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  • Day103


    January 10, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We reached Puyuhuapi at around 4 pm. Tge bus dropped us just near the village center. Maria and Hristo waited with our bags while Melinda and I went around the town trying to find a place to stay and information regarding the tours etc.
    Our first stop was at the tourist information center. There we got some good information regarding the tours and things to do nearby. We also got some tips regarding the places to stay etc. We went around the village qnd saw some 15-20 places of stay. Eventually, we decided to rent a cabaña for 4 people right on the road coming into the village about 200 mts from the tourist information center and about the same distance from the bus stops. The cost of 40000 CLP for the 4 of us per night was a good price too.
    After settling down, we went to book a drop and pickup for the Queulat glacier for the next day. At the tourist information office, we had found that there was a person working at the Queulat Glacier National Park and that he picks up people at takes them there when he goes to work in the morning at 8 am and then returns at 5:30 pm after work. He charges 5000 CLP per person and has limited seats of about 9 people. We went there and found the place closed. We had just written a note with our phone number when the wife of the person came. She knew English so it was easy to communicate with her. She told us that the were no places with them for the next day but she told us she could ask a neighbor if they could drop us. After a quick discussion with the neighbor where she did all the talking for us, it was agreed that they will drop us the next day. The pickup would be at 8 am and the return would be at 5 pm and the charge would be the same 5000 CLP per person. There would be a few other people with us in the van. We specifically asked that if we wanted to do all the treks in the park and some who didn't want to do all what would they do, to which we were told that they would wait in the van for everyone to come back.
    Having arranged one whole day's excursion, we went to the fisherman who takes boat trips to got springs and into the fjords for a total of 50000 CLP for 7 people. This too had been told to us at the tourist office. When we reached the marked house, there was no one there. There was a phone number displayed on a board outside. We called and after a few tries were able to get through to the fishermen's wife. She told that the guy was away and that he would be available later. She confirmed the price of 50000 CLP for the boat and said that for the day after, it was just the 4 of us for now. We gave her our number and asked her to call back to confirm our place when the guy was back.
    Having done whatever bookings we could do now, we started our walk towards the viewpoint of the village on a hill nearby.
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