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  • Day153

    Agnes Falls and our last night in Bertha

    March 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    The deposit for Bertha has come through and we meet on Saturday to hand her over. Time has flown by so fast.

    We set off for Agnes Falls, but decided to stop at Squeaky Beach for a paddle as the weather was warmer than yesterday. Squeaky Beach is named becuase the sand squeaks when you walk on it. It’s also a great beach to learn to surf at. The poster showing a fisherman being swept away does highlight a big problem here. Some popular places have hooks bolted into the rock so that fishermen (and women) can secure themselves against being swept off by unexpected freak wave. Quite often it is tourists who disappear.

    Over the past two days we’ve become aware of horse flies the size of bumble bees. They stealthily land, bite and suck blood. The bite is really painful so the fly doesn’t get much chance to suck and is usually punished with death. The resulting welt remains swollen and itchy long after the bite. The number of these bombers swarming around us on the beach was sufficient to curtail our paddle and head off to Agnes Falls.

    Agnes falls was probably one of the highest falls (At 59 metres, Agnes Falls are the highest single span falls in Victoria.) we have seen, but, because the waters falls in a number of stages, maybe not the most spectacular. It was difficult to see the entire falls as there isn’t a good viewing platform, but it was worth the detour to see it.

    We decided to camp at Corinella where there is a campsite on the foreshore so we should be able to see the sun go down over the sea. On the way we stopped at Loch, famous for its pedestrian suspension bridge. We stopped and marched across it and then back again and then drove on; maybe not the most memorable stops on our holiday.

    The campsite is very small, only 4 sites and we are the only ones here .... except the “permanents”. We look over the bay and can see the pier in front of us. The boat ramp is just along the waterfront and a steady flow of boat trailers go down to collect boats, we hope it won’t be a too early start when they return in the morning.
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    Mandy and Johnnie

    I feel a bit emotional! 😢

    Andy n Bunny Briggs

    Yep, Bun certainly felt emotional.