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  • Day34

    Adios to Beautiful Barcelona!

    September 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We wanted to confirm we knew the shortest path to get the train station ... so we took a trial run without the load of our backpacks.  We were assessing the situation when a lovely Muslim woman offered to help us!  The depth of people's kindness never ceases to amaze me. 

    Once we had our ducks in a row (or should we say gopher like metro holes in a role) ... we enjoyed our last cup of cappuccino at our neighborhood cafe/bakery! ☕☕

    We really hated to say goodbye to Barcelona but were looking very much forward to arriving in Roses ... with no where to go and nothing we needed to see ... just a chance to rest and relax and recharge after 33 days of being on the go! 

    It's TRUE that we could have taken a break at any one of our stops ... but neither one of us wanted to miss the opportunities that each city offered us. As it was ... we only scratched the surface of the joys to be embraced in these wonderful countries.  And ... we regret to say that we have certainly left many sights unseen here in Barcelona!!

    GASPS OF DELIGHT: This exceptional city really surprised us in the most favorable way!! We expected it to be more like Mexico.  But ... it is such an exquisite blend of old and new ... of history and progression ... of intellect and artistry.  It offers such nourishment for the spirit in so many ways! And well ... as I have previously shared ... it has nourished our bodies really well too!! 😉

    GOODNESS: But for today ... we head to a quieter space. We are going almost two hours north to a seaside town where we will land for three nights.  After that ... we have three more nights that we have not booked ... so ... if we love it ... we have the option to stay longer.

    GRIPES: The regional train that we boarded to take us to Roses was announcing the wrong stations on its monitor.  It was announcing that our next stop wa the one we we had just left behind! It took us a while to recognize the error! Thank goodness John was befuddled because we most certainly would have missed our stop had we not twigged onto the mistake.  Since when does the destination the message board for the passengers not match the station!!🤯🤯

    GAHS and GRATITUDES: Anyway ... crisis averted! And ... after a $47 € taxi ride (after the train) we arrived in this Spanish oasis!. Our hotel overlooks the bay ... and the beach is just steps away.  And ... if it stays really hot... we even have a pool to cool ourselves in.

    GOODNESS: And so ... we had a most delicious paella with lobster and mussels and clams and scallops and chicken!! Man ... it was beyond good!!!

    And then we wandered a bit to get grounded in our area and then dug our swimwear from the bottom of our backpacks ... and as I write this ... we are currently resting by the pool.

    GRINS: We are excited to simply spend some idle time ... in the stillness of 'being' ... rather than the flurry of 'doing'.

    And so ... good night for now.  We hope the sun is also shining on you all!

    Luv and hugs ....k&j
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  • Day35

    Roses' Riches!

    September 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    After pressing our weary souls to stay up at least until sunset last night, we were tucked in bed by 8:30pm.  And so ... even though we slept in ... we were up and ready for the day by 7:30am. John headed out in search of coffee for his decaffeinated damsel ... only to arrive back empty handed.  There was no coffee to be found before 8:00am ...and ... he was told he could not bring it to the room!!

    GAHS: Okay.  THIS is a first.  A hotel that won't LET you take coffee to your room?!? And so, we waited until 8:00am.  I was a fairly good sport ... considering the the gravity of the situation!! 😉

    GRATITUDES: We finally got our coffee and were seated for our champagne breakfast  ... overlooking the ocean as the sun shone brightly on the water.  It's  stunningly gorgeous here!!  And ... there were so many bright white boats on the clear blue Mediterranean that that looked like a flock of seagulls had landed on a lake!  This prairie girl can't ever remember seeing so many boats in one place before! ⛵🚤⛴🛥⛵🚤⛴🛥

    And then, we settled in on two chaise- lounge chairs under an umbrella right at the edge of the lapping sea.   And before I went for a wonderful relaxation massage, I set the old boy up with water, sunscreen, salted cashews ... and ... a full go-cup (if you know what I mean!). 😉

    GRINS: So, my hubby enjoyed the sand and surf ... carefully  averting his gaze to all the shapes and sizes of topless European women on the beach.

    GIFTS: It's actually so liberating and empowering to notice the lack of self-consciousness in Europeans ... that is, on the contrary, to what is so deeply socialized into North Americans.  We noticed a young boy of about 10 years of age ... happily making sandcastles with his mom on the beach.  Her attire (or should I say lack of it) was completely irrelevant to him ... as it should be!! 

    It really struck us ... in such a meaningful way ... that our sexualized North American socialization is NOT the standard here.  We could only hope to find our way to this humble place of acculturation where who you are on the inside is much more important than how you look on the outside.

    GASPS OF DELIGHT: John spent more time in the water watching the fish!  He spotted several swimming around him ... some were upwards of a foot long!! He loved that they were circling around him like little wee sharks!! 

    GRINS: No! I'm just kidding .  He's terrified of sharks ... but ... the fish were definitely circling around him until it got too busy with people in the water. He's determined to get a snorkel for tomorrow!! 😉

    GOODNESS: And so ... we lazed away the afternoon recharging by the water!  And it was entirely sublime. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    GASPS: John got a beer ... and ... for some reason, I took a sup!  And... gasp ... I actually enjoyed it!!   What the heck???? I dont like beer. Period.  Unless maybe a dark beer on a really hot day ... but ... the Moritz was delicious!   So much so ... that I ordered one myself when we had a sandwich at "The Sloop" on the beach!! 

    GRINS: I almost can't recognize myself!   Clams and mussels in my paella yesterday .. and now ... beer today??? Inconceivable! I am losing myself in Spain!

    GAHS: We knew we were tired but didn't realize just how physically depleted we had become with our 34 days of non-stop sightseeing.  Altough our spirits were so deeply filled with all we had seen and done ... our aging bodies were having trouble keeping up the pace!

    GRATITUDES: And so ... we are deeply leaning into the opportunity to rest in this splendid space.  Yes ...  today was a real gift that is not lost on our spirits. And at one point ... the sun was glistening off the water like diamonds in the sea!! 💛💛

    GAFFAH: And then ... he dozed off. Into one of those deep sleeps! I had a walk along the beach ... returned ... grabbed his hand... and he was still snoozing! 😴😴😴

    And so ... we packed up ... and headed back to the room to shower and get cleaned up for supper. And well ... we were all dressed up ... with no desire to go. 🙄

    So ... we didn't. We stayed in our room and nibbled on our Pringles ... and then ... we decided to post this blog and then go to bed. No photos of the sunset. No fancy expensive meal. Just a very comfortable bed for two very relaxed and lazy tourists!

    Good night! 💛
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  • Day38

    With Rave Regards for Roses!

    September 26, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    GAHS: Our last day in this little paradise left us befuddled.  We couldn't decide between lounging and lazing ... or ... exploring some more of the area!  We wanted BOTH.  So we opted for another walk into Roses  ... and then ... planned to come back early enough to catch some more time on the beach.  And well .... what do they say about the best laid plans.  Yep.  Meant to be broken.

    We were fascinated by how active the Sea had become since we first arrived.  It went from entirely placid ... lapping so gently that the movement was almost invisible ... to rolling in with considerable force and creating big, beautiful, loud and completely mesmerizing white caps that slapped up against the rocks and the shore without apology.  We tried to catch this action on camera, but by the time you snap ... the best moment has often passed. 😕

    GRATITUDES: And then we decided to hop on the 'Roses Expres' and take a 30km two hour tour around the area and then up the mountain.  The ticket lady recommended we bring a jacket because it can get chilly and windy up the mountain side.  But ... all our jackets were a 45 minute walk away.

    So ... we  decided to improvise. We bought a big, bright  pink polka dot beach scarf ... lined with something that would wrap around us nicely! We might have to leave it behind 'cuz our back packs are over stuffed already ... but ... it was on sale for $9€. Still cheaper than taking a taxi both forth and back to our hotel to get our jackets.

    GRIMACES: But then ... we got worried that if we were cold we wouldn't enjoy the tour ... and ... two hours is a long time to be cold.  So, we took a taxi anyway ... just to be safe! And so it cost us $40€ for the two hour tour and $30 to make sure we were warm enough! Argh.

    GOODNESS: And then, we had just enough time to head back to "El Trull" so John could have the "best' mussels EVER ... again.  And the proprietor recommended some toast strips with garlic mayonnaise... which he said is typical food for Spain ... and ... they were delicious!!

    GRINS: And so John asked what was in the aoilli ... he said oil and garlic and eggs ... all whipped up (he made the sound effects!)!  He was not, however, so forthcoming in divulging the secret to his fabulous mussels sauce.  He shared that it is made with "many, many too much lub" (love). 😁

    And well ... it was loved right back!! Even the second time around ... the old boy was thrilled with his mussels.  His only regret was that his buddy Hutch wasn't here to enjoy them too!

    GRATEFUL: And then ... off we went!  The trip in our little train surprised me.  I thought it would take us up the mountain roads ... but ... no! We actually ended up going on some dirt paths that made me nervous! We ended up on the summit of one of the mountains ... and ... we got out to take some pics and they served boxed wine and cookies.  The train driver was quite a card and livened it up with his great energy! 😁

    We never got back until after 6:00pm.  We stopped at the market... got two croissants, some gouda cheese and some ham ... along with a little can of olives.  We poured some wine into our trust go-cup and went out to watch the sunset!  we settled into a couple of concrete chaise lounges that were surprisingly comfortable! It was a great way to cap off our evening and to finish our time here in Roses.

    GIFTS: We are entirely smitten with Spain ... and although we have spent twice as much time in Spain as any other of our stops ... we are really sad to say goodbye already.  It's truly been such a great experience! 

    But ... a new adventure awaits us in Portugal! And so ... we are back to Barcelona tomorrow so we can catch our flight to Porto ... via Lisbon ... on Friday!

    And for now ... good night from us ... k&j
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  • Day36

    The Road to Roses

    September 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌬 20 °C

    We are staying at a resort a few kilometers east of Roses and so we opted to do little sightseeing today! We enjoyed some incredible views ... without waiting  in queues or buying any fast track tickets to avoid the line ups.  We simply ambled into town today via the most scenic path on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. And ... the picture taking competition was ON again! We snapped some gorgeous shots along the path.  It's going to be a photo finish ... pun intended! 😁

    GRATITUDES: We found our way to the little lanes of shops ...however most of them are closed for the season already. You can see it would be a bustling resort in the summer!! But now, many things were priced at close out prices.  And so I got a pair of walking sandals to replace my broken Crocs ... so I don't have to wear my expensive but cheap Barcelona  flip flops  everywhere we go!

    It sure seems that a lot of French is spoken here!  I'm not sure why ... but we have heard it a lot.  Many of the menus are in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Catalan.  The tour operators and servers and hoteliers have their work cut out for them in terms of speaking enough of all these languages. They do a great job ... in our experience!

    GRIMACES: Nonetheless ... we found a thorn in our Roses!  We had our most disappointing meal thus far in our European adventures!  We stopped for lunch at "Croak" ... just across from the lovely long horseshoe shaped beaches that line the entire cove.  They forgot my white wine ... and when it arrived ... it was warm. John got his food well ahead of mine ... and then ... my burger was still very rare in the center.  They did re-cook it for me ... but it was still too pink for my anxious mind.  So ... much of it went uneaten.  We thought we could end on a more positive note with a nice cappuccino. However ... theirs tasted like an instant coffee (not good like my smuggled French stuff) and it was served with whipped cream!   Not our favorite either. ☹

    GRINS:  We did, however, learn what a "flute" is. We'd seen it on the menus but had no clue that they are long skinny baguettes filled with all kinds of stuff.  John enjoyed one with anchovies. He's getting a good fill of seafood here for sure!

    GOODNESS: We also got tickets for a 25 km coastal cruise on a glass bottom catamaran!  But before we did so, I needed a bit more food in my belly (Cruz I didnt eat all my lunch!). So,  we stopped for a drink and for some tapas!

    GASPS:  And guess what??  John had the BEST mussels he has ever had in his life!!!  Isn't this the 4th or 5th time we have heard this?? 🤔

    GIFTS: I was a bit worried about getting cold once we were on the water because it was very windy today (Lethbridge like windy!) ... but the nice fellow selling the tickets for the cruise offered to let me wear his coat for the trip!  Now THAT is customer service! Thank you Nacho (yes ... like the chips!)

    GASPS: And ... it was quite the trip!! I was so glad to have Nacho's jacket because the sea was rough in some places ... and ... we were riding some pretty good waves.  I was holding the rail for dear life at one point!!  Most of the patrons went downstairs so they could be inside... but ... we stayed out!  It was exhilarating and adrenaline producing and gorgeous and we are so glad we went!  We're even grateful it was windy because it certainly made for a more spectacular ride!

    And ... then we mosied home to compare pictures!  It's going to be a tough one.  We've both got some great shots of the sights we saw in Roses today!  Don't forget to cast your votes!  I'll probably have to add an aside with another 10 pics too!!

    Sending warm smiles from us to all of you ... k&j
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  • Day35

    The Sunset on our first day in Roses!

    September 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Just had to add a couple more pictures of the beautiful sunset we got to enjoy from our hotel! 🌄
    My intuition is telling me that we might have to have another photo competition here in this place!! 😉

  • Day37

    Aimlessly Ambling Around Roses ...

    September 25, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    GOODNESS: The bacon.  How on earth could I have forgotten to mention the bacon???  We opted to take the room with breakfast included and are so glad we did! We have no idea what they have done to/with that bacon.  It looks quite average. But ... OH ... it tastes anything but run of the mill.  Perhaps Spanish pigs are more delicious?? Not at all sure but the taste is beyond scrumptious!! 😍

    GRINS: Oh ... and I also forgot to mention that at the corner store by our resort you can get wine out of a dispenser!! Yes. You can fill your own  container with whatever kind ot wine suits your fancy!  Oh ... and I'm not an expensive date anymore ... now that we are in Spain. Wine is often cheaper than beer here!  🥂

    GALLAVANTS: It was a bit windy this morning for the beach so we decided to take a walk along the beach trail ... in the other direction.  We had no idea where it would lead us ... but ... off we went! 👣

    GRATITUDES: And after 40 minutes of stunningly gorgeous views ... we found ourselves at the next beach.  We had passed by it on our cruise yesterday ... and so ... we stopped for a little recharge!  Some white wine and bruschetta for me ... and ...  some fried sardines and my new favorite beer (Moritz) for the old boy. I should have had the beer! 🍻

    GIFTS: And then ... with a little bit more bounce in our step, we returned to our beach and languished away the afternoon!  I ordered the beer on the beach!  And .... to add even more blessings to the moment, I opted to take a foot massage from one of the three masseuses we had seen pedaling their services on the beach previously. 

    GROANS and GRATITUDES: It hurt. He had such strong hands and found every tender point possible!! He had studied in Thailand ... and so ... it was more therapeutic than relaxing for sure!! However, in the end, I was glad I had done it. I tried to convince John to try it, but he was reluctant.🙄

    GASPS: And then ... when the lady masseuse wandered by ... he decided to try it!  She was exceptional  ... and ... he really enjoyed it. She worked on his knees and legs too!  I watched with a bit of envy.  The old boy wasn't in pain.  She seemed to be more intuitive than my guy had been. 😊

    GIFTS: And so, when she was finished with John and looked in my direction  ... I nodded my head with enthusiasm! It seemed ridiculously indulgent ... but ... I made a good choice.  She was excellent! And, I could feel her working her magic, because she was more attuned to my reactions and responses.

    GRINS: Yep.  Great day today! And then, we went home ... cleaned up and headed out for dinner! We were intending on having another one if those amazing seafood paellas we had when we first arrived❣

    Oh ......... and before we say goodnight... we must declare the winner of the photo contest!! It was ME! Photo # 9 earned the most applause ... with photo #2 running a close second. Either way... they were both mine. Although... my hubby says it's not fair because I used auto correct. Hmmm. I'm not sure I'm convinced ... but ... it could be true! Thanks again for making our photo competition so much fun. Without you ... it would be meaningless!!

    Sending hugs ... k&j
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  • Day37

    More Pics from Around Roses!

    September 25, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The sightseeing was incredible along the path today! Just had to add these as well❣

  • Day36

    More Sights Worth Seeing in Roses

    September 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌬 20 °C

    Just a few more pics to enjoy from our sightseeing excursion today into Roses ... and ... to choose from if you are participating in our little competition by voting for your favorites! 😊

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