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  • Day34

    Homeward Bound

    February 2, 2016 in South Africa

    Today, we wend our way home, taking with us so many profound memories. As I mentioned at the beginning of this narrative my interest in South Africa was initially sparked by my Great Uncle Rob and here are Peter and I, some 50 years later, having finally trodden the pavements, grasslands, beaches and mountains of those inspirational letters. It has been a journey of discovery every step of the way. Of course South Africa has changed beyond all recognition since my Uncle's day and the transition has not always been pretty. This is a young country, a fledgling democracy, which to be honest could go either way. The poverty is crippling and the gap between the 'haves and have nots' vast. What was so striking was the energy and determination within the black community that the legacy of Nelson Mandela would be lived and adhered to. There are huge problems of course, but we can only hope and pray for patience on behalf of the population and a reduction in corruption amongst those in government that may eventually lead this majestic country onwards and upwards. Scenically, there is no beating South Africa and In some respects I was reminded of some of the majestic landscapes of the American West, but yet there is always that indefinable African feel. Great Britain's history and influence is clearly evident, together with that of the Dutch and to a lesser extent the French, but today the phrase melting pot comes to and sticks in the mind. We have seen so many stunning sights and met some inspirational people from all backgrounds, determined to succeed. Pietman Retief, a descendant of the original Huguenot settlers said over lunch in Stellenbosch "this country will grow and succeed. I am African and immensely proud of the fact". He is not alone.Read more