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  • Day294

    Wedding day

    June 24, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    What a cooker today, 35 degrees. My first experience at a family wedding in Slovakia. Started off at a municipal hall where each wedding couple has a slotted 1/2 hour time to get hitched. There are no personalized wedding vows just simple name changes of the bride and groom. A groomsman walks around with a bottle of Slivovica offering guests shots before the wedding. After the wedding the bride receives flowers and we are off to Cilizko to the reception at the hotel Kormoran. We wait outside and the waiter brings a shot for the bride and groom and then breaks a plate (for good luck). The from sweeps the broken plate into the dustpan the bride is holding. The grooms friends stomp through the plate so they have to sweep again. This happens three times. We make our way up to the reception hall where it's even hotter as the air con is not working and toast the bride and groom with prosecco. Dinner includes pate, chicken soup (I am now feeling the sweat drip down my back) pork(I pawn mine off to my uncle) with roasted potatoes. Martina, my cousin Zdenko's girlfriend makes the most incredible cake ever. So damn good! It's now 23:00hrs, I'm overheated and a little too much Diplomatico and it's time to check out. I catch a ride with Lubos the driver and we have a great talk as he drops me off; forever checking on Domenik in the back to make sure he is still with us.Read more