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  • Day24


    September 27 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Cried during take off - genuinely scared. Even though Will thought I was ridiculous he hugged me.
    I fly a lot so it really is so stupid of me.
    We did manage to snag the exit row yewwww.
    Got in some sleep but hardly any quality.
    Entire plane was stressed about connections but im pretty sure they all made it cause literally half of our plane was scheduled to get on their next plane together so it was worth waiting for them.
    Customs was genuinely terrible for such a big airport - everyone was Indian and needed visas so it took so long - make a desperate visa line 🙄
    Went to get Maccas but they don’t have an all day menu here 😭
    Our hotel does a free shuttle from the airport - it was hard to find but we got there - terrible signage. Seriously, airports need to pick up their game. I was super shitty.
    At least the shuttle was free and we were the only ones.
    Got dropped off. It was a 3 hour wait until check in but she did at least move it from 2pm to 12.
    Highly appreciated.
    Late check out tomorrow too woo.
    We walked around and it IS HUMID. and stupidly glarey. Have to walk with my eyes half shut.
    Found a Starbucks to pass time in and I had a caramel hot chocolate. Nothing will beat white .
    Then we went to maccas - we had been waiting for the lunch menu which starts at 11 not 10:30.
    Today’s lesson was I learnt that I don’t like angus meat patties nearly as much.

    Back to hotel and checked in. We were meant to have a 2 hour nap. 5 hours later we woke up.
    I was fucking furious that Will had switched off the alarm. It was 5pm. Felt like we really wasted the day but luckily the Gardens by the bay was also a night activity so that’s were we headed.
    Not only are taxis still used by everyone - they are reasonably priced!!
    We got one to the gardens and paid the big entry fee.
    We got access to 2 domes. I did enjoyed it but didn’t LOVE it. People like Helen (Trek Helen not Wills mum) could spend a week in there and would froth at the mouth upon entry.
    I expected more flowers - there were still heaps but I think the first dome was more plants than flowers.
    It still had cool ones I hadn’t seen before and awesome bark sculptures hidden in trees like big cats, owls, snakes and a dragon etc.
    The second dome had the bug famous waterfall.
    I liked this dome better as it had more to do. You catch a lift to the top and walk back down going though different sections such as a global warming video and crystals.

    We walked around and saw the big flower things but chose not to do the skywalk.
    We left and walked through the city towards Chinatown. Will having $5 a day for WiFi with Vodafone is very convenient. (Wasn’t an option in Nepal)
    Its a very clean city, as expected.
    The people here are 65% Asian and 35% caucasian.
    Their English sucks balls though!! Considering English is their first language?? It’s not like they hav an accent I can’t understand, it’s like they have trouble making the sounds and talk slowly.
    We walked around the water which i would like to see in daylight - a lot of people going for jogs. Though it’s dark it is stil so so hot.
    Found China town - the streets need to widen their footpaths/remove the food tables and poles. You have to walk in a zigzag around obstacles or on the roads.
    Found a resturant that had recognizable items.
    I keep having fucking coriander disasters. THE. WORST.
    Food was ok. Again, the satay chicken skewers were the highlight.
    I got some ice cream - I asked for 2 scoops and for unknown reasons the dude charged me for 2 but gave me 4 - 2 in 2 separate cups. It was hard to juggle and I dropped a big chunk of ice cream on the floor.
    Gonna get arrested - they don’t like sticky stuff in their footpaths 😅😅

    Got a taxi home - I cannot believe how many taxis there are and not only that, they are ALL occupied. It took us ages to get one!!

    Happy with our hotel, we had a bath together 🙃 wish Will fit better and we could do it more often hahah. - Will fell asleep in record speed. I was awake for hours but at least I knew I could sleep in if needed!
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