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    • Day 10

      Chillin’ with a Day at Sea

      July 24, 2022, Iberian Sea ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

      We definitely needed a day to relax after a long, HOT day in Barcelona. I ordered Room Service for the first time and was impressed that it was delivered in about 20 minutes. We typically sleep in on the At Sea days, so I was killing some time waiting for Sydney to wake up.

      Since she met a new friend and was out late, I went on to the adult pool area to snag 2 lounge chairs in a shady spot. I really hadn’t used the Medallion app to check her location, but I found it to be useful to check on her. I spent most of the day working on my plans for Rome. At one point I looked to the starboard side of the ship and saw land, so I opened my Maps to see where we were and what the land mass was. We were cruising along the Southern coast of Spain near Cartagena.

      It was a formal night, but we opted for an early dinner after taking the “official cruise” pictures (since we got the package that included all the digital files) and got changed in time to catch the new West Side Story poolside. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the volume turned up loud enough and we didn’t stay for the whole show.

      I went to the Internet Café to print some maps for our next stop in Gibraltar.
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    • Day 12

      Sea Day & the Last Formal Night

      July 26, 2022, Iberian Sea ⋅ 🌙 77 °F

      Relaxing sea day = catching up on lost sleep, reading a book, and planning for upcoming ports and what to do in Rome.

      Since we got the photo package with a promo, we try to take official pictures every night.Read more

    • Day 85

      Eine neue Laufbuchse

      January 6, Iberian Sea ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

      Wir haben gestern eine neue Laufbuchse bekommen, die wir heute in den Maschinenraum transportiert haben. Das gute Stück wiegt fast 8 Tonnen.
      Im Hafen haben wir dann die alte Laufbuchse zusammen mit einem Zylinderkopf und anderen Teilen abgegeben.Read more

    • Day 16

      Playing ketchup

      April 25, Iberian Sea ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

      Some sights so far. Started in Malaga, Spain. Terrain is tougher than I thought (climbs, drops, dirt, tunnels, sun). Ground it out to Valencia. Nothing broke or fell off. But, presently on an overnight ferry to Barcelona via Minorca.Read more

    • Day 13

      Départ de Palma

      November 6, Iberian Sea ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Ce matin, après le footing le long du port de Palma, on part en mission course avec Juliette ! Objectif s'approvisionner surtout en fruits et légumes frais 🥗 On arrive à trouver une petite boutique bio et locale comme on les aime ! De retour au bateau, on fait un peu de ménage en vue de préparer le départ. On attends tout les quatre le technicien qui est sensé arriver aujourd'hui afin de réparer le desalinisateur. Il se fait attendre et on bouillone, on a tous envie de partir ⛵ On sens bien que la tempête est passée, les pontons se vident progressivement et les skippers s'affairent sur les ponts. Ça y est le desalinisateur est opérationnel, on largue les amarres et Plouf reprends la mer à notre plus grand bonheur. On a le droit à un superbe coucher de soleil. On mets du Rolling Stones sur les enceintes avant de passer sur du Kamaro histoire de danser un peu pour célébrer le départ du port ! Le vent est faible et nous vient de face. Au bout de 2h il tourne un peu, on l'a presque au travers, Christophe nous mets donc en exercice "allez y". Il fait nuit, et on fait les choses un peu à l'arrache sans vraiment de brief entre Lucas, Juliette et moi. Les ris (qui permettent de réduire la voilure) sont emmêlés et nous empêche de hisser. Apres plusieurs tentatives, on parvient à hisser la grand voile. On se retrouve dans le carré pour le debrief, Christophe sourire aux lèvres nous dit "parfait, il faut faire des erreurs". Lucas et moi, prenons des notes pour essayer de bien imprimer la marche à suivre pour hisser et affaler la grande voile de nuit ! Mieux préparer c'est certain 😅 On passe à table et je vais me reposer assez rapidement, j'ai mon quart de nuit à 3h30 !Read more

    • Day 3

      Ansia da prestazione. X-Factor

      December 4, 2021, Iberian Sea ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

      Sempre in tema di metafore sportive, si vocifera che Alberto Tomba venisse regolarmente battuto dai compagni in allenamento. Poi, la preoccupazione della gara, l'ansia da prestazione, paralizzavano gli altri azzurri e galvanizzavano l'Albertone nazionale. E' un po' quel che succede a me nel calcetto. Oggi pomeriggio ho vinto, ma purtroppo non era un torneo. E soprattutto la mia bestia nera Mauro non c'era.
      Devo dire che comincio a stringere qualche amicizia. Sul finire della partita è arrivato Mauro, che nella vita è titolare di uno stabilimento balneare, col suo amico torinese, ex rappresentante di tessuti. Dopo la partita ci siamo intrattenuti al bar per un caffè. Mi sia concesso un po' di gossip. Il mio omonimo gira sempre francobollato alla moglie, una sorta di Tarcisio Burgnich che lo marca a tutto campo. L'ottantatreenne torinese invece gioca da .... libero, nel senso che è solo e, come un cane da tartufo (non a caso è piemontese) gira alla caccia di vedove e single.
      Vi volevo anche dire che, come vedete nella foto, ho partecipato alle selezioni di X-Factor 2022. Purtroppo non mi hanno preso. Tre no ed un sì. Per me ha votato solo Mika. Pazienza, ci riproverò. La prossima settimana dovrebbe esserci il casting di Amici di Maria De Filippi, mi candido come ballerino
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    • Day 3

      Das Meer

      October 23, 2022, Iberian Sea ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      8 Uhr - nach 12 Stunden Schlaf, "raus aus em Soich". Wir befinden uns Bereits auf der Höhe von Loret de Mar (Spananien🧐😂). In Barcelona wartet der erste und einzige Zwischenstopp. Leider ohne Landgang. Zeit, sich etwas auf das Abenteuer vorzubereiten:

      Es klingt verheissungsvoll: "Marokko ist ein Land natürlicher Gegensätze. Fruchtbare grüne Regionen in den Küstenebenen am Atlantik und an den Flüssen gibt es ebenso wie die hohen, (im Winter) schneebedeckten Berge im Atlasgebirge oder die trockenen, heissen Randgebiete der Sahara mit den grünen Farbtupfern ihrer Oasen".

      Unsere Spannung steigt...
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    • Day 19

      Viking adventures

      April 4, Iberian Sea ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

      Tuesday 4/4 Beautiful sunrise seen from our balcony this morning, and away we went with 23 others and guide Sylvia to Sitges which is about 40 minutes south of Barcelona. One of Pete’s work colleagues had told him that she stayed in Sitges, I think in the 80’s, and really loved it, but we knew that since then it had grown and was a real tourist town so has maybe changed a fair bit.

      In a nutshell the countryside was fairly dry-looking but inland it’s a great grape-growing area and is famous for Cava, as well as growing olives. Sitges has 17 beaches in a 4km stretch, has become something of a dormitory town for Barcelona so there are traffic jams, there are a lot of new-build apartment blocks in the town and some very upmarket houses with pools. In contrast there’s an ‘old town’ with narrow lanes, pretty views, lots of ceramic tiles on the buildings for street signs, traditional blue and white painted houses which are very popular with tourists but accommodation along the beachfront is very expensive.

      Back in hippy times it was a mecca for alternative people and today it still has that reputation, a lot of gay bars and shops, cannabis shop and plenty of nightclubs, that sort of thing. Goes crazy in summer.

      We walked through the town down to an old 16th century church above the beach, had time to walk or have a cuppa (errrr, this is Spain, coffee and a pastry). The church bell struck 10 while I watched, it doesn’t use the clappers but has an electric ‘hammer’ striking the outside, makes a great noise too. I got a great shot of the church showing a cannon emplacement directly outside for protection against the English in a great battle.

      Next to the church is what looks like an old building but it was explained that a rich American who loved the town built this place using all sorts of styles: renaissance, baroque, traditional Spanish. You look carefully and realise that the stone carvings are too crisp to be old, that sort of thing. The path leads to one of the beaches, the wind was nippy but one hardy soul was out swimming. We walked through the old area down to the next beach and along an avenue of palm trees. These were planted by locals in the 19th century who had gone to the USA to make their fortunes, came back and built big houses on the waterfront to show off their wealth. One of these was the Bacardi family of rum fame.

      I hadn’t realised that a ‘snack’ was included in the tour so it was nice to sit at the window of a beachfront restaurant with a pleasant American couple from Los Angeles, we chatted and ate the FIVE different tapas served up with a glass of cava. Definitely happy with all of that.

      We went along to the Wintergarden for high tea at 4pm, it was crowded and the crew were flat out with plates of sandwiches and cakes, warm scones with cream and jam, a huge tea menu and drinks as well. We sat by the window, joined by an older American couple, she was as funny as anything with stories of past travel including being helped by Italian cops in Naples when she and a friend were trying to get pizza but couldn’t cross the road. The cops asked if they could help and said ‘jump in, we know where the best pizzas are’, proceeded to put on the siren and speed to their destination, wouldn’t let them pay for the pizzas, put them back in the police car and drove them to the dock. She said they could be seen by everyone on the ship, the captain came rushing down to see why two of his passengers were being returned by police, what had they done? She told a great story.

      The ship sailed at 5pm so, being by the window, we had a good view of the harbour as we sailed out. Time for the port talk about our visit to Cartagena on Wednesday, then we had dinner in the slightly posher restaurant, again by the window so the sunset was every bit as good as the sunrise. We went to the show which was really professional, worthwhile seeing – Britt Lenting is from the Netherlands and has appeared in several West End productions so she was talking about her career and singing songs from the shows, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it too.

      This is being written at 1.30am, I can’t sleep so might as well write the diary. We’re currently out at sea about half way between Barcelona and Cartagena, in port around midday so planning a quiet morning.

      Check the next instalment for extra photos of Sitges
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    • Day 2

      Auf hoher See

      May 14, Iberian Sea ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Seit 6h haben wir spürbaren Seegang. Das Wetter ist ok und Thomas schläft und schläft. Heute schauen wir uns mal an wo wir die ersten Tage so langfahren, Eine Routenidee haben wir. Gegen Nachmittag werden wir wohl in Barcelona ankommen und den Zwischenstopp beobachten. Das Publikum auf dem Schiff ist interessant. Es sind traditionell gekleidete Nordafrikaner an Board, Italiener und einige schmierige Typen, Thomas hat auf Mafia getippt. Das Personal ist zu 90% aus Ostasien, freundlich, aber für jeden Handgriff solls Bakschisch geben.

      Nächste Unterkunft nach Tanger ist nun auch gebucht, in Mohammedia, direkt am Strand zum Atlantik.
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    • Day 2

      Tanger wir kommen -bald

      May 14, Iberian Sea ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Wie waren eine Weile etwas weiter von der Küste entfernt und daher ohne Verbindung, jetzt sind wir nahe an Spanien und haben teilweise 5G, aber nicht lange.

      Gestern Abend haben wir lange im Restaurant geredet, ein deutsches Paar mit Hund kennengelernt und das italienische Bier „genossen“

      Der 🌅 Sonnenuntergang war grandios, dabei war es an Deck kühl und windig. Apropos Wetter, für Marrakesh sind Temperaturen deutlich unter 30 Grad vorhergesagt und am Donnerstag Regen. Thomas ist mein Regenmann, ich habe sowas noch nie erlebt😂, Regen überall…

      Das Schiff hat seine besten Tage auch schon hinter sich, aber für uns reicht es.
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