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  • Day19


    September 22 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today we slept in until 10.
    Felt like it was much later so that was a nice surprise.
    I went downstairs to get a massage.
    An odd experience to say the least.
    I got a full body one and man was it a FULL body one.
    I was really proud of myself with how I handled the leg massages.

    Included was a stomach and ear massage..
    but also my boobies.
    Like a full on boob massage. Very strange..

    we went to have lunch at the garden of dreams. Average food. Nice area. 90% less people today.

    Weather looked bleh so we went back to the hotel and accidentally had a 4 hour nap 😂

    For dinner we went to the 1st floor of the hotel and ate at the Indian restaurant there.

    Was good to catch up on so much sleep!
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