking to us again. Weather is OK but not brill, lovely sunsets but overcast most of the time. No definite next port yet but perhaps Perros Guirec for a night and then Trebuerden, (not sure about spelling).
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  • Day40

    So we got through the gullet of Brest and cruised up the river Aulne our first night was spent anchored just up river of the naval ships graveyard (1) and down river of the Terenez bridge (2), it was so very peaceful only the birds for company. We had thought we might do a bit of sailing but there was no wind at all.
    The next day, Wednesday I gave JVK hair a trim not the pony tail obviously then we actually cleaned the outside of the boat, and in the dinghy pulling ourselves round scrubbing as we went. After half tide up we set off further up river to Guili Glaz Lock where we nearly ran into a diver. Let me explain, and I our book says that if the bottom gates are open you can go in, and they were so we started to, but I then on the shore we are being told to go to 'babord' so we do and only at last minute does someone add.... 'and wait'. There was a sought of holding quay, apparently there was a problem with the top gates and there was a 'swimming man in the water'. We didn't get him so then once OK we carried on to Port Launay (3+4) but was soo warm 31c, town hall closed so had a drink at the bar, a short walk and then afternoon nap, while Cousteau explored the quay and ate grass for first time in 3weeks. Quite noisy as next to busy road. Thursday we go to Chataeulin (5) further up river we now in officially uncharted territory, why you might be wondering well mostly because there is a hypermarket very close to visitors pontoon, which is actually a bit small for us, so we're against the quay but on other side so fairly quiet, there is more going on except this afternoon which we have concluded must be a bit of holiday of some sort as tourist office not open and hypermarket closed at lunchtime, fortunately we had done our shopping bringing it back in the trolley, so it was close. Back down river tomorrow but either go early 7:00 or late 19:30 to catch lock and falling tide, probably late as we are getting very lazy, it's still 30c today, too hot for effort activities.Read more

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