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    • Lalín ➡️ Bandeira

      June 19, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 57 °F

      A soggy, sloggy day on the Camino from Lalín to Bandeira—but a day full of wonderful sights! The Ingrexa de Santiago in Taboada was a teaser for Santiago de Compostela with all its symbols and lore. Then, the medieval Puente Taboada we crossed is from 912 AD. We took a side trip to the Mosteiro de Carboeiro, a Benedictine monastery founded in the 10th century, and marveled at its restoration and beauty. When we finally got to Bandeira, it was time to shower, hang clothes out and find a restaurant for dinner. More delicious Galician beef and huevos revueltos con jamón ibérico. Tomorrow is going to be a long stage, so we are ready for a good night’s sleep!Read more

    • Day 33

      Triacastela to Sarria

      June 2 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      A relatively quiet and easy Camino day. The first 4 or 5 km were uphill, and as usual, some parts quite a steep climb which regrettably means that the remaining downhill into Sarria of about 13 or 14 km was also very steep in sections.

      Getting into Sarria today was relatively uneventful until I entered the maze of streets of Sarria. Because I ran out of data on my phone, I was unable to use maps, and so despite the fact, that getting more data etc on my phone is a priority as soon as the shop opens again at 4:30, that did not help me find my hotel.

      So I had to use the old fashioned method. Stop at the Tourist Information. Get a paper map, and those of you who have ever seen me read a was interesting. A helpful man at a gas station noticed my distress and in Spanish directed me. I thanked him and carried on in the direction he pointed, and I am now showered, repacked and ready for tomorrow.

      As I mentioned yesterday, Sarria is an important junction because it is also the beginning for those only completing the last 115 km. I couldn't tell when coming into the city if there are more or less people because Sarria is a city. Albergues everywhere on the main Camino, hotels...very unlikely, I will bump into anyone I know today given how spread out the city is.

      There does seem to be a busier section that I passed through looking for my hotel so after I sort out my phone problem, I will head in that direction for food. It is amazing to me how even after hiking 20 km today, I don't hesitate to head out and walk a bit. In the early days, you couldn't have paid me to walk an extra step!

      I have attached a few photos because today was mainly about the views. The Camino climbed for a bit, and so there are views from there, but largely today was passing through hamlet after hamlet all the way to Sarria. In most hamlets, not much for services nor food, but at the one stop there was, I did stop for scrambled eggs where many pilgrims were also stopped, and socialized for a bit before heading on my way.

      The highlight of my day was in the first 3 km. As I continued toward a village, I assumed it was a church and pilgrims were going in and out. As it turned out, it was a gallery. The painter is English, but lives in Spain in this lovely cottage where his gallery is on the top and he lives in the lower level. Because England is not part of the EU, he spends 90 days in England, and 90 days in Spain and so on and so forth, so I feel lucky to have passed by his shop.

      I bought a small water colour that I hope I can get safely home in its tube, but more importantly, instead of just giving out a stamp, he painted his stamp on my credential. Diana and Theresa both have very pretty stamps, and I was feeling a bit left out of the pretty stamp club.. now I have one!
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    • Day 42

      A Laxe - Leiras 22 km

      June 10, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      We left quite early 0645 in order to leave our bags at the bar Ma. Jose, and stayed for an excellent breakfast, and then set off together.

      For the first time on my camino, I walked in my shorts, the weather could not have been better, it was cloudy with sunny spells and a nice breeze and the path was a mixture of tarmac and country paths. On the final stretch of the camino you find yourself walking through a lot of small towns and so there is less need to carry a lot of water etc. and there are more opportunities for refreshments. We stopped at least twice for coffee, and in one café I saw an amazing looking cheesecake, and it made me think of Mirjam who loves cheesecake, but they didn't sell it in slices , just the whole cheesecake, which was far too big even for the four of us!

      We found another café that was open and sat for about 30 minutes chatting. Kathleen saw a lovely yellow outfit that she thought might be good for us to all wear for when we arrived in Santiago. Apparently that is a thing, and you will see groups arriving all day wearing the same t-shirt or hat or carrying the same flag etc. Sadly, I don't think it came in my size.

      Meg and I arrived at the albergue about 1300, with Kathleen and Anita arriving shortly thereafter having walked right past the 10-foot high sign saying 'Casa Leiras Albergue'.

      The albergue was run by an delightful and fascinating couple, Andrea and his wife Cristina, he was Italian and she was Spanish, they were both really engaging and interesting to talk to, both of them were wonderful storytellers and conversationalists. We chatted for a while about how they came to own, renovate and run the albergue and to be honest, their ethos of life and how to live it was very appealing. what I loved was that they were living the life they loved, the life they had chosen for themselves. If you like chess then this is the albergue for you as Andrea was a mad keen chess player.

      The albergue was absolutely the best we had stayed in so far. It was spotlessly clean, the beds were well spaced apart and the toilets and showers were outstanding. Rather than have to sit around serving us we were told to help ourselves from the bar and write up our own tab. We all agreed to have dinner there, in part because there was nowhere else to go, but also because we guessed, correctly, that the food would be fabulous, which it was. I was so glad we had decided to stay there, it's a very small place with no facilities other than the albergue, but it was one of the most pleasant days I had on the camino.

      Mirjam arrived in Santiago today and sent us some photographs of the cathedral, apparently, when she went to get her Compostela, the staff were very excited because she had walked from Sevilla. I was so happy for her, our hearts were bursting with pride and joy, I was just sorry I had not been there to share it with her. We also got word from Anne that she was slowing down a bit because she was finding the humid weather a bit difficult, so she would now arrive in Santiago on Monday. We decided that we would all go the the cathedral square to meet her, when she arrived.

      So, after a very wonderful day, we went to bed content and at peace.
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    • Day 24


      September 21, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Today was not particularly tough but after yesterday it sure felt tough and a couple of miles longer than the guide suggested. I had a nice conversation in Spanish with an older couple. They had walked quite a few different Caminos and wanted to know which ones we had walked, where we started, etc. The weather was mild and misty but it did not start raining until about 1/2 hour after we arrived which was a blessing. Dave feels better today too. I startled an Iberian Boar this morning and he squealed and grunted and ran a short distance. Seems he was content to eat acorns and grunt at me. I could see both tusks and they were not more than a few inches so maybe he was young. He sure looked well fed and I did not want to be part of his diet. Dave was a ways behind me so didn't see him. There were some beautiful Roman Bridges today too.Read more

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