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  • Day26

    Lost city, day 3 & 4

    November 24, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Day 3:
    Wake up at 5:00, again,
    Start walking at 6:30, again,
    Reached the lost city, enjoy the view for some hours, listen to some guides and go back to the next camp.
    Hurry up, cause rain is coming, again.
    Well, at least we already are wet from al the sweat, that's pouring down our faces, armpits and backs. So the rain is more like a shower now 😅
    Right before the camp we had to go through an angry river. Was so deep, could barely keep my head out.

    Day 4:
    Last night we chilled and now again, are on the track @ 6:30.
    Sweatting into our already dirty and smelly clothes. Rivers to cross, slippery stones to overcome, mud and clay hindering us to walk and there is the exhaust. At least we could swim again.
    Finally, we are back. Our group was the best, like a little family. 2 singing french girls, a critical fast walking Danish chica, our spiritual clever translator and of course André & me. We will remember this little family.
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