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  • Jul11

    Day 16 - Tin Pan

    July 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We got up super early as we had to drive like 9 hours. The drive was okay but we hit some brutal traffic on the 95 where Washington DC is. Took like an hour to get out of.

    We got to the venue and talked to the Nick Moss guys and set up. Patrick on drums was super nice and let me use his pedal (Speed Cobra) and Rogers snare. He even offered to let me use his cymbals but I just used mine. His sounded super good though, especially the ride.

    We all got our food (I got a stupid big wedge salad) and then we had to play at 7:45. We only had to do a 45 minute set so we did some short tunes and then Nick went. At the end of his set Andrew, Doug, and I all went up to play two tunes and close out the night. One was a fast jump and I was a little mind blown I kept up so well.

    One thing I have to say is Nick is super awesome. During a tune he gave me a shout out and said I must e incredibly dedicated to drop my life in Maine just to play blues in Florida. He’s such a nice dude. Plus Taylor on keys and Rodrigo on bass makes for an insane band.

    After the show we all chatted. Dennis, a dude who worked for Hohner, and I all talked harps and even briefly Brad Harrison. I could tell Dennis was surprised to hear that name after so long. We then went outside and I chatted with Patrick about drums. He was incredibly nice and told me “I don’t want to sound like a dick, but you back when I first saw you play and now? Totally different worlds.” He’s all class.

    We then went to where we were staying. The lady was super nice and had a nice home. She actually wrote a book about blues and mental health (she’s a forensic psychologist). We stayed up and talked for a bit then went to bed. She also had a super nice dog. Big.

    Today we have another seven hour drive. We’re going to Aiken, South Carolina. Luckily we stay in Carolina for the weekend for a festival.
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