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  • Day21


    September 24 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Oops. It was nearly 1pm when we both woke.

    I was starving, Will wasn’t.
    So off we trotted to KFC. Will said he didn’t want KFC and I said it didn’t matter if he wasn’t eating 🙃

    Very impressed with Nepal’s lack of plastic bags and straws. They exist but most places do paper.

    We went walking.
    I’ve said it 22 time but this place is fucking mental.
    Toot toot. Beep beep.
    We went into an area that’s not real touristy I don’t think. I enjoyed watching people go about their daily business.
    Selling fruits and veg, spices, electronics, repairs, meats etc. I particularly like the people on the floor with fresh produce. I think that would be the most stressful type of business cause it has an expiry date - also more effort to farm and lug to store.
    Lots of tiny temples everywhere (could fit 2 people max)
    I bought some stuff hehe.
    I bought 4X prayer flags to hand around our future outdoor table.
    I bought a yak yak yak shirt got me to match Jax and I bought 2 pairs of pants. Couldn’t believe Wills willingness to let me buy them lol. Walked back to the hotel and they were filming something in the lobby. Looked super low budget 😅 the camera however was worth more than an average Nepali persons 30 year salary.
    We watched a while and had a drink the foyer before heading back to our room. Have been talking to Jess and she has put in an offer for a house. Very happy for her!!

    We went to dinner at a lovely garden spot.
    Loved our waiter - he got like a 500 rupee tip lol.

    We are currently back at the hotel packing - Will is so ready to go. Lol
    We found one of our rented down jackets - could he sworn we handed it in lol - must remember to do that tomorrow cause they have been looking for it 😅😅😅😂
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