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Changwat Surat Thani

Here you’ll find travel reports about Changwat Surat Thani. Discover travel destinations in Thailand of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • On my morning walk this morning I met a girl from Washington who's living here. She said her favorite beach is Chalok beach. So that's where I went today. It was a nice relaxing afternoon of swimming, reading, cold drinks and my first motorbike ride!
    The ride was my "taxi" back from the beach. They charge a standard fare of 300 baht, but on the way there I talked the driver (there it was a truck) down to 150 Baht. So, on the way back was also not going to pay 300. I said 200 or I'd walk. And they said ok, 200 on the bike. And I said ok, sure! It was an older guy that I was making the deal with. Once we agreed a younger guy was like "Oh! I'll take her!" Haha! At least that what it looked like they were was all in Thai.
    It was fun way to get back to my hotel. I'm not sure I feel comfortable driving one myself yet though.
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  • Heute ging es zu unserem zweitägigen Ausflug in den Nationalpark los. Zu Beginn unseres Trips sind wir zu einem Lokal market gefahren. Dort haben wir uns Bananen und einige Gewürze gekauft. Der zweite Stopp sollte dann noch etwas aufregender werden, den dort konnten wir Affen füttern. Die Bananen waren natürlich sehr schnell weg, aber es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht diese zu füttern. Danach ging es dann Richtung Nationalpark Park. Wir wurden in Kanus gesetzt und über einen Fluss gefahren bis zu einer bestimmten Stelle an der wir dann unsere Wanderung beginnen konnten. Es ging ca 1,5 h durch die Regenwald. Wir waren in einer Höhle drinnen, in der wir ganz viele Fledermäuse und auch eine Eule beobachten konnten. Das war ein tolles Erlebnis. Weiter durch den Regenwald konnte unser Reiseführer uns viel über die Einheimischen Pflanzen und Tierwelt erklären. Nach dem der Weg unserer Wanderung vorbei gewesen ist, sind wir wieder in das Kanu gestiegen, bis wir an der Tarzan Liane angekommen sind. Dort konnte man ins wasser springen und einen Einheimischen Kaffee trinken. Das Wasser für den Kaffee wurde dabei in einem Bambus Stock zubereitet. Auch die Tassen selber bestanden aus Bambus und wir durften diese am Ende behalten. Darüber haben wir uns sehr gefreut .Dann ging es nochmal auf unser Kanu bis zur jungel Camp in dem wir die Nacht verbringen sollten. Auf dem weh dort hin haben wir noch eine Schlange im Baum hängen sehen und einen wunderschönen blauen Vogel an uns vorbei fliegen sehen. Im Camp angekommen gab es ein typisches Thai Mittag essen. Danach könnten wir in unser Zimmer rein. Dieses war ein kleiner Bungalow auf stelzen stehen direkt im Regenwald. Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen doch leider ging es mir ab dem Moment immer schlechter und ich konnte kaum noch aus dem Bett aufstehen. Ich muss mir am Tag zuvor eine Lebensmittel Vergiftung zugezogen haben. Naja somit wurde die Nacht leider zu keinem Vergnügen. Bei Daniel ging die ganze Geschichte etwas später los.Read more

  • Am zweiten Tag ging es um 9:00 Uhr mit dem Frühstück weiter. Leider hatten Daniel und ich nicht ganz so großen Hunger durch unserer Nächtliches Fiasko. Danach hatten wir noch Zeit bis halb 11. Danach wurden wir zum Elefanten Trekking abgeholt. Dort angekommen waren wir schneller auf dem Elefanten als wir gedacht haben. Es war super doll aber zwischen durch such echt heuprig. Der Reiseführer war super nett zu dem Elefanten und hat immer nur mit ihm gesprochen wenn er mal keine ist mehr hatte weiter zu laufen. Sie sahen auch sehr gepflegt aus. Nach dem wir eine Weile unterwegs gewesen sind durfte ich auf den Hals des Elefanten steigen und von fort aus weiter reiten. Das war wirklich ein richtig tolles Erlebnis. Nach ca 1 h sind wir wieder im Camp angekommen. Danach könnte wir etwas Futter für unseren Elefanten kaufen und ihn damit etwas belohnen. Danach wurden die Elefanten noch mit kaltem Wasser abgespritzt. Für uns Ging es dann mit dem Auto weiter zu einem Tempel der auch dem Fluss gelegen war. An dieser Stelle des Tempels waren ganz viele Fische. Wenn man ihnen Futter gegeben hat sind sie heraus gesprungen. Es waren bestimmt 1000 Fische dabei. Danach ging es wieder zurück zum Camp und wir haben unser Mittagessen serviert bekommen. Da ich mich aber wieder schwächer gefühlt habe, bin ich lieber schnell wieder ins Bett verschwunden. Gehen 14:00 Uhr würden wir dann wieder zurück gefahren. Eigentlich hätten wir noch einen Wasserfall auf dem Programm gehabt, aber dafür war ich leider nicht fit genug. Im Hotel angekommen konnten wir uns erstmal ausruhen und hoffen das es uns bis morgen wieder besser geht.Read more

  • Arrived to Koh Tao after a long, overnight boattrip with the Ko Jaroen ferry. What an experience that was. Actually it went very well. The people on the boat were are very quiet at night and everyone respected each other's sleep. I woke up one time at night, because of the wiggling of the boat. That probably got me to sleep again as well. We waited a couple of hours at the pier when we arrived at 5.30. Our time easily passed by using the offline Netflix service on which we had Narcos final episodes. At the sairee cottage we didn't have to wait to check in, lovely. Tonight we spent our first few hours at the beach town in Koh Tao. Tomorrow we have our very first diving class. Although it's just a minor theory class, we are looking forward!Read more

  • It was time to day goodbye. Well, to the northern part of Thailand and go to my favourite place :) We headed back to Chiang Mai and I had an early (6:55) flight to Bangkok. It was haaaard to wake up, but the thought of our bay was on my mind. What woke me up though (from dreams) was later flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Food was awful, which is a standard for Bangkok Airways, plane was full of typical tourists, all complaining, americans being smart how things shoud and shouldn't be, later people yelling at Thai ladies ar airport taking care for taxis, again, thought of being two boatrides away from our beach helped :) The thing about Thai transport is you'll get there, it may seem unorganised, but don't you worry, they have everything under control, even if you book a taxi/boat/bus for 3 days ahead, they'll find you on time.
    Finally all that was left was to get off Koh Samui to Koh Phangan with a Haad Rin Queen ferry which takes around 50 minutes. I was like a child going to a Disneyland, only one tailboat ride away.
    Just seeing our bay, the rocks, the beach, all the memories that came to my head, it was amazing! While walking from once beach to another ober a small hill I sat on a bench for half an hour and just enjoyed the view. I missed it so much! Because the waves were too high they left me at Haad Tien, it's not a nice walk with backpack and a huge wave hit me so I was all wet, but I was in my paradise :) The owner of Ocean Rock resort was happy to see me, so was some Burmese gorl working there, because of rain they didn't have much guests and were awaiting us. They gave me beer and left me ti just stare and smile while watching Haad Yuan beach, I couldn't believe I was really there again :)
    I just had to wait for my friends to arive same and next day. But doing that with sweet sound of waves, I could do this forever :) Oh home sweet home (away from home) ❤
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  • It was an easy day, swimming, drinking pineapple shakes, beers, ... But we all waited for the night to come and go my favourite club in the world - Eden Garden, a little magical place with most amazing people and great music! It's the time of year when whole "family" (people living there, people visiting this place) come together and have a crazy party! People smiling, like we all know each other, everything full of love and happiness, oh I missed that place. There was even a girl walkng around and giving wrapped xmas gifts to random people, a friend got rubber duckies for bath, such a cool gesture. Gotta love that place! No pictures though, didn't have the camera, but there is a photo of my xmas dinner - Haad Yuan Chicked Sandwich and Chang, yumm!Read more

  • It's nice to have a four day chilling and relaxing between Christmas and New Year, isn't it? :) We've headed to the northern part of Koh Phangan to a remote beach called Bottle Beach. It's quiet here, no parties, just good food, swimming, throwing frisbee with other backpackers, I've also got some work done (and will do some more, I've just finished breakfast. Yes mom, Daša and others, I'm eating breakfast :)). Finaly I've also subscribed to New Scientist magazine, it's not cheap but articles are really awesome, I just can't stop reading. Same goes for Klemen, a true bookworm :) We're also waiting for the third member to fly down here for the north and tomorrow we're heading back to Haad Yuan for the NY fun :)Read more

  • 31/12/16


    Yeah!!! Big night coming but we have to sit through a full gala at the hotel (has free cocktails so not that dramatic) we watch the housekeeping staff do some god awful Thai dance moves. Then some Muay Thai boxing were some 6/7 year olds beat the crap out of each other with no gumshield, head guard etc. More terrible dancing. Some out of tune xylophone playing, th bar guy juggling fire filled glass bottles and then dropping them and nearly burning down the stage. Wow it was like a spoof brilliant.

    We're getting in the spirit and head out for the 40 minute drive to the party! Meet with some Aussies and a couple of irritating media type Brits. Good crack on the way!

    We get there! 20-30,000 people are going nuts it is sick!

    First things first we get our rave paint on which I thought I was totally over but it turns out I'm back to being 20 again! Then we go in and get out buckets. A bucket is a kids bucket from the beach with a full bottle (150ml) of your poison .... Absolute, Bacardi etc with a few mixers.... They are lethal.

    Meet up with a few of noblets work mates and get on it. There are all kinds of music as the bars are all lined up on the beach front so you can shock out to the music you like.

    We were going millibobdown and the DJ was like, hey guys if anyone can go help someone's drowning at the back. He says this a few times and no one seems to go so we decide to go and see if we can help. Out of about 1000 people at this bar only about 8 bothered, but we reckon everyone just assumed there were life guards... We couldn't see any.

    The weather was rough, as was the sea. People were leaving the beach in their droves, the weather was that bad loads of people inc Noblet had to get involved in pushing the boats out off the beach. Only around 10% of the people on the boats had life jackets, it was really crazy and defo unsafe!

    We sent one of the Aussies home just before new year she was sapping it a bit as she had bad sunburn.... Obvs we have them some shit for getting burnt in the first place!

    12 came around and the fireworks were about to be set off. But loads of people were sat on the fireworks!!!! Wtf!!!? Eventually they started firing them (there was no cordon) and the Sparks started flying all over everyone and they were such hot Sparks!!! Loads of people got really bad burns we just got hit a few times. The problem was everyone was trying to get away and there was a stampede. One girl got her ankle broken and a guy got killed. It was pretty shit.

    Also we found out the next day that a 27 year old Canadian girl died in the waves so not a great advert for this event.

    We didn't know this at the time so the night went on... We got separated and met back at the hotel 8 hours later, non of us with much recollection after the countdown!

    Apparently we had seen flame skipping ropes, flaming hoops that people were jumping through and general debortuary.

    It was absolutely brilliant and up there with Ibiza. Obviously the deaths just put a dampener on things!

    Man: Noblet for being a human shield to a very large Australian.

    Donkey: Noblet for nearly eating a massive shrimp which was totally raw and still fully shelled eyes on and freezing cold!
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  • 02/12/16

    Ko Phangan

    2 day hangover now coming to an end

    We have beer, some more beer and some more beer

    Noblet has Noname for lunch.... We still don't get what it is and can only assume google translate got it wrong.

    The weather is decidedly average again so we meander up and down the beach a few times until we end up at this bar in a cove.

    It's a tiny shack and you sit on the floor outside a tattoo parlour .... The tattoo artist drank with us for an hour before starting work on his next customer lol! They use a sharpened bamboo stick to get it boxed off. The waves are lapping at out feet, the guys start a bonfire.... All is well.

    Noblet buys the guy a beer as he lost at connect 4 massively loosing under pressure!! BOTTLE JOB!

    I'm on Mai Tai for a few hours as we chat American politics with a guys who worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign, a couple who have given up work age 40 something and now just travel about, a Russian who has left the country for the first time (from Siberia) and a few others.... Details become more sketchy as the longest day ever keeps going! It needs to rain its doing my nut in!!

    Apparently Noblet stopped drinking and I didn't leading to a difficult walk home for both of us! Whupps!!

    Forgot to have tea again!

    Man: Charlie - getting drunk holly home
    Donkey: holly - being drunk holly
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