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    • Day 19


      February 22 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Wir sind heute nach dem Frühstück zum Strand gelaufen, etwas weiter rechts, war dann auch nicht mehr so viel los wie bei uns direkt😊 Jetzt sitzen wir im Restaurant und trinken ein kühles Getränk🍹

      Auf dem einen Bild seht ihr moderne Kunst a là Hannes😂
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    • Day 99

      Koh Samui - the calm before the storm

      December 8, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      The three of us arrived in Koh Samui quite early after crossing the sea for a couple of hours in a ferry. On arrival we got together a group of seven travelers to share the taxi and by sheer luck all of us were heading to the same hostel. In no time we had a van full of backpackers all heading to the timeless hostel on the other side of the island, by the Chewagan beach.

      That's how we met Paul a cool snowboarder and slackliner German, an Italian girl with whom I barely spoke and Sofien and Tiphaine, two French friends with whom we eneded up spending quite some time during our stay.

      The timeless hostel was well located near the beach, with a nice bar/common area in a partially covered courtyard with a couple of long tables that brought all travellers together.

      We went for lunch with our new friends. It was surprising how more expensive the restaurants in that area were. It was hard to find a meal for less than 100 THB, whereas I was used to paying 40 to 60 THB in the north.

      With our bellies full, and check in done, we rented a couple of scooters to zoom around the island. With Tavares on my back seat, and Jorge on his own scooter, we set off to the south by the coast crossing Lamai and then inland up the mountains. The 125cc scooters handled well the roads full of water and even managed to push both me and Tavares up the steep mountain roads, albeit with some effort. As always, driving a scooter through a paradisiac island is a sure ticket to uplift the spirit. Even Tavares had a chance to have some fun for a short while in the empty inland roads.

      The first stop was an amazing waterfall. Despite being beautiful it didn't stand out from the many waterfalls I've seen, except for the force of its waters that fell maybe 30 meters with roaring fury. Below, large and small rocks split the waters. We hopped around and climbed the largest rock to better appreciate the views. When climbing down Jorge told me "be careful not to fall in between rocks". I followed his advice but the same can't be said of himself. Behind me Jorge fell in the water up to his chest. We all started laughing but we found out moments later that he had hurt himself with the fall, his pinky toe was swelling and went through a few shades of purple in the next few days.

      Alison, my Irish travel friend who happens to be a nurse, did her best to provide a diagnosis from the pictures and descriptions we sent her. According to her it was very likely broken. She also advised us to get him on anti inflammatory drugs, raise the foot and put ice on it. After a visit to the pharmacy Jorge was all set. We decided not to go to a hospital as they were close to return to Portugal where he would have access to better care. With Jorge injured I started to doubt that the full moon party would live up to the original expectations.

      That afternoon we still visited a pretty hidden garden full of buddhist statues, a view point with a great view over the south side of the island, a huge statue of a chinese general that is adored as a god (still have to do some reading on this one) and a mummified monk with some way too cool looking sunglasses.

      With the sun setting we returned to the hostel where we joined the family dinner organised by the staff and met the travellers there. Had some laughs, a few drinks and made plans for the full moon party on the following day.

      Sofiene and Tiphane decided to join us. Paul was undecided but ended up staying in Koh Samui. However he still joined us for a late dip in the ocean that night.

      On the day of the full moon party the weather wasn't looking great. Tavares was hoping he could do a bit of surfing but the sea was as flat as it gets. We spent the morning at the hostel and once the rain gave us a break around lunch time we took off with our scooters to make the most of the remaining rental time. We saw the gigant budda and walked part of the main street in the fisherman's village before the rain and the clock forced us to go back.

      With the scooters returned in one piece, we took a car ride to the pier where we would take our boat to Koh Phagan and the full moon party.
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    • Day 102

      Koh Samui — the hangover

      December 11, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Returning to Koh Samui was relatively uneventful. We stayed at the Samui backpackers hostel, on the northern shore of the island. After going out for our last dinner together, the guys went for a thai massage while I went back to the hostel to figure out my next steps and decide what phone I'm going to buy.

      When they came back, me and Jorge played some pool (he won 2 out of 3 games) and soon was time to say goodbye. They were going to wake up at 5 a.m. to catch a flight to Bangkok. The end of an era!

      When I woke up the next day Jorge and Tavares were gone. It was strange to be alone after two weeks with two of my best friends but maybe even stranger was how quickly it felt natural to be once again solo travelling.

      I invited Tiphane and Sofiene for lunch and went to a shopping centre hoping to find my new phone. Tiphane joined me but Sofiene only joined us in the afternoon. He later told me that after the full moon party he had woken up by himself at 1pm in a bar, not remembering how he had gotten there, and his shoes were nowhere to be seen. When he arrived at the pier there were no more boats to take him back to Koh Samui... In desperation he decided to pay a fisherman 2k THB (~55 €) to take him across islands. Crazy!

      Tiphaine very patiently kept me company while I carefully studied every single mid budget phone in every store in that shopping mall. And the worst is that I didn't make up my mind! I decided I could travel to Bangkok without a phone and buy it there where I surely would have more options.

      Me, Tiphaine and Sofiene went back to the timeless hostel where they are staying. I requested a ferry plus transfer to get to the train station which I had booked an overnight train to Bangkok. To my surprise it was not possible! Even though it was only 14h and my train wouldn't leave until 21h, I had missed the last mini van to the pier and probably the last ferry.

      Kids, never leave booking transfers that involve 3 different means of transportation for last minute. I learned the hard way. The train left without me that night.

      The timeless hostel was fully booked, so I moved to the Blackjack hostel not far away.
      With some extra time on my hands I finally managed to buy a new phone, joined the family dinner in the timeless hostel and started the process of recovering my accounts.

      The upside of missing my train was that I got to see the Portugal vs Morrocco match for the world cup (spoiler: we lost.. maybe it wasn't such a great upside after all).

      The following day I just hung around the timeless hostel mingling with other travelers until a car came to pick me up to start the 17 hour trip to Bangkok.
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    • Day 39

      02.12.2015: Koh Samui/Thailand (II)

      December 2, 2015 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Heute sind wir zu unserem zweiten Besuch auf der Insel angekommen. Diesmal klappte das Tendern richtig gut. Schon bei unserem ersten Besuch war uns aufgefallen, dass das Hafenstädtchen über eine muntere Einkaufsstraße mit vielen bunten Geschäften verfügt. Daraufhin haben wir den ursprünglich geplanten Ausflug storniert und stattdessen einen Stadtbummel angesetzt, um die nötigen Reisemitbringsel einzukaufen. Was sich dann auch als sehr erfolgreich herausgestellt hat. Wir haben diverse Tischdecken und Einkaufstaschen einkaufen können. Zum Abschluss haben wir dann noch in einem kleinen Lokal ein Mittagessen zu uns genommen. Sehr lecker!Read more

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