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  • Day25

    ... in Kissimmee

    February 2, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    January 31 - February 7

    Our new home for the week is Vacation Village at Parkway.....a 23 building mega resort with 2,516 condos. It was far too huge to be a comfy home-away-from-home. We were assigned a 1 bedroom mustard coloured unit on the top floor of building 14, the farthest building from the main road. The condo was not the nicest and our neighbours were the noisiest we've experienced. One afternoon there was a domestic dispute amongst the extended family that occupied the 3 condos surrounding ours. We eventually contacted security and were happy to hear them leave 2 days later at 5 in the morning!

    The weather was variable as we finally had 4 days where the temperature hit 28 C but then it plummeted to 15, with overnight temperatures of 7. One day it rained from morning until night. This didn't stop us from going somewhere each day.

    On one of the hottest days we walked to the community of Celebration. This village was designed by the Walt Disney Company and is reminiscent of The Stepford Wives. It was very clean, very white (buildings and population), and a pretty but long walk in 28 degree weather.....7 km round trip.
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