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    June 2, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Today started out as a great day! After saying our goodbyes at the airport we walked out into the sun to our freedom... and boy did it feel good! After extensively preparing for my new job as “the adult”, I knew exactly how to get from the airport to our hotel. We found a spot to stand against the wall on the crowded tube, and we were finally on our way to enjoying a couple days in London. After almost a week of cold and rain, the sun seemed like a blessing and I couldn’t wait to trade my leggings and coat for some shorts and a T-shirt. As we came to a stop halfway through our journey into the city, I couldn’t contain my excitement! As I turned to tell Taylor another story about my time studying in London, WHAM! She fainted. Face first. Straight onto the floor of the overcrowded tube. I’d love to say that the kind souls of London were quick to lend a helping hand, but alas they proved to be the bastards that the American colonists claimed they were and just stared at the two of us. One passed out on the floor and the other desperately looking around and loudly, somewhat calmly, asking for help and a doctor. Ironically, the first person to come over wasn’t even English, but a Spanish woman traveling with friends whom I had been eavesdropping on trying to test how much Spanish I actually learned this last semester. A second lady from the other end of the car ran up behind her and sat down with Taylor. She checked on and comforted her while I tried to get the attention of a staff member from the station. While we were getting yelled at by the conductor for blocking the doors of the train, we finally got in contact with the station workers. They held Taylor up and helped us off the tube and into some cool fresh air. The station workers kindly brought us some water and stayed with us until Taylor assured them she was fine. After asking her how she was and how she felt, I held my breath waiting for what was sure to be a response of “I want to go home”, but she looked at me with the faintest (no pun intended) sign of a smirk and said “you didn’t tell my mom did you?”. Shaking my head and releasing a sob of relief I sat down next to her. After I was satisfied that I had exhausted all of my first aid medical knowledge, we stayed on the bench and cried (me) and laughed (Taylor) about our first hour in London. Thirty minutes later we were back on the tube and headed to the safety of our hotel. Surprisingly, all of our luggage, passports, and money made it with us. Minus Taylor’s broken glasses that is...... oops! Sorry Denise!

    Writing by Kathryn
    Captions by Taylor
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