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  • Day12

    Disney Springs

    October 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Abends waren wir noch eben zu Disney Springs gefahren. Kurz am Wasser gucken und was sehen wir da? Kleine Caddilacs die durchs Wasser schippern.😂 Noch eben schnell in den Legostore und gucken was es jetzt so gibt.Read more

  • Day8

    Sea World Tag 2

    October 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Und heute geht es noch einmal nach Seworld Orlando. Ein zweiter Tag mit Mittagessen bei den Orcas und Halloween-Stimmung im gesamten Park. Es gibt diverse Stände an denen man sich Süßigkeiten holen kann. Nicht zu vergessen sind natürlich die ansonsten auch vorhandenen Attraktionen und Tiere. Hier ein paar Ausschnitte...Read more

  • Day19

    Noch ein letztes mal Olive Garden

    May 4 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Fürs Abendessen hatten wir uns ein letztes Mal Olive Garden rausgesucht. Gründe gabs zwei. Einerseits hatten wir Lust drauf, andererseits wussten wir es ist wohl die letzte Chance. Die nächsten Tage werden wir nicht dazu kommen, in Miami sind wir dann auf Miami Beach zu weit weg von dem nächsten Olive Garden. Also ging’s zu einem Olive Garden auf dem Weg Richtung Hotel wo wir dann aber 20 Minuten auf einen Tisch warten durften. War aber erträglich. Ich hab mir dann nochmal die Fettuccine Alfredo gegönnt, Nadine Spaghetti mit Pilz Rahm Soße. Dazu wieder Salat und Knoblauchbrot. War sehr gut und extrem satt ging’s dann zurück zum Hotel. Auf dem Weg noch kurz Walmart um Wasser zu kaufen. Im Hotel angekommen waren wir durch den langen Tag, die weite Fahrt und die Hitze extrem K.o. Nadine ist sofort eingeschlafen, ich auch zeitnah nach dem Footprints anlegen. Mit 11,56 Kilometer (15.860 Schritte) haben wir auch heute wieder unser Ziel erreicht und waren wieder gut unterwegs. Morgen geht’s dann recht früh los in die zwei Universal Studio Parks, Universal's Islands of Adventure und The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Wir freuen uns riesig!Read more

  • Day19

    Disney Springs - Downtown Disney

    May 4 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Nach knapp 3 Stunden Fahrt und insgesamt ca. 310 Kilometern waren wir in Orlando angekommen. Kurz vor Orlando waren wir dann das erste mal auf ein paar Maut Straßen. Mit insgesamt 5,50$ Maut haben wir uns über 30 Minuten gespart, hat sich gelohnt. Unser erstes Ziel in Orlando war das Disney Springs. Das Disney Springs hieß ursprünglich mal Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, wurde 1977 Walt Disney World Village genannt und dann ab 1997 Downtown Disney, wie ich es noch kannte. Jetzt hat es seit 2015 den neuen Namen Disney Springs. Der Komplex ist ein Einkaufszentrum mit Gastronomie und Unterhaltung, großteils mit Bezug auf Disney. Man findet aber auch normale Restaurants, Imbisse und Einkaufsläden. Der 48,6 Hektar große Komplex besteht aus den vier Bereichen Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center und West Side. Von hier aus gibt es auch Verbindungen zu den Parks von Walt Disney World durch Busse und Wassertaxen. Unsere Tickets sind heute noch nicht gültig, also sind wir hier geblieben. Wir sind durch alle Läden gestöbert und haben auch ein paar Kleinigkeiten gekauft. Am längsten waren wir im World of Disney, einem gigantischen Laden mit Merchandise von Disney, Pixar, Star Wars und Marvel. Einerseits wollten wir rumstöbern, anderseits etwas Abkühlung von den gut 30 Grad die es zu der Zeit hatte. Nach dem rumlaufen ging’s dann zum Auto und los zum Hotel. Das Parken war kostenlos, sehr erfreulich! Erst am Ende hatten wir dann auch realisiert, dass wir hier heute am Star Wars Feiertag da waren. May the fourth auf englisch klingt ähnlich wie May the force (Be with you), also auf deutsch möge die Macht mit dir sein. Eine kleine Anspielung die den Tag bei Fans zum Feiertag für Star Wars gemacht hat. Dementsprechend gab es hier auch viele mit Star Wars Shirts.Read more

  • Day19

    Debbies House

    February 23 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    Sunday night, Nora Tobi and I went ot to Thai Thani Thai to celeday. We were all super tired and went dressed comfy. It was the hands down best Thai food I ever had! When we got home, I fell asleep immediately on the couch and eventually moved upstairs in the middle of the night. They had work in the morning, so we said our farewells, and I nestled in on the couch to finish our show before heading to Debbie's house.

    When I arrived at Debbie's, we were both hungry, so she drove us to BJs Restayrant, and we had a wonderful lunch and caught up on lots of things, including the Park Drama. Apparently, Ben, Alex, and Andres booths are no longer welcome at SOSMP either. Teena, Robin, and James refuse to offer explanations to Debbie or anyone for that matter. I must admit that I am a little relieved to no longer be alone on the trespass island. She thinks it is because the trio of assholes believes Andres is involved in illegal activity, and because Ben and Alex's crew once set up without them present and a patron brought in a bag of wine and threw it under their booth to hide it. Security came running to take it and also to just ruin the livelihood of a long-standing vendor. It's amazing how dark that place has become in my mind.

    We came back to Debbie's after unsuccessfully trying to schedule massages for us both at Massage Envy. She worked on emails, and I worked on sifting through the massive amounts of photos from my recent trips. Kyland came home, and Debbie suggested we all go to the Rodizio restaurant, a Brazilian Steakhouse. I had never been to in before, so I was super excited. We waited until about 7 and drove over, where we were given a 45-minute wait estimate. So we walked over to the arcade that wasn't far and got a couple of drinks and played the largest pac man and Galaga game in the world. It was so fun! When our table was ready, we headed back over to Rodizio and had one of the most beautiful and delicious meals ever! The steaks were incredibly juicy, and I ate a whole lot! I even tried their classic Brazilian drink. I can't remember what it is called now, but it was delicious!

    After dinner, we went back to the arcade to use up our points card. We played a little more pac man. I dominated at air hockey and connected four basketballs, and we just had a really great time playing around. When we had used up our points, Kyland chose some toys from the ticket trade in place, and we came home where I again passed out on the couch uncomfortable full from dinner.

    Yesterday, Tuesday, we got up and went walking with Debbie's girlfriends at the park. We power walked 4 miles, and I am sore from that! Debbie walks really fast. We all plotted to go out to lunch later, and when we returned home, Debbie let me try some of her NATs and kind of showed me all her different products from Pruvit that she loves. I'm pretty psyched to try this stuff out! Apparently, it puts your body into ketosis without changing your diet or exercise routine, and Mark has already lost like 27lbs from just drinking these delicious keto drinks!

    We met the gals at Bonsai sushi and had a fun girls lunch. I ate 2 of the same sushi rolls because it was so delicious. Suen bought lunch, which was rediculously sweet of her, and Debbie and I walked over to the Chinese massage place to see if they could get us in for a quickie. They could! We each got the most efficient 30-minute massages next to each other. Our therapists wasted no time getting deep into our muscles, and it was fantastic! I felt completely worked over and relaxed. He was pulling on my arms, twisting them and stretching me out in the best way.

    When we finished up with that goodness, we came home and did some phone and computer work until sunset time. Shelley, Debbie's sister, has a membership to a really nice lake club, and we drove over there for a gorgeous sunset and seltzer time. Shelley joined us on the dock and invited us over to her place for some patio drinks once it got chilly to them. She has the most beautiful back patio with a gmlagoon pool, grotto hot tub, and what looks like it is usually a waterfall. We chilled out, caught up, and just relaxed. When Shelley and Mike were about to eat dinner, we came back to Debbie's to wait for Sierra! She was coming to give us reiki massages from St. Pete! I had thought she lived in St Augustine, and I wouldn't get to see her this trip. Debbie made a really lovely dinner of crockpot shredded chicken and salad that we ate when Sierra arrived at about 830. We smoked some bowls, and she started on Debbie first. I sat on the couch and scanned in all of my receipts to Dropbox since the new year and dozed off. They woke me when it was my turn, and I hopped up on the table. Everything started out awesome, and I had all the tingly feels. Then, about 10 minutes in, she started doing extremely light pressure and like holding her fingers on places on my body that felt like it was doing literally nothing. This gave me some serious ants in my pants, and I had the urge to fidget. The whole massage went downhill from there. She wasn't massaging in a moving sense. She just kept doing super light holds, and I was becoming angry and antsy. When I fidgeted, she thought it was too much pressure and asked me, so I told her I could do much more pressure. She began just squeezing the same parts of my muscles over and over again in the same exact spots. It was not enjoyable. It hurt, and she only worked on my back! I kept thinking surely she must be about to move onto an arm or a leg, but no, she just annihilated my shoulder muscles more. So now I feel very uneven. My back and shoulders are all loose, but my arms and legs are completely neglected. I will probably go to a massage envy on my way back to or in Dothan just to get the rest of my body worked out! I'm pretty disappointed in my massage from Sierra. I was really looking forward to some great healing, but the whole thing was just annoying and lacked flow. I also think she massaged us each for 90 minutes when I thought we were only doing 60. So that'll probably set me back about a hundred bucks or more. It's a wash, really, because Debbie has been paying for like everything since I got here. She is so nice and has all these coupons from her barter website. So I hadn't really bought a meal or a massage this whole time, so it's less of a hit to pay a lot for a massage that I just didn't enjoy.

    Today I head over to see Molli Williams in Daytona Beach! I haven't seen her for YEARS, and we used to be best friends in Illinois. I am really looking forward to connecting with her! I'm pretty sure she's all the way self-employed now with her and Tim's Ritual Apparel, and I am just so proud of them. So, I will stay with her tonight and get up and go back to Alabama tomorrow. I want to spend another week with my dad before heading back up to Illinois to crush another month of production. It always feels like there isn't enough time..
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  • Day2

    Epcot - Future World

    February 22, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Epcot has a few things closed and a lot of construction going on, but as a pleasant surprise we caught the the tail end of the Epcot Festival of the Arts, which we had thought would end before our trip started.

    We kicked off by heading straight for the Odyssey Centre to check out an exhibit previwing the new changes that are underway. We spent the rest of the morning checking out some art festival stands with pieces that included some amazing Doctor Who paper art, and checking out the rides in the northern (Future World) seciton ofthe park,
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  • Day9

    Disney Cruise (4)

    February 24, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Tag 4: Debarkation Day

    Leider ist der Cruise schon wieder vorbei und wir sind gerade in Port Caneveral vom Schiff gegangen. Schön war’s - deswegen hier ein paar Schnappschüsse. Jetzt gehts nochmal nach Orlando zu 3 weiteren Tagen Disney.Read more

  • Day23

    The Sunshine State

    June 13, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    Had a lovely trip on The Silver Meteor - my last long train trip - from Washington DC to Orlando, Florida. Met a lovely couple in the next sleeping compartment. I heard the female’s accent and asked where she was from - ‘Cambuslang’ replied Pauline, a scientist who had lived in the States for 15 years but not lost her accent. Her boyfriend, Hector was a heating engineer from Mexico. We hit it off and had dinner together on board the train, and later Hector appeared with a bottle of red wine - a great nightcap!

    Passed through Georgia, and in the morning we arrived in Florida. Had breakfast with Pauline and Hector, and before I ‘detrained’ as they call it, in Orlando, I had lunch with a lovely older lady who gave me her card. She was a ‘Daughter of the American Revolution’ and gave lectures about the revolution, especially the Battle of Yorktown. She was amazed I had heard of it from the musical Hamilton, and was thrilled to listen to it on my phone.

    From Orlando Station I took the bus to the International Airport (a bargain 40 minute trip for $2). If was good to meet Campbell off his flight from Glasgow - so glad that this part worked out. Campbell tried out his new Uber app, and before long we arrived at our hotel for the next 3 nights.

    Had a great couple of days at Walt Disney World, visiting the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. ‘What’s your favourite ride?’ I asked Campbell. ‘Its A Small World’ came the reply!
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    James Kerr

    Indeed it was not! - my favourite is The Enchanted Tiki Room! 🦜🐦🐥🦜🦜

    Robert Fyfe

    Sorry - I know it was a close thing. Frozen was also up there. 😎

    Aileen Johnston

    I thought the Tiki Room closed in 1985?😜

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  • Day3

    Disney Springs

    February 23, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    We had been planning a water park day, but decided it wasn't quite warm enough (although it did later become warm enough). Instead we took a stroll around the Carribean Beach resort where we made our first pin trades of the trip, and then spent the afternoon at Disney Springs.

    We grabbed food at blaze pizza, shopped a lot and then raided the vegan bakery to make sure we would have snacks on hand for the next few days.
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  • Day5

    Orlando Museum of Art und Disney Springs

    July 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Da das Wetter heiß und auch regnerisch war (und der Eintritt für Disneyworld oder Universal Studios viiiiel zu teuer) bin ich in das Orlando Museum of Art gegangen. Die Ausstellungen waren wirklich beeindruckend!
    Danach ging es kostenloses Disney-Feeling schnuppern in Disney Springs, einem riesigen Einkaufszentrum im Disneyworld-Stil. Hier habe ich mir nachmittags dann spontan den neuen "König der Löwen" angeschaut und fand den Film ganz bezaubernd. 😍
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    Diana Forstmann

    In Orlando ist doch Disney World! 😳 Disneyland ist in Kalifornien. 😜

    Tina B.

    Gleich mal korrigiert... 😜


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