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  • Day18

    Hopping snacks

    November 2, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We slept the night at Ziwa lodge with the quite surreal experience of ‘guard rhinos’ outside our bedroom window and I woke several times to the sound of their snoring, actually very gentle and quiet, considering the size of them! Instead of being the huge, threatening animals that they can seem, when sleeping and just happily grazing in their own surroundings, they are incredibly calm and lovely to watch, I think they might now be my top of the big 5!

    We got up before 6, to make sure we didn’t miss the rhinos waking up, which was quite an experience, under the backdrop of an African sunrise. We all sat on the balcony, with the rhinos literally a stone’s throw away and watched them gradually wake up, all 11 of them! They seemed to have quite a morning routine, get up, eat a bit of grass and go the loo! Quite amusingly they all liked the same spot for the latter and seemed to use a makeshift rhino toilet, which resulted in a huge pile of rhino dung just beyond our garden path! We were about half an hour late for our planned 7am breakfast as we weren’t allowed to make the 30m walk across to the breakfast area due to rhino traffic ! Eventually we crossed with the assistance of a ranger, but we needn’t have worried as breakfast was on African timing !

    So our planned for departure time of 8 am turned into nearer 9, but we thought this was still allowing ample time to arrive back in Kampala for the rugby World Cup final at 12md our time... however that didn’t allow for Saturday Kampala traffic ! The proposed 2.5 hour return journey took roughly double that, partly because of going into town to collect Aggrey, who was taking us to a local rugby club to watch the match. We eventually arrived at said club for the second half of the second half.... not the best moment to be in Africa in a final losing to South Africa! Nathaniel and I nearly got landed on by someone falling back off their stool in jubilant enthusiasm ! Suffice to say we didn’t stay around long after the finish, preferring to get some lunch at a nearby shopping centre, in the rain.

    We had planned to go back to Suubi for some more cricket but it was a bit late in the day, so we had another visit to the craft market then headed back to the mission apartments, which felt somewhat like ‘coming home’ after our night away. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, as usual, with a starter of fried grasshoppers, as recommended by Judith from the apartments, who said she can eat a whole tub whilst driving along. They are generally sold at your car window along the edge of the road and as we’d sat so long in Kampala traffic, we decided it would be a good time to try them. The only slight snag was, we saw some cooked ones and decided to have some, but by the time we were ready to wave the £1 equivalent out the window, traffic had moved on. So the next time we saw a box of them we were quicker off the mark, but as the seller handed me the sandwich bag full of them, I quickly realised they weren’t quite ready to eat, as they were still hopping around, albeit with their legs having been removed ! Caleb quickly took them on as pets, but as they then sat for several hours in the hot van before we arrived back at the apartments, they were somewhat less alive, in spite of Nathaniel’s amazing efforts at CPR. Not to worry though, chef David was happy to still fry them up and they were actually quite edible, almost a bit like savoury popcorn... sort of!
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  • Day23

    Day 23: Back to Kampala

    February 24, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The day started off very nicely: We went to a rhino sanctuary 🦏🇺🇬. Rhinos were extinct in Uganda, thus, this place is trying to bring the rhinos back to the far white rhinos only.

    We were walking through the sanctuary where the rhinos are running around freely. And we were able to stand right next to them...they are huge and it is an amazing feeling to stand this closely to these creatures 🦏 Again, we were also able to see lots of baby animals (as you know this makes me very happy 😊).

    Then, on our way to Kampala, we stopped to switch cars and quickly we were surrounded by several local children. They were asking for sweets so I gave them my cookies and afterwards we gave them pencils ✏️ and balloons 🎈 They were so happy ... incredibly happy ...

    I’m falling in love with this continent more and more every day ... before I left, some of you were telling me “I bet you are not coming back home after this trip”; well, let’s see 😉💛

    PS: Today I had air conditioning and a hair dryer for the first time in weeks ... heaven ... simply heaven 😂🙏🇺🇬
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  • Day8

    Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    December 2, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We left today at 6am to begin the long drive to view the mountain gorilla in Rwanda. We should arrive tonight at around 6pm. We pitch our tents and the cook team cook while we laze around. Tomorrow we go to see the gorillas.

    We spent the night at Hot Chilli Hotel in Kampala and arrived there at around 8pm. We all upgraded to either a dorm or single room. I chose a room over a dorm as I need time to recharge my social battery.

    By the time I arrived, I was so hungry I could have eaten a nun's arse through a mahogony convent door. Although I'm largely vegetarian or, more cortectly, flexitarian, I had a big barbecue platter of pork and chicken. It was delicious 😋. I slept like a log that night and had dreams of trucks falling off cliffs.

    I enjoy these long journeys. These's a certain rythym about them. You know you can't go anywhere so you just surrender to the rocking motion of the truck, the sound of the wind whistling by, the changing landscapes and differing weather, temperature and elevations. I usually lose focus of the destination and just enjoy the journey.

    We passed many African villages on the way and they all looked similar although I'm sure they weren't. Most seemed to be stretched along the side of the road with many shops and people selling things. They were all full of activity and vibrant, if a bit shabby.

    Half of us played cards during the trip here while the rest of us read or snoozed. I was in the latter camp.

    The highlight drama was when one of the young women put on her coat as it was getting chilly. She found a spider on it spinning a web on her coat to hold its eggsack. We decided not to kill it but to liberate the spider and eggs at next stop. This we did. The spider wasn't that big, about the size of a fingernail, but looked very spidery; about 5/10 on the shudder scale. I got real close to her and would have let her climb onto my hand if I knew she wasn't poisonous; I wasn't sure.

    Journey coming to an end now and we will soon be at our camp.
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