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  • Day129

    Back to Playa Blanca

    February 5, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    When we came back, we realized that almost everyone from our boat had already left. They all had lunch included in their package and had been waiting patiently till almost 1:30 pm. The lunch was on the island Bocachica that was about an hour's ride from the Isla Rosario. They had been delayed due to the frequent stops our boat had taken since morning. So, they had all forced the boat captain to get them back so they could have lunch. By the time, we came back from our snorkeling, it was almost 2 pm. We were accommodated on a different speed boat, along woth some of our co-passengers from the morning boat. From Isla Rosario, our boat took us to Playa Blanca. Here, even before the captain could stop him, Hristo jumped out into the refreshing water. I followed quickly and told the boat captain that we will swim over to wherever he anchors the boat. We swam amd walked and reached where the boat was dropping off the rest of the passengers. The boat now took on some more passengers and told is that they would go and drop off these people at Bocachica and come back and pick us up later. That gave us about 40 min at Playa Blanca. We swam around in the sea, relaxed on the beach and just had a good time. After a while our boat came back and took us towards Bocachica. It was a fantastic boat ride with our boat literally flying all the way. A full adrenaline rush.. even better than roller-coasters.Read more