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  • Day44

    i woke up like this

    April 15 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    guten morgen deutschland, guten morgen michigan!

    da es in kanada leider an den orten, durch die wir durchmüssen, immer noch zu kalt ist haben wir gestern einen kurzen (und nicht ganz so schmerzlosen) entschluss gefasst: wir fahren zurück in die staaten.

    da es hier um einiges günstiger ist tut der entschluss auch unseren finanzen gut. wie genau wir fahren wissen wir noch nicht genau, aber die zwischenstopps würden vermutlich so aussehen:

    - yellowstone national park, wyoming
    - saltlake city, grand canyon, arizona
    - las vegas, nevada
    - los angeles, kalifornien
    - san francisco, kalifornien
    - seattle, forks, washington (oh ja, forks!!!! ich finde die stelle schon noch wo das haus der familie cullen steht)
    - eventuell washington, dc

    mein herz würde purzelbäume schlagen wenn wir auch noch ein stück der route 66 fahren könnten, davon muss ich nico noch überzeugen, ein wenig hilfe würde nicht schaden.

    es ist echt traurig kanada „auf die wartebank“ zu schieben, aber es ist einfach zu kalt. ich hab seit new york schnupfen und halsschmerzen, leider muss man den tatsachen ins auge blicken und das beste draus machen.

    wir hoffen, dass wir 3-4 wochen für die route 1 brauchen und dann ab mitte mai bis zu unserem rückflug british columbia und alberta in vollen zügen genießen können und endlich unsere camping ausrüstung mal benutzen können.

    heute nacht haben wir am lake michigan geschlafen, siehe bilder, und heute morgen durften wir mal wieder in einer kleinen stadt in einem fitnessstudio duschen. jetzt sitzen wir im starbucks und laden alle unsere geräte und laden schon mal ein paar folgen auf netflix runter während unsere wäsche im waschsalon geschleudert wird. wir können abends dann gemütlich californication im bett gucken.

    gleich gehts weiter richtung yellowstone national park- denken wir.

    also in diesem sinne: uns gehts gut und wir hoffen euch auch!!!!
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  • Day44

    Canada at its best & back to the US

    July 3, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    After a very relaxing glamping night and some sightseeing in the area we finally got to do some kayaking! Afterwards visited my friend Anne from uni at her beautifull cottage at the lake - canadian family, bonfire for the sunset & ribs with mac'n cheese included. Today long drive back to the US with a very nice immigration even!Read more

  • Day3

    On the road again.

    August 29, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Wir sind gerade auf dem Weg nach Toronto. Momentan machen wir einen Stop bei Taco Bell. Wir sind bereits um 8 gestartet und haben schon viel gesehen beim fahren. Leider kommt man hier nicht so schnell voran wie in Deutschland, aber so hat man genug Zeit um ein bisschen die Landschaft zu genießen.

  • Day49

    Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, USA

    June 30, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Am Soldier Lake Campground steht man wunderschön an einem See mit eigenem Strand.

    So wie auf diesem Bild und noch näher könnt ihr übrigens jeden von uns übermittelten Standort heranzoomen unter

    Immer live dabei ...

  • Day74

    Ojibwa Campground - Baraga MI

    September 23, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 57 °F

    Found the campground we've been dreaming about on the shore of Lake Superior & it's almost empty. It is owned by the Native American Ojibwa tribe. Had the pick of sites, number 47 called to us !!! surrounded by lakeshore. Stew's hunter gatherer instinct has kicked in, gathering firewood from empty sites. Dinner experiment worked a treat, hot smoked salmon over a campfire, sweet potato roasted in the campfire with cilantro lime mayo... Delicious with a glass of wine !!!Read more

  • Day6

    On our way to the starting point

    September 9, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    And we're off ! Destination - New Buffalo, so not exactly Chicago, but it was suggested to us by the lovely lady at the Michigan Welcome Center to spend the night . We met her yesterday after having spent the night in the parking lot across the street. She even gave us free entrance passes to The Henry Ford museum.

    Yesterday was our second and last day in Detroit. Started our day with a 1$ breakfast burrito suggested to us the night before by the group of cyclists that parked their cars next to ours. Side note - they came back from the bike ride to find Jack and I sitting on our red lawn chairs behind the car in a parking lot, looking at the bridge lights. They must of thought it was hilarious. They then proceeded having a conversation about where the safest place for us to park for the night was, and apparently we nailed it !

    We started our day and parked at the casino in Greektown - free parking, as suggested by our new friend at the visitors center. We hoped on the People Mover (yep, it was called People Mover, a suspended metro), which was basically a really cheap (75c) way of making our way around the downtown core with a birds eye view. We got off at the GM Renaissance Center for a free tour of the building, mostly because we wanted to see the view from their restaurant on the 72nd floor without paying ridiculous food prices. It even came with a bunch of Detroit, the motor city, history commentary.

    We then followed this self guided walking tour we picked up, yet again, at the visitors center. It included suggestions for which buildings to check out downtown, their lobbies and history. Some of the buildings are absolutely breathtaking. The downtown core was beautiful and upscale and about 3 blocks wide. Anything outside that 3 block radius was hit or miss, including abandoned and boarded skyscrapers. We checked out the theatre district, which apparently is the second biggest in North America, after Broadway. That shocked me. The Fox theatre had all the old charm and embellishments you would expect of such a cherished piece of Detroit history.

    We spent the rest of the day checking out street art and noted abandoned properties. This included a really cool parking garage downtown, where each floor was covered by murals of different well known graffiti artists. I say well known because Jack could name some of them! Our drive around neighboring streets was eye opening. Churches, warehouses, plants, even the Grand Central Station, abandoned, and yet have so much to tell. The Packard Plant was notable for its sheer size and extent of graffiti work. Obviously there were 2 security cars circulating around it, so we didn't get to explore inside. It still spoke an incredible story.

    Knowing we wanted to do the Henry Ford museum and/or Ford Rouge Factory tour in the morning, we decided sleeping would be safest in Dearborn, the suburb closest to the museum. Thank you Comfort Inn parking lot, another perfect, safe location for our night's sleep. The drapes I fixed up are perfect! We get to park under some light to feel like the car is safe, and yet have relative darkness with the drapes up. Perfect.

    Getting to the museum, we chatted with the welcoming guy Kevin. We wanted to do the Factory tour, where they currently build the F150, but our free pass was for the Museum or the Greenfield village. He suggested we get the museum ticket, then walk over to the second ticket counter, show them our ticket, and ask for the Factory tour also. This would make our tickets half off (buy one, get one half off, but since we weren't buying it, we couldn't buy it all together). We decided instead to ask the supervisor if we could just trade the free entrance tickets for the Factory tour since it was cheaper. Instead, she gave us free Rouge Factory tour tickets, and let us keep our museum entrance tickets... That meant both were free ! We're geniuses at this! Later on, Kevin saw us again, and decided to get us free popcorn. Haha, I don't know why all these people like us, but they do, and I like it!

    The Factory tour was so so cool. It started with this video basically filled with propaganda on how amazing Henry Ford was. Followed by a video about producing the F150 itself - there were so many lights and lasers, and robotics on a model truck, it was ridiculous! I felt like I was supposed to cheer in the end. Haha. Watching the factory line, and how every worker has a very specific job, and how they improve ergonomics with floating swivel chairs and the car itself that raises up or lowers depending on which station was doing what, was fantastic. So so cool. The Henry Ford Museum was just overwhelmingly huge. Henry Ford was apparently a collector and there was stuff everywhere, furniture, cars, memorabilia, historical pieces. More notable was the Lincoln red chair in which he was assassinated, the black limousine in which Kennedy was shot, and the Rosa Park bus. Pretty cool, even cooler because it was free!

    So now on the road we go, to New Buffalo, where we were suggested the casino parking lot for our overnight stay, mostly because of the access to washrooms 24/7, sounds good to us !
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  • Day4

    Ambassador Bridge

    September 7, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    What a confusing day... Detroit has shown me two extremes of glamorous upscale downtown and the boarded, abandoned structures that were once homes.

    We spent the evening yesterday with good friends, who welcomed us to their Toronto living room for the night, to break down the drive to Detroit. I must say, I've always found to drive to Toronto long, but it seemed short yesterday, and getting to Detroit was short too... Maybe my mind is already getting used to the long road ahead...

    The border guy was a big enough d*** to make us (wrongfully) think Detroit was not so friendly to it's visitors. Apparently, two girls, nurses, one who works in Saskatchewan, one in Ottawa, who both live in Ottawa, who plan to drive to California and back, was difficult to grasp. I was in the passenger seat and I decided to start answering the border guy's questions for Jack because she was getting short tempered. We all know how great I am with border agents... What's too much information? What's too little?

    That part done with, on we go! We went straight for the Detroit Institute of Arts, mostly because it was the only address I had for my GPS... Which was beautiful! We arrived almost directly at the museum, so hadn't seen much else at this point. The museum is ridiculously beautiful, and huge, and screams money. Oh the irony. A building that screams money in a city we all know isn't doing too well... The Public Library across the street was an old, what was once I'm sure a beautiful, building, under construction. It's a weekday and no one was there, I have a feeling there isn't much rebuilding going on...

    Art museums, more Jack's thing then mine, but honestly really well done! Their special exhibition for the month - photography of The American RoadTrip. How perfect! Their descriptions of certain paintings even made me happy I read them, and I hate reading.

    We then headed out more into suburbia. Suburbia to me means pretty row houses and greens lawns like Orléans. This was a different suburbia, a community where the Heidelberg Project colored houses with all kinds of hilarious and happy things, with "art" lining the sidewalks. I would say 75% of this community was abandoned and boarded houses. Quirky, odd, perfect. Off course there was a lady there to welcome you and explain what you're currently starring at, who just HAPPENED to have an uncle AND a cousin who died recently, and she had to go to the hospital today for dehydration, and she lost her house, all in the last few months! So she asked for money. She also spoke super fast with a think Detroit (said with swager) accent, so I only understood every few words. That aside, this was a surreal experience.

    Honestly though, at first I was thrown off by the "hey, how you doin'" from everyone we passed, but eventually you get used to it. They all ask, and they all wait for an answer. They seem really genuine when attempting to check in. The unfortunate part, and Jack actually agrees with this, is it's still difficult to find a sense of security around here. I want to. I want to trust the people of Detroit, to think they just have a bad reputation, and that's it. But when you see first hand the amount of abandoned houses, of people clearly struggling, of businesses closed down, of empty streets, you understand why some people can resort to violence or crime.

    Blocks away from downtown Detroit, you have empty or abandoned buildings. It doesn't wait to hit the "bad" neighborhoods, it starts right smack downtown. Of course there's your usual fancier suburb, some with "neighborhood watch" signs (we won't be parking there for the night!), some with beautiful green lawns. But they are vastly outnumbered by the falling apart, sometimes still lived-in-can't-understand-how-its-still-standing houses.

    Detroit has been interesting for sure. A quick walk through the downtown core that showcased the incredibly rich architecture, topped off with a quick drive around Belle-Isle to admire the water front ended the day. We found our parking for the night through a pretty clever little app - RV Parky, and we're settled-in in front of the Michigan Welcome Center, where the view of the Ambassador Bridge is absolutely amazing.
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  • Day53

    Harbor Inn & Ale - Monroe MI

    September 2, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 68 °F

    Too busy eating shrimp, scallops & the local speciality fried Lake Erie Perch & drinking ale to take photos. First plan was to get a cab, but the guy quoted a flat rate of $16 each way for 1.2 miles according to google, so biked here & saved half the cost if dinner !! Even took some home on the back of the bike before it got dark !!Read more

  • Day60

    Holland Beach State Park - MI

    September 9, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    Our base for a few days, parked in the dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan, which is a lot bluer than Erie. Great sunset Friday night & a storm Saturday brought out the sail boarders, who put on a spectacular display and also made for fantastic sunset.

  • Day71

    Tahquamenon Falls State Park MI

    September 20, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 64 °F

    Stayed at Portage Campground within walking distance to the Lower Falls. First photo was taken near dusk.
    Drove to the Upper Falls the next day on way out of the park & walked the trail to the edge of the falls. Colour of water is due to tannins that drain into the river from the cedar swamps. Reminds us of the cold tea colour of some Scottish lochs.Read more

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