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  • Day108


    June 30, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    After 34 hours of travelling Brisbane - Sheffield I've made it home. Especial thanks to sis and Mark for collecting me from Manchester Airport - hugely appreciated 😆 And thanks to Sarah for getting supplies in and making my house look so welcoming. It's fantastic to travel and see so much and have so many adventures and still to feel happy walking in the door and reacquainting myself with home.

    How green everywhere looks - and different to rainforest green. A soft, lush green. Lovely.
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  • Day13

    Through Trafalgar Square

    December 10, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    During my Tube transportation lesson, we decided to go to what we thought was the National Gallery....turns out it was the National PORTRAIT Gallery...who knew! It was quite interesting. I picked my favs with their stories so do please read about them here.

  • Day16


    May 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Well today's bank holiday was supposed to be a chill out day with a nice walk in the Peak District (although was raining), but got call on way from Luan saying that her sister has to move out of house today and was way behind and husband had been useless (he's a fat git) so yep I did the honourable thing and turned around :-) spent next 6-7 hours carrying boxes and furniture up and down lots steps and slopes so got one hell of a workout - had to dismantle 3 wardrobes and even though it was a close thing (see pic) I obviously won 👍😊 earned a future dinner tooRead more

  • Day13

    Learning London Transportation

    December 10, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    My lovely honey was kind enough to give me a crash course in London trains, tubes, and buses. I will have many options to get from here to there while he is away! Whew!

  • Day11

    Day 11: Sheffield and the Five Lochs

    April 15, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Woke up in the morning after mumba was kicking herself that she couldn't find Stuarts number. So we had no real way to contact him to be able to see if we could meet up with him.
    Eventually in the morning, mum came across it in her contacts, which was really a good place for it to be! And was able to call him. At first it was a little confusing on the phone, I think because he thought we wanted him to come to us, and as it turns out, he doesn't own a car. Alison let him know this was not the case, and we would be happy to drive down to see him if he was free and happy to have us. He seemed genuinely happy on the phone for this, so we set out immediately and were about an hour away.

    We got there in really good time and had his address so found the house in a not so great part of town, but he absolutely loved his "little apartment". I think partlybecause it was his. Anyway, he was such a lovely man and was so warm and welcoming, our very first experience of Scottish hospitality. All of us couldn't believe how overly and open and welcoming and genuine he was. We all came away feeling really happy that we had met him, but also really happy that we had gone and also made is day!

    He showed us in for tea and biscuits and we only stayed about an hour. He was working nightshirt as a security guard at a nearby mall, shopping centre, and was loving his job, with the wonderful people and the ease of getting to work. So we left about midday I think, so that he had enough time to get organised and go to sleep before work! The conversation was mostly mum and Stuart reminiscing, but that was kind of fine really. Alison remembered going to aunty lizzie's funeral (I think), and Stuart also. There wasn't a whole lot to come out of it really. But good to make the connection I guess! And we took some photos and promised to stay in touch, well mostly Alison and Stuart are to stay in touch, but close enough!!

    After weren't Stuart in Sheffield, we headed out to the Five rise Lochs in Bingley. Alison really wanted to see that so we went over there. They were pretty cool because they were quite long to handle the canal boats. I think someone said it took about 2.5 hours to go the whole thing...quite a long time really!! Of course we spoke to some people, well, Alison did, and faj too really. And learnt that the guy has been living on the canals for about a decade and I don't think moves around too much, but moors in Bingley above the Lochs in summer and somewhere else during the winter time.

    Quite picturesque, but also quite long and so quite hard to get a nice picture of the hole thing.

    Back to Wighill for our last night where we went back to the White Swan for dinner so Alison could get the girls grans Parkin recipe. Was a reasonably nice meal so that was good. The next day is the first in a series of quite long travelling days until we get to Campbeltown in 3 days time (2 nights).
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